Technical Fishing Tips for Winter

In the winter, only a small part of the fish are catchable. This is because a large part of the population goes into “winter mode”. By this I mean that a lot of fish are in a kind of hibernation during the cold season and therefore are totally passive. The tent showing signs of activity, will be very slow. Therefore, you should, as a fisherman, wait much longer to get a bite because of the few fish that move do barely. On several occasions I have had all the fishing action in the first hour and then I had to wait 24 and sometimes even 40 hours before a new tailspin.

You understand now that a tent, under the influence of cold water, does everything in slow motion. This means that we must pay close attention to the perfect bait presentation, because, well, the water is much clearer, clean and crisp at this time. In assemblies use really small, sharp hooks because the mouth of the tent becomes harder and therefore, the hook will be much more difficult to penetrate the lip of the fish in the warmer months. Read for fly fishing tools. Without forgetting that the movements of carp are much slower and therefore now not nailed the bait with the same “violent” than the rest of the year. Figuratively this means that mount every part of our team carefully – not only the low – so that each bite minimum is perfectly transmitted to the fisherman. I leave some technical tips to catch more carp in winter:


  • Use a monofilament line with very little elasticity, this will significantly increase signaling tailspin.
  • The use of Vaseline prevents the line from freezing and sticking to the rings of the rod, thereby easily run a line marking the slightest movement.
  • Use very sharp hooks, because the movements of carp are very slow and only slightly nails, so the fish can get rid of the hook without too much trouble.
  • Place the pendulum slightly below cane and set alarms to maximum sensitivity. With this you will quickly detect a dive, because the slightest movement of the fish activate our detectors.I did not wait long careers in the warm months, sometimes there will only be a few beeps.
  • Use a semi-fixed mounting lead, it reveals more accurately the most prudent chopped.