TeamViewer You Update on Android with Support for Wake-on-LAN

TeamViewer, remote control software solutions company and online collaboration, announces the release of the new version of the app for remote control developed for Android. The updated version of the application provides a number of new features, including support for Wake-on-LAN which is one of the most requested features from users of TeamViewer for Android.

Working environment of companies are evolving with a progressive distancing of the concept of “a single desktop for end user” to an approach that focuses on the user regardless of the device they are using. To meet the needs of this evolution, TeamViewer for remote control app gives users the flexibility to connect quickly and securely to a computer via a mobile device, regardless of location.

The app update for remote control developed by TeamViewer for Android includes new features including:

  • Wake-on-LAN: who has control of a remote computer by starting it before a connection is established
  • Full-screen remote control: remote control improves the experience by eliminating the vista system or navigation bar
  • Accelerated mouse pointer: makes it even faster browsing click on the screen
  • SD card support: to extend the capabilities of file sharing
  • Ease of access: links without passwords

“Thanks to TeamViewer, today the mobile working can be even more productive and can extend well beyond the confines of a traditional Office collaboration,” said Andreas Haizmann, Mobile Product Manager at TeamViewer.”We are committed to providing all our customers – regardless of operating system or platform they use – the best service which TeamViewer can offer. With this update, Android users are able to take advantage of more features to improve business outcomes “.

The new TeamViewer remote control app for Android can be downloaded from TeamViewer website or Google Play store.