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10 Tips for Fun and Useful Wedding Souvenirs

The memories should be one of the points discussed carefully while preparing for your wedding. There are several types of items that can be used to make your guests keep a memory of that special moment. Knowing how to choose the right one for your party is also a way to make it even more special. Continue reading

Bridal – Trends for the Coming Year

Who wants to say “Yes” to his loved ones next year, can go purely theoretically already looking after the wedding dress. Continue reading

Accessories for Brides Wear on Their Wedding Day


Tips For Brides

On the wedding day, all what the bride wants most is to be very pretty and garnished, but this desire often can end up in a “disastrous”, that is, the combination of items that do not go well together and excess. Accessories are indispensable to make the look on this day, but you have to know how to combine them what is being currently used. Check out some tips: Continue reading

Champagne Reception after the Wedding Ceremony

Today A Champagne Reception Among Many Engaged Couples Equal Following The Civil Marriage Or The Religious Marriage Ceremony Almost De Rigueur. Continue reading

Magic Motto Wedding Cards with Forest Fairy and Elves

Holla die Waldfee: Mademoiselle Fée takes us today to an intimate and in front of us humans actually hidden marriage in the heart of a fairy forest. With magical decoration, seductive sweets and a romantic atmosphere that is not quite of this world.

When a forest fairy marries a forest elf, a very special spell resonates.
Be there when the fairy Liloé and the Elf Finleón give the yes-word. Continue reading

The Tradition of Family Jewels at the Wedding, Bib Necklace

Use a family jewel on her wedding day is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing love, respect and affection by the ancestors. As if it were able to evoke all happiness lived in a marriage and reflect it in the next generation, the jewel, which passes from mother to daughter, becomes a symbol of eternity, a symbol of eternal love. Not incidentally, this is a very strong tradition in the Kingdom. More than a prop to make the most beautiful bride, the jewel communicates the continuity. And one of the coolest trends in jewelry is playing reinventing to use this jewel. So, have you seen necklaces, tiaras earring pendant and brooch turn saw bracelets. Playful and special work has been done with great care by Jewelers as Bibiana Padilla, Carmen Nazar and Alessandra Cazzaro. Continue reading

Wedding Photos Part 1: Great Photo Motifs

Without wedding photos it does not go. That is clear. Therefore, we would like to start with a small series of contributions the topic “wedding photos”. In this part, it is supposed to be great motifs. Of course, snapshots and photos of the bride and groom are essential. But also other motifs give wonderful memories of the wedding and the subsequent wedding celebration. One or the other will see these photos as small works of art. Continue reading

Symbolism of Solitaire Ring

You have coveted this ring when your days shopping now that adorns your finger, you can not leave. Marriage proposals have been made, discover that it is truly symbolic of the solitaire ring, commonly known as the engagement ring.

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Easy Tips For Brides

You work, perhaps to study a master’s degree at the same time, you have thousands of commitments and at the same time, plan the details of your wedding. But you can with everything: thus are the women of today. Continue reading

Cheap Dresses For Weddings: The Best Brands To Shine This Spring 2017

If you have a wedding this spring, it is likely that you are already doing accounts: that if gift, if displacement, that if the bachelorette party…for the dress, not to mention of course, because it is difficult to resist the temptation of brand new a new look party when marries someone close. Continue reading

How to Apply Makeup for Bridesmaid

How to choose a beautiful makeup for godmother, but without competing with the bride?

It is very important to remember that the wedding day will be one of the most important days in the life of the bride, she chooses carefully the details of the wedding, decorating, cake, dress, including the costume of the bridesmaids!

If she gives a warning about the type of makeup you should use, obey … is her right to choose what she want for the day. If it does not give any opinion on this, you are free to be inspired in the beautiful makeup to be a godmother spectacular, without taking the brightness of the bride, of course.

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Makeup Step by Step Instructions

Nowadays there are few women who do not wear makeup. After all, makeup products are increasingly accessible and she still has the power to enhance the feminine beauty. However, it is common to find women with questions and difficulties in making some models of makeup.

Ideally, you know some makeup techniques for each situation, according to the type of skin, face and style.

Learning the basics, that is do a makeup for the day and night, it is possible to look great in any type of situation.

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What Should You Wear as a Guest to a Wedding

Pippa Middleton has become famous as a maid of honor and bridesmaid. She wore on her sister’s wedding, Kate and Prince William, a white dress and had more rigged than her sister. It shows what you can do as a guest at a wedding all wrong.

While men are having a fancy suit and tuxedo always good advice, it is more difficult for women. The first priority is that the bride and the groom are the focus and you must steal them under any circumstances the show.

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Perfect Bridal Shoes

“Only those who fit the shoe, may be the right bride.” The sentiment of the Brothers Grimm will probably give a nod every woman.

Not only the search for THE wedding dress, but also the search for the perfect fairytale shoe for the most important day in a woman’s life, usually turns out to be a real battle. We want to be the princess of the day off to a cracking performance – this course makes the right pair of shoes next to the wedding dress an important role. The symbolic link to bridal shoes must not be overlooked – in them we replace a new way to the altar.

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How to Dress for Graduation

Summer Rose Powder

powder pink, this will be the most fashionable color this summer, more feminine and more elegant. A very pale pastel color that sometimes fades into powder, sometimes in dusty pink and sometimes in a very pale pink, almost white. There are those who get married in light powder pink suit, a choice not common, but very effective especially if you choose a hippie-style wedding. But let’s see how it should match, and choose to wear this gorgeous color that will accompany us throughout the summer without the risk of never getting tired.

How to match

The best way to match this color is to follow the mood of “timeless femininity” as proposed on the catwalk Alberta Ferretti: fair skin, freckled, light brown or red drapes and impalpable and lightweight, long dresses to the ankle or just above the knee to classic elegance and delicate.

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How to Do Gypsy Makeup?

There’s nothing more feminine than the right makeup, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, the female universe is very wide and no one wants to get behind. For you who want to always walk in front and cool with rolling the world, today we teach you to do the makeup Cigana.

But do not think you should only use this makeup costume party or theme, it can be used for various events, preferably at night as ballads, weddings, birthdays, etc.

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Wedding Guest Dresses for Winter Weddings

Today we will give you some advice to guess the look right for a wedding. Obviously in this case is not you the bride, but a guest. Remember that the bon ton is clear: so avoid any weirdness and outrageous outfits because it is the bride who sees to be the center and not you! Indecision, peek at the choices of those invited to the VIP weddings can be a good idea. As you see women really classy never exceed and are not allowed quirks and vulgarity. Continue reading

Victoria Beckham Wedding Gown

eWenzhou, as you know, is going to become mother of his fourth child, a girl, to be precise. The joy of the former Posh Spice and the future father David has been reported with emphasis by all the media, full of rumors about papal candidate name for the baby. It was passed casually from “Luna” to “Santa” but we are certain that, at the time of birth, the name imposed on the first sissy home Beckham (after the three boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz), will, probably, another. Continue reading