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Lyrics As Featured in an Apartment of 50 M ²

I don’t know about you, but to me every day I like most of the letters in the decorating. Large print to put in some strategic place home, loose or bundled together. In the apartment of today lyrics are the highlight. Continue reading

Before and After: Katia’s Room

Reader Katia wrote to me because I wanted a more cheerful room to greet my friends on the weekends. Continue reading

Graphite and Decoration: From the Streets to Inside Your House

The  graffiti came in the 1970s in  New York when some young people began to leave their marks on the walls of the city. Over time, these brands evolved with techniques and designs and in every corner of the world, each artist was giving his face to the art. Today we can see how varied murals are in cities. Continue reading

How to Coat Chairs, Table and Plastic Benches

One of the ways to gain a home with new decorating spending little is revitalization. Changing furniture with a makeover is cheaper and still has the advantage that you can leave the house the way you always dreamed. How to make? With some tips that we will give of how to cover plastic tables, chairs and benches in a simple and cheap way and maybe give life to an obsolete corner of the house. Continue reading

Adhesives For Wall

I’m gone when I see cute stickers to put on the wall, have every beautiful thing that can get a little lost.

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Use Fabrics for Decoration of Walls

Discover the best tips on using fabrics for decoration of Walls

Use fabric decor to make the lining of the walls is much in vogue these days and the reason for this is simple: stay beautiful (and very cheap). The fabric can be used in place of the wallpaper to give a highlight to any corner of your home. To enter in this fashion, here are some suggestions to split up. Continue reading

Having Or Not Having Wall Sticker

You may have seen various wall stickers to buy on the internet, there are many shops. But the have and have-nots wall sticker? This is a question that many people have, it’s pretty cool, but you need to be careful at the time of place. In addition, you need to think long and hard before purchasing one or several, out of proportion is also not cool. Want to know if you should have or not have wall sticker? Follow our article.

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How to Decorate Your Bedroom Best

Secure your sleep and your well-being by decorating the bedroom in a deliberate manner. Byggahus furnishing expert Christel Månsson have unearthed their best tips.

Choose colors you like and that will give you peace. Photo: Mille Notti

The bedroom is a room where you spend much of your time. It is the place that is supposed to provide you with recovery and new forces, and is therefore very important for your well-being. Continue reading

Stickers for Children’s Rooms

The stickers for children rooms are ideal to decorate the room of children. Colors and patterns transform the room, making it a magical and welcoming place. Register : every day  online  many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home with style.

Stickers for children’s rooms: imagination to power

The children’s room is not a place like the others: the furniture, the beds and classical furniture are important but need something more, that finishing touch that your little ones will love showing off their

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Designing Your Own Murals and Wall Stickers

The murals and wall decals are among the elements that most are chosen today for the decoration of walls, began to fashion a few years ago and increasingly seen in more spaces. Especially the stickers are easy to place and give life a room in a very simple way, they also serve for all kinds of environments depending on the model you choose. Continue reading

Kids Room: Decoration With Stickers

Learn how to decorate children’s bedroom with wall stickers: beauty and sophistication.

Why Is Decorating Children’s Room Important?

The room is where the child spends many hours of his day. Many rooms also function as a toy library and therefore play an important role in the development of children’s creativity and autonomy. Continue reading

Self Adhesive Wall Tiles

The self-adhesive wall tile helps revamp a bathroom or kitchen in record time.This solution is particularly suitable if you do not feel you jump in wholesale DIY jobs.

Let’s see the benefits of this trend wall covering and at what price you can find it.

Self Adhesive Wall Tiles: Description

The self-adhesive wall tile is like a sticker, although he is not one. It is in the form of flexible plates, often between 20 and 50 cm square dimensions, and 1 to 2 mm thick.

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Different Types of Wallpaper Adhesive

There are not as paint and wallpaper as wall coverings: an adhesive coating that sticks to the wall odorless wallpaper glue is an attractive alternative. At various reasons imitation stone or wood, posters, frieze with or without a message, the diversity of wall adhesives coatings allows everyone to decorate, embellish and customize its interior or without special technical tool.

What is termed the right wall of adhesive coating and for what he uses is designed? How to choose and what budget devote? All answers in our article.

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How to Apply Large Wall Stickers

You want to bring fantasy to your walls? Easy to install and economic giant sticker is the ideal solution. However, for best results, certain rules must be respected!

What part of the house choose to put his giant sticker? What sticker adopt to where?

See our tips for decoration on top!

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Home Decoration with Fresh Flowers

The onset of spring gives us the opportunity to enjoy the more aromatic plants around, but if we fragrant flower garden in front of your home can bring fresh flowers in the rooms and make the atmosphere inside more enjoyable.
We will hint a few little secrets to an impressive and easy decoration with live flowers using gardeners and florists. With their help it will retain the freshness of the plants for longer and will arrange them in the most appropriate ways.

15 Tricks with Arranging Flowers at Home

Cut the stem at the bottom at an angle of 45 degrees to 2 cm from the end. This will increase the possibility the flower to moisturize better and so it will last longer in the vase without wither.

Use a cup of tea instead of a vase of flowers with shorter handles. Using a small rubber band tie the stems and soak small bouquet. This will change the water more easily and the plants will look better to one another, not scattered.

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