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Levi’s Curve ID Jeans

The Levi’s Curve ID jeans are the most loved by the women of the famous American brand specializing in denim garments. Launched only in recent years, these legendary jeans have conquered the female clientele thanks to a truly great fit: for those not yet tried them, in fact, remember that these are three models of jeans divided according to the shape of the body and not to the size of the pants. In short, thanks to a simple measurement of the hips and thighs, which you can do alone or with the help of orders, you will discover if you must wear the model Slight, Demi or if doing for you is the Bold. And now this all-female jeans line will have a prominent role in the tour of the singer Noemi. Continue reading

Why Do We Wear Tights

Did you know that it protects Leggings since the 17th century there? At least interpret Scripture finds out that these pants have been worn so early. At this time the skin-tight garment leather was made. Depending on the location, there were different versions. Even the Cowboys in the US resorted to leather leggings that are perfect suitable for riding. On the one had by the tight fit a perfect feeling for each small movement of the horse, on the other hand protect the robust Leggings front branches and animal bites.

Over the centuries, these pants have developed in different directions. You will find in our Online Shop Schwab different forms for many occasions.The name Leggins way comes from the English word “leg”, which in German means “leg”. Another common term for these garments is Tights. The classic leggings, as we know it today, ranging from the navel to the ankle of the foot. It uses the skintight pants in sports or wear it everyday.

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How to Choose Tights Under Clothing

In our article How to choose tights under clothing advise you how to choose the pantyhose. In the wardrobe of the modern woman tights do not like snake breeze. They must be carefully chosen so that adorn our feet. The store offers various types of tights, lace, striped, color and crystals. How to choose a suitable pantyhose? How to care for stockings to raise the amount that needs to be done better and worn tights are fashionable in 2010? What is DEN?

To celebrate the tights density using such thing as DEN. This term denotes lair weight 9 km long fiber, in grams.For example, socks, whereby the density DEN 20 means that the length of 9000 meters, weighs 20 grams

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Item M6 Compression Socks

Compression stockings connect most of us probably can hervorblitzen mid-length with cream to skin-colored socks, preferably women of advanced age under her skirt.

However, what is this overlooked is the function of the so unpopular stockings. The blood circulation is promoted, thereby improving the oxygen supply to the whole body.The pressure curve also formed beautiful legs that really do not need to be hidden under half-length skirts. Lighter legs, feel perfectly at ease and more energy are the wonderful effect.

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Wearing Fishnet Stockings

We fashion 80s wardrobe attended fishnet tights, quickly lost its popularity for unclear reasons. But everything is new, as the famous saying-it’s only forgotten old. So fishnet tights again become relevant in our time, and use them not only for evening dresses. Let’s try to figure out what to wear this is a sophisticated and original thing.

Before you buy tights with patterns, colors, eye or fancy weaves, please note that they are only suitable for owners of thin and long legs, otherwise, they only accentuate existing deficiencies.

They can bring more femininity, glamor and extravagance on your way, make it easy to break people’s hearts, but they soon spoil the image if you ask them to take the wrong clothes.If you’re a fan of romantic or classic style, stockings, fishnet, of course, will be a great addition to your image, but to combine this part of the female toilets with sporting style or some of its parts stylists are not recommended as this combination is the most obvious proof tacky From what to wear fishnet stockings?

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Athleisure Fashion Trend

Our ATHLEISURE LOOK a few days ago seems to have you liked-so we send right now another afterwards! Today a second, Casual athleisure outfit for you have put together to show how the athleisure look to function in everyday life.

Recap: athleisure actually means so much that her clothes from sports combined in your everyday outfit, such as a cool Yoga Tight, a cool Sportbra or a casual hoodie. While we have put more on a glamorous athleisure look at the last time, we want to hold a total of something naughty and more casual this time.

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Types of Leggings

Types tights-Tights occur without cotton leggings and cotton wedge. This cotton wedge allows you to wear without underwear-There tights with shorts and without them, tights, not the so-called shortykov comfortable to wear a short skirt-There extensible modeling tights density to 180 DEN, on the packaging and labeled with UP. These tights with varying degrees of contraction of the stomach tighten somewhat lift your butt, visually reducing the size of the hips and waist-There leggings for the prevention of varicose veins, these brands support packages, they density from 50 to 100 DEN, by weaving slivers tights stimulate blood circulation and have a massage effect by varying degrees of contraction helps relieve tired legs Pharmacies can buy panty therapeutic antifungal or anti-allergic impregnated with anti-cellulite effect. To mark the package is set Claresse.

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Tips for Wearing Pantyhose

The 15th century was the starting point for the tights. Goods then reserved only to men the stockings knee socks, they are, at least since the 60s a garment that is a must no longer woman. Whether nylon, knitted or network: nine important points about the tights!

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How to Wear Colored Leggings

Leggings have already become an indispensable part of the wardrobe of every woman, especially in the cold season. However, besides being warmed tights, they still can decorate female legs, especially, if the color tights. But dare to wear colored tights, not all women. And most often it is due to the fact that the fair sex do not know with what they can be combined and therefore afraid to look ridiculous. Certainly, tights and beige flesh do not require a detailed compilation of the wardrobe, but, nevertheless, every woman should remember that properly selected color tights can effectively supplement their wardrobe at the lowest cost. So, how to properly combine with other colored tights female wardrobe things? Let’s look at this in more detail.

If you like the leggings bright and saturated colors, create your ensemble, so that they were his only bright spot-all the other things in this case must be designed in gray or black.

Women who are dissatisfied with the length of his legs, stylists offer visually enlarge them using colored tights. Make it easy – it is only necessary to make your wardrobe so that the color of your tights as much coincided with the color of the lower part of your ensemble with pants or a skirt.

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How to Wear Black Leggings

Imagine the female wardrobe without tights simply impossible. This garment is any modern or not the fairer sex without it can not do any cold winter or rainy autumn or hot spring. And in the hot summer, no, no and will have to wear tights.

Rules of etiquette and dress code no one has canceled, and bare female legs in some cases can be not only appropriate but vulgar and indecent.

But today we’re talking about the classics-flesh-colored tights that mimic second skin, or simply become almost invisible feet. It’s black, thick tights-headliner of this fashion season.

Once black tights and considered bad taste to wear them was a risky business in a decent society. But today things have changed, black tights must have for every fashion.

First, let’s see if all black tights “created equal”? Considered fashionable and stylish black tights 100 days and above. (Den-. Name density of tights) Tights 100 days is usually thick and transparent, but depending on the manufacturer can become more transparent on the knees and hips when they carry.

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How to Wear Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet tights once already appeared in the wardrobe of fashionistas. And it was not so long ago-about 80-ies of the last century. But in those days, such tights quickly went out of fashion, which probably was due to the fact that the then Soviet women simply had nowhere to wear. Currently, the situation has radically changed-these days, when fishnet tights are back in fashion, modern girls have the opportunity to go into them at a party, a walk, cinema, nightclub or disco. But, unfortunately, some women fishnet stockings purchased by them or are gathering dust in the closet for the reason that they are the owner just does not know how and with what they can carry. Therefore, it makes sense to tell the modern fashionable women about how and what you can wear such a thing in more detail.

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How to Wear Tight Tights

Stockings are so firmly established in the life of modern women, most of them do not even think about how and what they wear. Of course, when it comes to semi-transparent nylon stockings, then these problems do not arise. But if the fairer sex in the cold season, you want to feel really comfortable and get tight tights with the addition of wool or cotton to pick clothes for them should be special attention.

The fact is that these nails immediately catch the eye because of its texture. Therefore, it must be remembered that only black in this case is able to make perfect legs thin. All other colors, even if it is light blue or orange tights, visually will perform hip and thigh. So ladies and who is not different natural instability through experiments similar color best abandoned.

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