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Women’s Ties

Of course. The tendency to masculinize the figure and the aspect of the woman is more present than ever. At Madrid Fashion Week we saw how many of the proposals revolved towards the masculine style, where oversized garments like pants were a constant. Continue reading

Handmade Ties from E.G. Cappelli

The tie has been conspicuous by his absence for a while here at the Manolo. So we felt that it was time to do something about. Therefore we thought today tell us more about a hidden gem from Naples in southern Italy in the form of E.G. Cappelli. A firm that produces some of the world’s finest neckties in the small Studio on Via Cavallerizza 37. Continue reading

Accessories in Autumn

Knitted scarves, ylleslipsar and leather gloves. Fall is full of lovely accessories. For further guidance in this jungle of accessories, here are some inspiration. Continue reading

The Narrow Bow Tie Transition

Whether one likes ties in seven, eight or nine cm are we on Manolo fully convinced that a narrow bow tie is preferred. It has been said before and we say it again. There are really only a bow tie you need to and instead of trying to learn a plethora of variations and knots, it is clearly better to learn to tie a classic four-in hand really well. Continue reading

Best Way to Tie a Tie Knot

The ability to tie a tie – the absolute basis of the business etiquette of modern man and a gentleman. Continue reading

Blue or Pink Blouse

Colored Business Shirts: Is That Possible?

Business is not the same business. In very conservative industries and in the banking sector are dark or patterned shirts as gaffe; also fashion colors like orange, brown, forest green or burgundy should be avoided there. Nevertheless, there is office environments where it might safely go more colorful. These include, for example, advertising and design agencies or IT consultants. No matter what industry you should at important meetings and conferences, however, always play it safe and opt for a single color white shirt or alight blue shirt choose – these colors are business classics .

Continue reading