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Now pajamas are called”After Work”

What did you do at the Easter Holiday? Did you stay in the comfort of your home sweet home? Congratulations. I am of the theory that holidays do not combine with travel and always try to put my motto into practice. But as I live in society(and in my family), my preferences do not always prevail. And sometimes we need to move on holidays. And what happens? Give what you give. A trip that takes 5 hours of road, ends up taking 10. Continue reading

The Hoodie Style Guide

Meanwhile, the hooded sweater or hoodie, as it is called colloquially, is no longer worn just for sports or after the evening’s work on the couch. He has firmly established himself in everyday life and can be introduced both casual, casual or even in modern, elegant outfits. As one of the best and how to make your hoodie more than a x-any piece of clothing, I would like to show you with this Hoodie Style-Guide. Continue reading

Spring Jersey: Shopping Of The Week

Like every Friday, the famous and traditional purchases of the week arrive. This time I have been looking for the   most ideal spring jersey. I think that one of the clothes that we can buy in season and take advantage of a lot already, are the sweaters.

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The Closet Needs-Cashmere Sweater

If there is a shortcut to a perfect wardrobe goes through cashmere wool. Nothing can alter the overall impression with the same effect as a sweater of cashmere goat in fur. This in the fashion context, legendary quality, complete not only one’s attire, but also gives the wearer pure and simple life enjoyment. Continue reading

How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Who does not know that? When looking into the favorite fashion magazine you can be jealous talk: There we smile Stars in outrageously expensive, but incredibly stylish outfits contrary, you yourself can never afford. Sure, owning designer fashion is certainly a nice feeling and it speaks also did not mind in the investing one or another quality accessory. For an extravagant look you must really not cases from head to toe in luxury fashion. Today’s blog post shows you how to spice up with a few parts of your clothing can. Enjoy nachstylen!

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Sweaters and Cardigans for Autumn

While temperatures show a decline that we have not failed to notice, The Menlook Tribune returns to the ABC of choice THE mesh that will cover you in the fall.

While temperatures show a decline that we have not failed to notice, The Menlook Tribune returns to the ABC of choice THE mesh that will cover you in the fall.

Attacks us hard, and suddenly the summer disappears hard to deny – . Autumn is definitely there and we did not fail to point out thegarment layers are overlap, sweaters & cardigans come charging but careful though: prohibition to do it anyhow.

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Need for Tweed Dog Sweater

When the air becomes cool and your dog walks require a jacket, it’s time to pack up your dog too. Choosing a dog sweater to keep your dog warm on those cool outdoor walks is important. With such a variety of sweaters available today dog, pick the right one so your pet will be comfortable on those frosty days.

Measure your dog before you shop for a dog sweater. Place a tape measure at the base of his neck and run it to the base of its tail when it meets the body. Record this measurement. Many dogs are sized sweaters along the torso of your dog.

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Skinny Vs. Flared Leg

My “Zipfelpulli” you’ve already met… together with the “top bottom” I wear this combination really like… and the hard boots I would not want to take off at the moment. Continue reading

A Maxi Skirt and A Cake

The internet has cakes, you have to try… this is not true, because the Internet only provides the recipes to the cake and you have to bake the rest unfortunately… Continue reading

Blue and Black-Perfect Match

I’m really fed up… I know… it is only January … the winter has only just begun… bla bla bla… That does not change however. Continue reading

Winterwonderland with Lagenlook

Today there is another episode from Conny goes Winterwonderland… whereby the wonderland has in the meantime malted something like that from. Continue reading