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Why So Many People Love Ray Ban Wayfarer Goggles

For many people, these Ray-Ban graduated glasses are the perfect example of the balance between style and performance.Starting as a classic, the Wayfarer model has evolved until it reaches the limit of perfection.Even among his peers of the mythical Ray-Ban brand. Continue reading

Spring Sunglasses

Heavy plastic frames or discrete metallditon. Although sunshine last weeks been very lätträknade it is time to choose sunglasses for the season. Manolo has selected their favorites for the season. Continue reading

Try Out – Courage to the Hat!

The hat has taken its image as an accessory for older ladies and gentlemen. With the general fashion to more accessories, the hat is a big comeback. Continue reading

Women’s Sunglasses Imported

Imported products have always been successful here in Brazil. Are products from different countries, such as United States, France, Paraguay, among others. The Paraguay is reputed to counterfeit goods, but many quality products that are sold in stores imported into Brazil comes from the Latin country. A product that is gaining prominence when imported, is the glasses, or even what Sun draws the most attention is the sunglasses, a piece that is now most often used as part of the look of a real protection against UV rays. Continue reading

See The Risks Of Buying Fake Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important in day-to-day life.Are you looking to save money on buying a sunglasses?

Sunglasses are important in day-to-day life. Are you looking to save money on buying a sunglasses?

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SECOND TIP|5 Reasons to Hear Mayer Hawthorne

Hey, hey, hey!

After a week super hard, come back with a vengeance! Hooray!

The SECOND TIP today (if you want to see other posts about this project, click here), has a hint of music to start the week. So, I give you MAYER HAWTHORNE! Continue reading

Choose Your Sunglasses

Not that we stop using sunglasses in any time of year, but with summer approaching it seems that desire to increase our collection gets even bigger. haha

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Original Sunglasses

Every year there is a model of sunglasses that becomes fashionable among celebrities, it girls, fashion victims and bloggers. If a few years ago Audrey (de Céline) conquered the throne to many, since last year he snatched Dior its So real model. A few original sunglasses, eye-catching and cool more. And today they are two bloggers of our land who fight in duel. Continue reading

Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses

Glasses round, style lady with glasses effect mirror, retro aires or transparent frames… There are thousands of models in the market and choosing can become an Odyssey (even more if you want to get a hold of all), so here are more cool sunglasses for summer. With what will you be? Continue reading

Our Packing List For Business Travel

Business travelers are always on the move and hurry from appointment to appointment. More important, it is because that already before the actual trip, everything is well planned and the luggage and the accessories have been carefully selected. Finally the fine thread is on a business trip also possible knitter – and wrinkle-free arrive and be all important for the next meeting this. Continue reading

How to Choose Perfect Sunglasses

Summer is coming … Who says summer, said sun … Holds sunglasses! And if the French spend on average € 99 for a pair of sunglasses, one is often tempted by cheap glasses …

But be careful not to buy anything! Please be warned to pay attention to all these inscriptions on glasses, but also the color of the glasses … Aurelia Bloch gave us a little history, and explains how to choose them, and must inevitably pay the price … or not  Continue reading

Best Sunglasses Lens Technology

All sunglasses are designed to reduce the brightness of sunlight and harmful ultra violet rays. But different types stalka, their color and technology limited light and protect to varying degrees.Colors and shades of the Sunny glasses. The colors and shades of sunglasses down:

  • How much visible light reaches the eye
  • How well you see other colors
  • How you see contrasts

There are a few basic rules that can help you in choosing the color of sunglasses. In any sport or activity in which you are exposed to bright sunlight you need sunglasses that block most of the light as brown, green or gray lenses.

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Best Sunglasses for Summer

Warm summer days may be gone, but that does not mean that we can not keep the best of them, and autumn.

Of course, the fashion industry has a good idea how to make it happen. Australian designer Karen Walker invites us to an endless fun with his collection resort.

The line of sunglasses worn theme name “the Poolside”(“the pool”) and gives good advice for the ladies, understanding how important accessories it is.

The collection is inspired by the paintings of swimming the English painter and bridgat photographer David Hockney.

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Lagenlook in the Snow…

Haaaa-if you thought, here is already the end of the snow pictures, then I have to disappoint you unfortunately… It is still winter and I would still have some on offer. Also, if I can not really suffer this white stuff. Continue reading