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Six Useful Apps To Go Camping

You are already planning your next holiday in a tent? You can not miss these applications to your mobile, to help you organize and enjoy the trip. Continue reading

Eavesdropping Cell Phone Calls

Security researchers have latched in phone calls emanating from an Android Smartphone, and secretly recorded the conversations here.

The baseband chip line manufactured by Samsung Shannon is vulnerable and attacker can eavesdrop on phone calls with comparatively little effort. The security researcher Daniel Komaromy and Nico have demonstrated

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The First Smart Phone Called Simon [Wallpaper]

The iPhone may have been a catalyst, but it saw the light of day 15 years after the world’s first smartphone.

20 years ago as the first smartphone in the world the light of day. The company behind was International Business Machines Corp., which is probably known better by its acronym IBM, and it was a look out in the future, as has become our present. It meant, however, that it was an unqualified success.

Although IBM Simon Personal Communicator, which is the full name, was the major topic of conversation during a Technology Conference in Las Vegas in 1992, it was foreseen that Simon had to reach out to consumers in May 1994, but it was not until the 16th.August ‘ 94, that it is the first time be able to get your hands on a copy.  Continue reading

Meizu Pro 6 Review

Directly from Beijing we had one of the earliest Meizu Pro 6 available after the presentation and, of course, we could not fail to try it now. The news does not lack either aesthetic level, both hardware and software. As you know in fact that Pro 6 supports force touch or, like Meizu calls it, 3D Press. Let’s find out all the details in the full review.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

the Pro 6, unlike its predecessor, has a more compact size and a more particular. On an aesthetic level the device is really very pleasant and made with great quality materials. 70.8 x 7.25 x 147.7 mm sizes that host a 5.2 inches and weighs 160 grams well-distributed. Continue reading

Huawei Wins European Glory

Huawei Ascend P7 WINS EISA award: European Consumer Smartphone 2014-2015.

The Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei, has for the second year in a row, won the European Imaging and Sound Association Award: European Consumer Smartphone 2014-2015.

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Tip: Here Is the Photographers’ Top 20 of Photo Apps for Your Phone

If you are a diligent photographer on the go, you can probably benefit from these photo apps recommended by professionals.

The camera in the cool smartphones can undoubtedly make most amateur photographers happy when profile picture on Facebook to be updated. However, there may still be a little editing work before selfie’en is ready for upload.

Here will most probably quick app-get lost in the jungle, which offers an unmanageable number of photo apps, each with their pros and cons. Which one should you choose? Continue reading

Phone Prototype Can Be Charged by Means of Sound Waves

Researchers have generated a 5 volt based on the human voice and the roar of the engines of cars — enough to charge our phones.

The Manager certainly reminiscent of Monsters Inc. which is powered by screaming kids, but to create power to one’s phone out of the sounds we experience in daily life, is nonetheless what a group of researchers from Nokia and the Queen Mary University of London are working on.

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BlackBerry Passport: See the First Hands-on Video

See the world’s first hands-on with the not yet launched BlackBerry Passport.

The upcoming BlackBerry Passport is an interesting phone with a distinctive design that should make it easier to read e-mail messages and documents on the screen, and so there is also a full physical keyboard as many are thrilled.

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Humble Bundle Finally Gets New Android Application

New Humble Bundle application makes it extremely easy to keep track of his purchases through the Humble Bundle, both of games, music and e-books.

Most who follow the mobile site will know of the Humble Bundle and their package deals of various games for computers and not at least Android phones.

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Latest OnePlus Update Can Destroy Battery Life

An error in the operating system makes phone use CyanogenMod significantly more battery than usual.

If you have just gotten OnePlus update XNPH30O, so you might have discovered that the phone does not hold a charge as long as it used to do, in this case, you are certainly not the only one.

Cyanogenmod has a thread on their forum with over 100 comments on the subject, and it seems that they have identified the problem. There seems to be a problem both with proximity sensor and the module that manages power consumption. Continue reading

TomTom Runner Watches

It is not easy to find metaphors that work with the new TomTom Runner 2. Or rather, I think only a musical with Pearl Jam. Their music is – more or less – always the same but, with each new album, know change; mature following a very precise their stylistic and recognizable. The same feeling I had when testing the new cardio-GPS from TomTom. The watch looks more or less the same, the interface also but the capabilities grow much and – above all – the motor under the hood has totally changed.

We have been given in test the most complete version, with integrated cardio and music, and the first thing you’ll notice is that this new model is more “slim” and with a less impressive, now also suitable for women’s wrists and – with dimensions – also decreases the weight. But what he added TomTom in this model? I got four: activity tracking, music player, multisport for all versions and – above all – a new heart rate sensor. In fact now the sensor is no longer produced by My but from South Africa LifeQ that actually makes it physically (Osram) but produces the software to read the data. And it is really very accurate.

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Vektio Gets High School Students up at the Right Time

A new Danish app will find out for yourself whether to up now, or whether there is cancelled timer, so you can sleep for a long time.

It is always annoying to get up and then find out that you could have slept longer, but the problem is that advice for if you go to high school, and we can thank a new Danish app for.

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Tips Saturday: the Week’s Best Tips

We collect the week’s top tips-how to get the best out of your smartphone.

They can be a lot, the ladies and smartphones. But we only use a fraction of the features, applications and features that they offer.

Every Saturday opstøver our site therefore the best fereshte from the week that went-so you get the chic back in your smartphone.

Keep an eye on your children’s physical movements and surfing on the Internet with apps for Windows Phone. Continue reading

LG with Subtle Teasing

It need not be a large-scale advertising campaign for the major mobile manufacturers can tease each other

The war in the advertisements between Apple and Samsung are now quite well documented, and other companies have since also wanted to be with. One of them is LG, which dots to Samsung on YouTube.

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Google Secures Itself Against Sharks

In order to optimise relations around the globe, Google has the cable on the seabed, but they are in danger of sharks.

It is not just the first thing you think of, if one were to ask Google to mention things that pose a threat, but nevertheless will be Google attacked by sharks. In any case, the wires, Google has lying on the ocean floor.

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Smartphone Sales Reaches New Milestone

In the second quarter of this year were sold over 300 million smartphones in the world, and it is the first time.

For the first time has been sold more than 300 million smartphones in the world in a quarter when figures from the second quarter of 2014 from the IDC have been published. IDC has calculated that, in total, were purchased 301.5 million smartphones in the world during the period.

The figures, however, can be difficult to count on completely, because another analysis Institute recently had a slightly different result.

The vast majority of the smartphones sold, have Android under the hood, and thus continues its dominance in the operating system by Google. Continue reading

Lenovo Is Really a Smartphone Maker

For the first time ever have Chinese Lenovo sold more phones than computers.

Lenovo is here in Denmark, best known as a manufacturer of computers, but especially at home in China, it also goes well on the mobile front. In fact, things are going so well that Lenovo for the first time has sold more phones than computers.

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Novelties at IFA 2016

Today is the last day of the IFA in Berlin. The leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances excited every year with innovative and futuristic products. In addition to the latest smartphones and tablets are round the IFA innovations presented from different areas. This year, for example, invited the company Sphero to a discussion on the opportunities and challenges in the use of robots to Telefónica BASE CAMP in Berlin.

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History of the Alarm Clock

Whether at school, at university, in training or in a job: For most people, it is important that they come on time out of bed. As well, the Frenchman Antoine Redier 1847 the first mechanical alarm was patented, where you could choose to have an alarm. An alarm clock, however, there should have been much earlier: Already in 1665 to Samuel Pepys have woken up with an alarm clock. This emerges from a diary entry. The invention of the alarm clock to write but sometimes the Americans Levi Hutchins to the 1787 an alarm clock made use of to get up on time. However, this was just ringing at 4 am-the time at which stood the inventor daily.

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So Easy Answer You a Disruptive Call with Sms on Windows Phone (TIP)

If you can’t answer it disturbing mobile calls, so you can quickly send an sms instead of Windows Phones.

The phone is with us everywhere, and most modern smartphone users are, to a certain extent, also available in 24 hours. But even if your phone is safely buried in the Pocket, then it is not in any way imply that we are ready to take it if the rings.

For sometimes the time just inappropriate. our site. when the dankort is put in the net’s terminal, or when you’ve just met an old school friend in the pedestrian zone. Press reject, so many will perceive it as an error, and again disrupting your life with yet a call shortly after. Continue reading

Selfie Stick for Smartphones

Selfie Stick of Avantek in review: The latest trend in smartphone photography are definitely Selfie sticks. This arm extension allows us to shoot better self-portraits of us. We have the opportunity initially ridiculed. It looks so funny from when eg marching people with pulled-out Selfie stick along the beach.

From Avantek we received the PanShot Selfie Stick for testing and whether we are convinced of the contrary, will tell you our review.


We have of Avantek also receive a discount code for you, which you can find at the end of the test report

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Tip Commune with Your Phone [Tip]

Missing snerydningen? or penetrates the cycle path for overlapping? Then you can give the municipality message with this app.

If the asphalt is missing on the bike path, trees topples over pavement or snerydningen is missing, it is now easier to predict the municipality. With a few clicks in the app ‘give a hint’ gives you the municipality direct message.

It is not more difficult than sending than picture message. In ‘give a hint’ takes a photo of the problem, after which category and comment will be mapped. GPS coordinates downloaded automatically and the municipality now know exactly what and where to paste. Continue reading