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Blackberry Q5 Is with Qwerty Keyboard for 350 Euros Available

With the keyboard Smart phone, BlackBerry rounds off the hotel’s own portfolio and especially beginners offers a cheap and also powerful device. The lower price when compared to the current Smart phone reference is associated above all with the lower quality technology which is used for this Smart phone. At least 350 euro should currently plan prospective customers to purchase BlackBerry Q5 without a contract. Continue reading

How to Prevent Your Iphone Screen from Breaking

It’s hard to stay away from an iPhone when you have one, is not it? Unfortunately, due to some oversights the device may suffer the dreadful nightmare of smart phone users: having your screen broken.

And it was on this in mind that we did the post today, so that you learn to prevent damage to your device, especially in relation to your screen. Check out our tips: Continue reading

You Should Let Iphone Black and White to Minimize Distractions?

Don’t feel bad if you’re addicted to your iPhone, Galaxy or any smart phone that has. After all, they were designed to do just that: drain the most of your attention. Continue reading

Honda Invests Smartphone Cover with Airbag Coupled

Imagine that, right in the middle of Sunday lunch, you’re sitting in the living room, throwing Angry Birds absently into your brand new iPhone.  The children of the family run around and the smell of food invades your brain little by little. Life is good and everything is right in the world. Until one of the pests stumbles and leans right on his arm to keep from falling and breaking his milk teeth. You save the child, but see your real baby flying away from your reach. Continue reading

List with Earphones with Unusual Formats

Listening to music is one of the favorite activities for those who want to spend time or simply take the stress out of everyday life.However, if you are one of those who likes to do it with style, there are several options of headsets with differentiated design and even cuddly.Thinking about it, TechTudo has prepared a list with several options that should please the different styles. Continue reading

With Digital Tv, Smart phone Moto and Comes to Brazil

Appliance carries two chips of carrier and will be on sale from this Wednesday (14) on the Motorola website and retailers Continue reading

Smart phones Are Preferred for Gift Giving, Says Survey

Three of every 10 children pretend to give

Three of every 10 children pretend to give smart phones as a gift for father’s day; see more details about the preferences of parents and children on father’s day

Smart phones will be the choice of every three children who will present on father’s day Continue reading

Product Review: Nokia 3120-Part 2

Features, camera, etc., and a conclusion
Menu and Features: The Nokia 3120 classic is of course not a smartphone, but Nokia has created a truly sound basis with the software “Series 40” to use non-smart phones. Programs can be installed with Java on the Nokia. Of course, they do not have the functionality of real programs, but they offer quite a lot. For example, Such as Google Maps, which can be accessed and installed in the mobile browser at m.google.com. It is also recommended to surf the Browser Opera Mini, it is preinstalled. Continue reading