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How to Use a Sleeping Bag

With this article I will give you some useful tips on how to use the sleeping bag and how you could make it to last longer, if used intelligently and stored with care at all times you can use it even 10 years. If you don’t know how to choose go read the article “How to choose a sleeping bag/sleeping bag?”

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Synthetic Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

SHEET SILK-synthetic silk sheet sarco- sleeping bag sheet-Accessories sleeping bags, hiking accessory, SARCO synthetic silk sheets for Shelters & camping.Sacs sleeping sheets, synthetic silk bag cloth bag. In hiking this sheet in synthetic silk is ideal for a good comfort during your bivouac or voyage.

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Klarfit Gullfoss Sleeping Bag

Padding moisture-resistant sleeping bag two layers in synthetic fibres for optimal heat.

Hood with cord and possibility to squeeze the bag to height of shoulders for ideal insulation.

Ideal for all seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter).

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Pros and Cons of Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Synthetic sleeping bag

The synthetic filling of a sleeping bag is less expensive than feather and it dries much faster. The synthetic sleeping bag is hypoallergenic and retains much of its warmth when wet. It is a good choice in humid climates and for the first purchase, with a limited budget.

The disadvantages are that a synthetic sleeping bag offers a bit less heat for its weight, it’s a little more cumbersome when compressed and its insulating capacity is reduced each time it is slammed in your bag.

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Spacák Husky Merlot

This child sleeping bag is warm and comfortable. With its soft cotton lining and enlarged shoulder shape, it provides an ideal bed for your budding adventurer. This sleeping bag for children is also extremely durable and easily slips into a backpack.

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Junior Mummy Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag soft and cozy for teenagers Mummy-shaped, with two straps of tightening on the hood and a flange in the area of the neck and shoulders.

Padding double-layer polyester for comfortable temperatures of-5 ° C to 15 ° C.

Storage to compression bag included with straps of compression for compact storage and transport.

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Pros and Cons for Down Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag in goose or duck

The duck has recently achieved widespread acceptance for use outdoors thanks to lower costs in processing techniques and a great willingness . The selection of goose-down sleeping bags dramatically has recently declined, driving up its price. Continue reading

Vaude Kiowa 500 Sleeping Bag Review

The Opinion Of Montania

The synthetic hiking sleeping bag and camping Kiowa 500 Vaude has been selected by our team for its excellent value for money.
We love the Vaude efforts on eco-design (Green Shape)…

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Sea to Summit APII Sleeping Bag

SEA TO SUMMIT has released a new range of sleeping in 2011 bags, at the point where we were preparing our trip in the Andes. The comments of the journals were generally very positive for these new products:

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3 Types of Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bag by motorbike: shape

Often underestimates the shape of a sleeping bag. On the market you can find two types of shapes, a mummy or a blanket .

Mummy sleeping bag

The Mummy Sleeping bags are suitable for use in cold climates and very cold.
The smaller shape and small size bones enable the body to warm the inside of the sleeping bag faster. Usually you can find them with collar and hood to avoid any heat loss.

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Best Baby Sleeping Bag for Newborn

An object that looks like a bag of quite ordinary sleeping already saved more than 150,000 lives in 10 federal States. Lives that have just started.

Babies who are born prematurely are not fat to regulate their body temperature. They can be cold even at room temperature. In Germany, as in all developed countries, there are the incubators that maintain a sufficient body temperature newborn until they can regulate it themselves.

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1000 Down Sleeping Bag

The warm and cozy Down 1000 is one of Wilsa’s best cold down, weighing only 1.7 kg for an extreme temperature down to-31 ° C. It is ideal for polar expeditions or hiking in high mountain.

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Sac de Couchage Carinthia Defence 1 Top

The sleeping bag DEFENCE 1 TOP CARINTHIA has already been proven in the field and has become a classic. Very high impermeability and a front opening for “mummy” silhouette. Waterproof external canvas and water resistant yet breathable ripstop for snow and wet confitions.

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Baby Sleeping Bag Information

Many families with young children have discovered the advantages of using baby sleeping bags instead of traditional baby bedding. Sleeping bags that babies wear like clothing, have several advantages over the usual baby blanket or quilt that parents have come to appreciate and have been used in europe for many years.

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Synthetic Sleeping Bags Reviews

The arrival of the beautiful days gives you cravings at night under the stars? Ben, seller and our store in Aix-en-Provence outdoor Department head, offers a selection of duvets for a warm and comfortable night. In this first part, he offers his choice a comparison of seven bags in synthetic materials.

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Adventure Motorcycle Sleeping Bag

The real Moto-Adventurer has a sleeping bag.

The real Moto-Adventurer sleeps in the most unlikely places.

The real Moto-Adventurer does not suffer from the cold.

That’s after you shoot two c … and we can get started. Today I will try to find the characteristics and types of sleeping bags for the motorbike which may be interested for our need.

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When to Change Baby from Sleeping Bag to Duvet

The sleeping bag is essential to baby nights from birth to 36 months. Nevertheless, it happens that you opt for bed linen (sheet, duvet and pillow) before its 3 years.

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Feathers Sleeping Bags

After our selection of synthetic sleeping bags, check out our selection of down feathers in this article.

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Tips to Buy Sleeping Bag

What could be more comforting after a day outdoors than to abandon lazily in his sleeping bag? It is also necessary that it be adapted to the needs of its user. Here are some good tips to navigate well.

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Deuter Starlight Exp Kids’ Sleeping Bag

This child sleeping bag is perfect for adventurers in grass from 6-7 years and until they are 170 cm thanks to an ingenious extension zip 30 cm. Perfect for camping, the bivouac, nights in a shelter, and the nights with friends, this junior sleeping bag is the new companion of your adventurer hike!

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How to Clean a Sleeping Bag at Home

The sleeping bag is a bag designed to allow a person to rest or sleep in open spaces, in cold environments, perhaps after an exhausting alpine climbing or after a hike or other sports. As with many objects, even the sleeping bag should be washed and, not losing its thermal properties, you must pay it proper care and especially wash it the right way. In the next steps, we will see how to do in order to clean your sleeping bag. Continue reading

Different Types of Sleeping Bags

Practicing the campsite to ourselves, we know the importance of a good night’s sleep. Our wide range of Outwell sleeping bags ensures absolute comfort regardless of your practice of the family camping. All our sleeping bags are in line with European standard EN 13537 and present an icon of the season.

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Deuter Little Star Exp Baby Sleeping Bag

Here’s a perfect baby for the bivouac, camping sleeping bag, nights in a shelter. Practice from 2 years old, it is perfect for children less than 1 meter and grows with baby since this sleeping bag has a zippered 30 cm extension that will move from 115 cm to 145 cm. Your little adventurer will never cold!

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How to Properly Fold a Sleeping Bag

If for our weekend or for the summer holidays, we love to use the sleeping bag, it is important to know some techniques to fold it correctly, and then make it last longer. Apparently it might seem too easy and trivial, but as we shall see in the next steps of this list, how to fold this accessory, are also closely related to other important factors, and so you need to maximize the best possible work. Continue reading