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Openwork Leggings and Heat Wave

After light for hot weather leggings, to the Blog to pantyhose, one turned squarely to the leggings openwork! Continue reading

Long Skirts: How to Wear, Trends, Models

Every woman looks beautiful and more feminine when she’s in skirt, and the long skirts this year promise to make them successful and make them even more beautiful. It’s the beginning of the year and it’s already possible to notice the shops with this trend that besides being beautiful is super comfortable, so see how to use them, what are the looks and models and stay inside of this fashion. Check it! Continue reading

8 Ways How You Can Combine a White Blouse!

Everyone has a white blouse at home, but we do not wear it rarely. You do not believe, how sophisticated combinations will turn your boring white blouse into an eyecatcher! Here are the 8 ways to create the look of the day with your blouse. Continue reading

German Curves – Date Night Look Without the Color Red

A Valentine’s day outfit without red – this is possible? Continue reading

Beautiful Models of Hollister Plaid Shirts

The American brand of Hollister plaid shirts, comes to dress men and women from the four corners of the world, bringing a fashion always young, modern and current, ensuring you well dressed for many occasions. Continue reading

Black Lace Long Skirt

Today the fashion of the long black lace skirt is falling in the taste of women, and has been very successful Continue reading

6 Ways to Consume with More Awareness

Although some still find boring, discuss sustainable consumption there is much left to be”fad” to become a necessity.

The problem is that, as I’ve said here, a lot of people don’t know where to start.One thing is certain: it’s easier than you think. Continue reading

How to Wear: Long Skirt

There is a little time ago, I made a post about How to Wear:Long Dress. Over time, we realize that the length of skirts and dresses is changing. Of course, miniskirts and minidresses will not disappear, but the longs are taking their place in fashion, just look at the parades on the Syle site. Many of the inspirations for this summer 2010/2011 come from the late 1960s to 1970s, that is, from the hippies era. It was super common to see women wearing long loose dresses and also long skirts. Comfort is the foundation of everything. In this post, I’ll talk about the long skirts, or, as they are called, maxissaias or maxi skirts. Continue reading

Dress by Claudia Abreu – Vintage Dresses

Check Out ClÁUdia Abreu’s Dress Options And Get Inspired For Your Next Party! Continue reading

Fashion Executive, a Fashion within Fashion

When it comes to executive fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is the clothes we wear to work or to advise a company that is usually large or more formal. Continue reading

Dresses Short and Elegant Jeans to Leave

The models of short jeans dresses are casual, but bring a huge beauty, and much comfort for women who like to always be beautiful and charming. In extremely varied models, with cuts and cutouts, they come in all styles and tastes. Continue reading

Fully Jeans, Trousers and Jeans Or Overalls

Hello Readers,

Summer is not synonymous with heat and sun. The funniest season of the yearalso brings with it colder colors and styles that make fashion more fun.

Fashion consultant Danielle Ferraz, one of the presenters of the You+Poderosa, Mais Você magazine, has listed 8 fashion trends that are going to bomb in the summer. They are: Ethnic, Total Jeans, Ladylike, Orange, Lightness, Tropical, Legs and Sport. Continue reading

Fashion Tips: How to Use Pleated Skirt

It was time that the pleated skirt was just a schoolgirl outfit. That model short in shades of blue and green, for example, remains a big bet for the feminine wardrobe–but behold, in the autumn of 2016, new ways come to how to use this piece in different variations and styles. Continue reading

Evening Dresses – Sheath/Column Strapless Floor-Length Evening Dress

If you want a full celebration and well the height of all this explosion of feelings that permeate your mind, bet on models of graduation dresses with corset is an excellent option. Continue reading

Guide To Skirts

There is no more feminine piece in a woman’s wardrobe than the skirt. There are several models suitable for each style, occasion and body shape. Enjoy it never goes out of style and check out the tips below:

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Who Dares to Go to the Pleated Skirt?

The belly is gone and that is why I suddenly have a great desire for this look. Find with me the perfect Plissée skirt and carry it quite naturally and casually in everyday life.

Es gives a look, which I do not really dare. But always, when I see my friend Marieke in her metallic shining Plisséerock, which somehow seems to work on every occasion, I want to try the whole thing myself. Continue reading

San Remo Festival Stars

Last night opened the curtain on the 62 th edition of the Sanremo Festival 2012 and we have heard so many great songs, but brave fashionistas an eye to look of our gold uvula we could not avoid it. Today we see the looks she sported the singers in the race in Sanremo 2012, I must admit that none of those seen in the early evening made me jump from the chair, but there are still four evenings to do better! Continue reading

Stradivarius Party Wear

As we had anticipated, Stradivarius has focused on glitter for its clothing collection dedicated to the festive season and especially in New Year. Even in this case, as we have already seen for other economic fashion collections, the choice is to bet on the elegance of the black rather than on the more traditional red, and the result in the case of a young line and saucy as this is to a eye-catching collection of character, and extremely glamorous and fashionable. Let’s watch it together! Continue reading

How to Wear Short Skirts in Summer

The Style Shows Shape Corresponding

But I’ll start again. Let me give you a few tips on how you could clothe you your body shape according to the most advantageous. That is really not that you should also so clothe you! Are you things outside the scheme F then carries out and have fun. I find nothing more beautiful than women who wear their clothes with joy.

The Figure Types

From a certain dress size, about 42 to different body shapes can be recognized. We have the apple, pear and hourglass as examples.

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How to Make Your Own Rockabilly Clothing

If Rockabilly Clothing

The term rockabilly was born in 1950 and refers to one of the earliest forms of rock and roll-a mix of rock, country, and sprinkled with influences of Western swing and blues. Some of the legends in the music world and thousands of artists recorded songs in rockabilly style. How many musical movements, rockabilly developed a following that is not just about music, but also clothes and hairstyles. A revival of rockabilly music and subculture in 1970 has continued to modern times, and there are many retailers offering clothing rockabilly. Both items true vintage and vintage inspired are widely available.

Bowling shirts, casual shirts Westerners, simple t-shirt and rockabilly band t-shirt, cuffed skinny jeans-these are some of the pillars of clothing rockabilly – but the dress rockabilly is in a class by itself as an icon of ’50s fashion women.

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History of Jeggings

The history of jeggings:

The word “jeggings” is a neologism that defines a legging made up 50% elastane and 50% cotton, with a wide elastic at the waist, no pockets and dyed to look a bit like jeans. The ISKO Turkish textile company that produces stretch fabric, owns the brand Jeggings. Appeared in the late 2000s, this garment is especially appréicié teenage girls who like to wear with sneakers to be comfortable, and whose thread-like silhouettes are enhanced in a flattering way by this kind of legging  particular. But jeggings less suitable for women over 30 years buxom, make fittings before!

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Outfit Ideas for Plus Size

Steffi, our Plus Size blogger, provides for you in our fashion video their selected Trend Part of the Plus Size Fashion collection navabi ago. She chose three different garments: a long blouse Oversized, a dress made of fine cotton and a gaudy jacket in cropped-all parts super fashionable, figure hugging cuts and in large quantities. As Steffi combined their favorite parts, you can see in this video Outfit Inspiration large quantities.

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Ways to Look Younger Naturally

You’re as old as you feel! This proverb already knew my grandmother and she was right. Nobody needs cosmetic fixes or an extreme make-up to a few years to cheat younger. It depends on how you live your life and how your appearance is. The latter you can even deliberately influence. I want to tell you here how you can hide with the right plus size outfit and style you younger your age.

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How to Wear Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet tights once already appeared in the wardrobe of fashionistas. And it was not so long ago-about 80-ies of the last century. But in those days, such tights quickly went out of fashion, which probably was due to the fact that the then Soviet women simply had nowhere to wear. Currently, the situation has radically changed-these days, when fishnet tights are back in fashion, modern girls have the opportunity to go into them at a party, a walk, cinema, nightclub or disco. But, unfortunately, some women fishnet stockings purchased by them or are gathering dust in the closet for the reason that they are the owner just does not know how and with what they can carry. Therefore, it makes sense to tell the modern fashionable women about how and what you can wear such a thing in more detail.

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