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Easy Tips For Brides

You work, perhaps to study a master’s degree at the same time, you have thousands of commitments and at the same time, plan the details of your wedding. But you can with everything: thus are the women of today. Continue reading

Scrub DIY: Find That Perfect For Your Needs!

You want to take care of your skin safely and naturally? Try one of these recipes for a scrub DIY: for a beautiful and healthy skin, both of the face is the body!

The scrub is a beauty treatment that is used to exfoliate and smooth the skin of the face but also the rest of the body.

Thanks to scrub, we can eliminate the surface layer of dead cells and dirt that accumulate over time on the skin: in this way the skin can oxygenate and regenerate, also preventing the appearance of the hated ingrown hairs.

Moreover the skin, in particular that of the face, will be even brighter. Continue reading

Makeup Step by Step Instructions

Nowadays there are few women who do not wear makeup. After all, makeup products are increasingly accessible and she still has the power to enhance the feminine beauty. However, it is common to find women with questions and difficulties in making some models of makeup.

Ideally, you know some makeup techniques for each situation, according to the type of skin, face and style.

Learning the basics, that is do a makeup for the day and night, it is possible to look great in any type of situation.

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Makeup Tricks for Mature Women

Every woman should take advantage of the makeup, as well as letting us even more beautiful, it also helps hide minor imperfections on the skin. However, the makeup for a young woman, must be different from the makeup for a more mature woman. With that in mind, today I will talk about some tricks of makeup for mature women.

The skin of the women above 40 years calls for a suitable makeup, you can enhance your features and at the same time to disguise the marks of time. For this, it is essential to know a few tricks that help a lot to get these results. Check out the following various tricks of makeup for mature woman that will help you make right.

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The 15 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

A lot of women still think make up the face is just out painting with the colors you want … just don’t. The makeup is much more than that, it serves to enhance the features and correct imperfections.

Yes, but when it is done the wrong way, in addition to reveal and even exaggerate flaws or imperfections, she can really destroy a total look. And the worst part is that there are makeup errors we made without realizing it, but that can make the biggest difference in the result. So, I decided to share these 15 makeup mistakes that are regarded by experts in the subject, as the most common. Want to know what they are?

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7 Tips on How to Look Good Without Makeup

Many women think that makeup is the only way to be beautiful every day. Every day you spend so much time in front of the mirror while doing makeup without you realizing how beautiful you are, without any eye shadow, mascara and other makeup. The following tips will save you lots of time and money and improves your skin to look radiant.


If you want to without makeup look good enough every morning and evening wash your face. It may sound obvious but, believe it or not, but a lot of women face in the morning rinse, which is a huge mistake. Morning and evening wash helps ward off acne and skin looks radiant.

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How to Do Gypsy Makeup?

There’s nothing more feminine than the right makeup, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, the female universe is very wide and no one wants to get behind. For you who want to always walk in front and cool with rolling the world, today we teach you to do the makeup Cigana.

But do not think you should only use this makeup costume party or theme, it can be used for various events, preferably at night as ballads, weddings, birthdays, etc.

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