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Handmade Ties from E.G. Cappelli

The tie has been conspicuous by his absence for a while here at the Manolo. So we felt that it was time to do something about. Therefore we thought today tell us more about a hidden gem from Naples in southern Italy in the form of E.G. Cappelli. A firm that produces some of the world’s finest neckties in the small Studio on Via Cavallerizza 37. Continue reading

110 Years of the Bra: Comfort, Beauty and Seduction

Comfort, beauty and seduction. These are very important items that women observe when looking for lingerie. And the 110-year history of the BRA, it is possible to affirm that this key piece of feminine wardrobe accompanied the achievements of women over time. Continue reading

How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Who does not know that? When looking into the favorite fashion magazine you can be jealous talk: There we smile Stars in outrageously expensive, but incredibly stylish outfits contrary, you yourself can never afford. Sure, owning designer fashion is certainly a nice feeling and it speaks also did not mind in the investing one or another quality accessory. For an extravagant look you must really not cases from head to toe in luxury fashion. Today’s blog post shows you how to spice up with a few parts of your clothing can. Enjoy nachstylen!

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Silk Stockings with Back Seam

It is believed that this lovers sexual object of her wardrobe as socks differ good taste, sense of style and creativity when creating an image. Of course, these qualities are shown only if you understand the choice of stylish accessory, and properly combined with the rest of the wardrobe. Today the choice of fashion cultivation is big enough. Despite the fact that this element in the way fashion is not for one season, originally came to us several centuries back, it is possible to make an image as a stylish and original and vulgar and provocative. It is therefore important to understand and to know which stockings decorate the exterior and emphasize the highest quality.

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Party Dresses and Accessories

Hi friends!!! Today the hunch of luxury is inspired by a country which is one of the most mysterious countries in the world and has influenced the fashion with the richness of their culture for decades: India! For being multi-feminina, colorful, graceful, and full of details, Indian fashion always had featured in the universe fashion. Have you ever noticed that the Indian woman, regardless of having a good financial condition or not, is always wearing jewelry which has a lot of colors and shines? Actually, everything has a meaning: in India, spruce means praise the gods. So, the more the better! The Indian give many inspirations to Brazil. In fashion, for example, major brands and designers brought special woven fabrics in color variations to their national collections, and they are used to apply lace and crystals; all of these illustrate elements of this rich culture and unusual form.

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