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Men’s Clothes for Your Body Type: Chubby Men

With a fashion directed the thin, the fat has to turn to find clothes that encourage, often remaining as the only alternative plus size stores, but even these are misguided about the colors, prints and fabrics, forcing the client to have a lot of common sense before you buy anything. Continue reading

H & M Summer Collection

The target youth It is one of the most profitable for according to which brands. TO H & M no doubt has worked it very well, both returns to rely on throwing a line to part of their low main H & M Divided for the Spring-Summer 2009. Continue reading

Fashion Blouses

Spring is in the door, are you ready? Eternal winter’s end is coming, and along with it our deep concern about the what to wear or what to buy for this warm and expected time.

Take it easy! I will tell you how to take the best fashion trends, will not have to suffer for purchasing new things and have fun mixing volumes and textures at all your looks.
They blouses are the top item for this season, will be virtually the protagonists of your look to the next month. Continue reading

The Leather Leggings

For some time are leather leggings indispensable in more from the fashion world. Even it-girl Olivia Palermo has discovered the megatrend for itself and makes leading it to as combining the leggings in leather look.

They are the fashion must-have in recent years: leather leggings. The comfortable pants look cool and casual-you can spice up your outfit and style really rocking. But also to a reputable everyday outfit fit the shiny leggings good. Then they look elegant and feminine. But many women dare not still on the leather optic zoom and feel too reminiscent of fashion sins of the 1980s. They still have not hang leather leggings in the closet? Then going on – it is time to try the sexy trend.

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A Beautiful Arched White Shirt

The white shirt is a play underestimated, which is even more off the excessive importance that we give to the black shirt.

A white shirt, lay it very often: with a jacket, a sweater, a cardigan or even a hoody (pull (zipped or not) with hood).

The problem is that a white shirt too average quality, very ugly. White is a color that does not agree with a cheap material (eg thin fabric as cigarette paper, irregular in its weaving and transparent).

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Men’s Clothing Style Tips

The sporty and elegant style are located in our outfit-game over. But together they make a good team-we show you how!

Sporty: The Sprint in the Opposition Half

A sporty outfit consists of a sleek pair of sneakers, a jeans or a short Chino , a casual shirt and a sweatshirt. So you’re perfectly dressed for all your leisure activities. Should it but sometimes go a little fancier, it’s easy that style sometimes a little spice. Take instead of sweat jacket just a nice knit sweater with V-neck or take a jacket in dark blue. Already you’re ready for the evening in a nice restaurant or the birthday party of a friend.

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The Best Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Halloween is coming up and some parents seem überzuschäumen of creativity. That it like to have to serve the children we see today. I have compiled my top 10 costumes for kids and could me still broken laugh. Which is your favorite? In an earlier post we introduced children costumes with food terms, click here if your small sushi rolls and hot dogs want to see. Important: Not suitable for consumption!

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Men’s International Clothing Sizes Conversions

Transforming Men’s Sizes

Here you convert clothing sizes or jackets, suits, coats,  shirts  and pants, between European / English, Swedish and American sizes. To find out which Swedish size you have, see our  size charts for men’s sizes .

Suit / Blazer / Rock

With this table you convert between Swedish / European, English and American sizes.

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Lightweight Clothing for Hot Weather

At last summer and also in my wardrobe the warm things have slipped in the last corner.

Skirts, light trousers, shirts, tunics and tops are at hand and by everyday and leisure wear, just the light summer fashion. For me there are no limits. The colors and cuts vary from colorful and monochrome to close, casual and elegant. This time I ventured a look in the closet of a friend and we compared our clothing to find out what we can combine this summer best.

Depending on the occasion we engage both in the closet and pull us the best pieces out. We pay very close attention to what program determine our day is. In our professions it is never boring! We work with young people and children, so there are days when we spend time in the office, on other days we are active in the classroom or in the day-care center and rooms or go on excursions or celebrations.

On the days that my girlfriend spends in the office, it contributes very much loose clothing to feel comfortable, because tight clothes in sedentary work in the long run very uncomfortable.

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Blue or Pink Blouse

Colored Business Shirts: Is That Possible?

Business is not the same business. In very conservative industries and in the banking sector are dark or patterned shirts as gaffe; also fashion colors like orange, brown, forest green or burgundy should be avoided there. Nevertheless, there is office environments where it might safely go more colorful. These include, for example, advertising and design agencies or IT consultants. No matter what industry you should at important meetings and conferences, however, always play it safe and opt for a single color white shirt or alight blue shirt choose – these colors are business classics .

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Slim Fit Shirts for Mens Online

In a previous article we review 5 criteria for whether a shirt is really in your size.

We will look a little more here in the section of the curved shirt (for men).

Become quite the fashion in recent years, the nearest section of the body and at the waist has the advantage of narrow and lengthen the silhouette, highlighting the shoulders.

The downside for a man who just marked the size or rounded (you said buoy!) Is a shirt at the waist will be uncomfortable and unsightly.

Dress harmoniously is a matter of fashion, but mostly self-knowledge. This allows later to recognize the clothes getting in value, regardless of the trend.

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Roll up Shirt Sleeves

Apart from the warm or when do you have to do manual labor, in which the long sleeve is in the way, bring the shirt with the sleeves rolled up, indicates that you are in a friendly (friendly) or relaxation, where formality is of secondary importance.

That fact has nothing to do with free time only, when you go out with friends or a woman, but may also occur in a professional environment. In this case it is up to you, understand the environment and the people with whom you are dealing and especially the message you want to convey to you.

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