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Satin Blouses for Parties – Photos and Models

Party Satin Blouses

The satin blouses are always in fashion especially when we need to be ready for any special occasion, satin should be used at night for being a shiny tissue makes up the look of the woman with great elegance. But we must be very careful in the combination of accessories to avoid exaggeration. Continue reading

Meme Shirts, Buy Your

Who has not heard of the famous memes shirts that make the most success, especially among young audiences? Continue reading

Underwear: How to Stretch It?

In this article we will see how to iron the underwear, so it won’t spoil and that retains itsoriginal beauty. Proceeding is not difficult, don’t worry! You will only need to learn the right techniques. Continue reading

7 Tips to Appear Thinner

We all have days that we are feeling a bit bloated, slower and heavier, even if the world tells us otherwise.We just do not feel that good.But the commitments persist, so the way is to try to disguise what bothers us and try to bring focus to the finer parts of our body. Continue reading

Visiting Sartoria Corcos in Florence

During our trip to Florence in early January we had the opportunity to visit Liverano & Liverano; one of the world’s most famous tailors with a typical Florentine skyline. Today will try to reproduce our visit in another clearly less but oh-so-skilled tailors in town. We took our camera and took us along the winding cobbled streets to the Sartoria Corcos in the heart of Florence. Continue reading

How to Use: Special for Men!

No, girls, How to Use will not change public! Me and Lia thought it would be a good idea to please our readers from time to time! Fashion has long ceased to be a thing for women. Men also participate a lot of the latest news that appear there. Today’s post is dedicated especially to our dear readers who always appear here, but who are also curious to use certain pieces that have appeared in the parades outside. Of course we will not leave our readers out, so girls, give your pints and show your opinions on the pieces that will follow.Maybe our boyfriends do not get excited either… Continue reading

Beautiful Models of Hollister Plaid Shirts

The American brand of Hollister plaid shirts, comes to dress men and women from the four corners of the world, bringing a fashion always young, modern and current, ensuring you well dressed for many occasions. Continue reading

Black Lace Long Skirt

Today the fashion of the long black lace skirt is falling in the taste of women, and has been very successful Continue reading

Second Hand: Sweaters&Shirts

The closer body garments are the more skeptical people tend to be to buy them second hand. The pain threshold that everyone seems to agree on the lingerie. Shirts and sweaters should be considered garments with large fyndpotential second hand. Continue reading

Fully Jeans, Trousers and Jeans Or Overalls

Hello Readers,

Summer is not synonymous with heat and sun. The funniest season of the yearalso brings with it colder colors and styles that make fashion more fun.

Fashion consultant Danielle Ferraz, one of the presenters of the You+Poderosa, Mais Você magazine, has listed 8 fashion trends that are going to bomb in the summer. They are: Ethnic, Total Jeans, Ladylike, Orange, Lightness, Tropical, Legs and Sport. Continue reading

My Passarela.Com #8

SPFW continues and yesterday I was once again in the Park Cândido Portinari, this time I went to the parade of Colcci, with look of Passarela.com, since event sets make a visual tuned and nifty isn’t it?! Continue reading

Models in Skirts Jeans

Contrary to popular belief, the denim skirts can have a much better GPA than if it has today. Many women restrict your use the hot days and during the holidays on the beach, but as we shall see, there are many other possibilities. Continue reading

Gieves without Hawkes

Gieves may very well be the solution to many men’s problems. Many professions have a fairly strict and proper dress code and thus leaves few opportunities to put a personal touch on the dish. Shirt, tie and slacks tends to radiate the same thing. Or? Continue reading

The Narrow Bow Tie Transition

Whether one likes ties in seven, eight or nine cm are we on Manolo fully convinced that a narrow bow tie is preferred. It has been said before and we say it again. There are really only a bow tie you need to and instead of trying to learn a plethora of variations and knots, it is clearly better to learn to tie a classic four-in hand really well. Continue reading

Don’t Leave Your Shirt Aside in the Summer

It’s not because it’s hot that you’re going to give up one of the most important garments of men’s clothing: the shirt. Even during the summer it can be used both in formal environments, and on social occasions that do not require such formality, but they deserve a certain elegance. In leisure time also is no different, after all, nothing like a nice shirt to give a “upgrade” in that simple and comfortable look.

Continue reading

How to Wear Cufflinks

How to Wear Cufflinks?

First, know that you can not wear cufflinks with any shirt. Indeed, it should be provided with the so-called French cuffs. These have buttonholes on both their parts, which allows to insert the cufflink.

Continue reading

Men’s Clothes for Your Body Type: Chubby Men

With a fashion directed the thin, the fat has to turn to find clothes that encourage, often remaining as the only alternative plus size stores, but even these are misguided about the colors, prints and fabrics, forcing the client to have a lot of common sense before you buy anything. Continue reading

H & M Summer Collection

The target youth It is one of the most profitable for according to which brands. TO H & M no doubt has worked it very well, both returns to rely on throwing a line to part of their low main H & M Divided for the Spring-Summer 2009. Continue reading

Fashion Blouses

Spring is in the door, are you ready? Eternal winter’s end is coming, and along with it our deep concern about the what to wear or what to buy for this warm and expected time.

Take it easy! I will tell you how to take the best fashion trends, will not have to suffer for purchasing new things and have fun mixing volumes and textures at all your looks.
They blouses are the top item for this season, will be virtually the protagonists of your look to the next month. Continue reading

The Leather Leggings

For some time are leather leggings indispensable in more from the fashion world. Even it-girl Olivia Palermo has discovered the megatrend for itself and makes leading it to as combining the leggings in leather look.

They are the fashion must-have in recent years: leather leggings. The comfortable pants look cool and casual-you can spice up your outfit and style really rocking. But also to a reputable everyday outfit fit the shiny leggings good. Then they look elegant and feminine. But many women dare not still on the leather optic zoom and feel too reminiscent of fashion sins of the 1980s. They still have not hang leather leggings in the closet? Then going on – it is time to try the sexy trend.

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A Beautiful Arched White Shirt

The white shirt is a play underestimated, which is even more off the excessive importance that we give to the black shirt.

A white shirt, lay it very often: with a jacket, a sweater, a cardigan or even a hoody (pull (zipped or not) with hood).

The problem is that a white shirt too average quality, very ugly. White is a color that does not agree with a cheap material (eg thin fabric as cigarette paper, irregular in its weaving and transparent).

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Men’s Clothing Style Tips

The sporty and elegant style are located in our outfit-game over. But together they make a good team-we show you how!

Sporty: The Sprint in the Opposition Half

A sporty outfit consists of a sleek pair of sneakers, a jeans or a short Chino , a casual shirt and a sweatshirt. So you’re perfectly dressed for all your leisure activities. Should it but sometimes go a little fancier, it’s easy that style sometimes a little spice. Take instead of sweat jacket just a nice knit sweater with V-neck or take a jacket in dark blue. Already you’re ready for the evening in a nice restaurant or the birthday party of a friend.

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The Best Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Halloween is coming up and some parents seem überzuschäumen of creativity. That it like to have to serve the children we see today. I have compiled my top 10 costumes for kids and could me still broken laugh. Which is your favorite? In an earlier post we introduced children costumes with food terms, click here if your small sushi rolls and hot dogs want to see. Important: Not suitable for consumption!

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Men’s International Clothing Sizes Conversions

Transforming Men’s Sizes

Here you convert clothing sizes or jackets, suits, coats,  shirts  and pants, between European / English, Swedish and American sizes. To find out which Swedish size you have, see our  size charts for men’s sizes .

Suit / Blazer / Rock

With this table you convert between Swedish / European, English and American sizes.

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