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“Your Daughter Needs Shapewear!” – a Mother Strikes Back

This is Lexi Harris-a 13-year-old teen from Kansas, who wanted to go shopping with his mom. Just for fun, she was persuaded by her mother to try this elegant evening dress-and did not make a bad figure in it.
A saleswoman disagreed and presented the worst possible advice to a 13-year-old:”Do not wear it without figurative underwear!”
Mama Megan was pissed off. On Facebook, she made clear why we should all stop teaching our daughters as early as possible that something is wrong with their bodies.  Continue reading

Goodbye Pants Brand Low!

Long ago we women are looking for a way to model our silhouette.Formerly, the only option within reach was that of the corset, which at that time even worked, but pressed the waist in a way that the result was nausea, dizziness and even fainting (talking of our great-grandparents). Continue reading