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Samsung Galaxy Touch8: Price, Release, Technical Data, Video and Images

Samsung is back with the Galaxy on the German market note 8. There was never a so bred up and well-equipped smart phone with stylus by the South Korean company. We have summarised all the details to the price, availability, and the capabilities of the 2017er model for you. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy X: Must Know about the Foldable Smart Phone

While Apple with the iPhone X supposedly heralds the future, but warms up into basically only from the Android store known technologies and concepts, Samsung is preparing, to bring out the first foldable smart phone with the so called Galaxy X. This was foreseeable given persistent rumors, but nevertheless would represent a small revolution. Continue reading

Samsung Gets Help in the Patent Dispute with Apple

About the patent war between Samsung and Apple is in fact already much, if not everything has been said. Time wins the one, sometimes the other. But how things are developing now is really interesting, and we do not want to deprive you of any way. Continue reading

Android 4.3 for Galaxy S3 Reduces Battery and Device Performance

in recent days samsung began upgrading the galaxy  s3  international version for android 4.3,    but several users reported several stability  issues of the updated device. Continue reading

Google Launches Smart Watches and Fitness Platform

After US manufacturer Apple introduced the Health application, capable of collecting and displaying data such as sleep quality, calorie count, heart rate and blood pressure, Google, its main rival, did not leave it cheap and showed the world a new Alternative for those who enjoy using technology as an ally of their training. Continue reading

Samsung Launches Wireless Charger Case for Galaxy S5

The Samsung has just announced the launch of an official cover to charge your mobile phone Galaxy S5 wireless manner. The accessory is not exactly the most energy-efficient or fastest-it seems to exist purely for aesthetic reasons. Continue reading

Mobile Phone Manufacturer Leaked First Image of Galaxy S8

There have been very few leaks of supposed images of the Galaxy S8, which has left electronics enthusiasts eager for any information that delivers the look of Samsung ‘s next lineup . This time, a photo rendering obtained by the BGR through a company that manufactures mobile phones is that it is leaving the most excited animated with what is coming. Continue reading

Samsung S3 Gear: the Manufacturer Makes the Show For its Watch!

As part of theIFA Berlin 2016, Samsung held a press conference to unveil its new products and new solutions. The evening Samsung Unpacked had some interesting innovations in its program, but the entire show was reserved for the new Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch.

As in the previous year, the brand took advantage of international show to unveil a smartwatch. Since last March, rumors about various features of the watch run on networks. Now is the time to know its real assets. Continue reading

Hannspree Presents Its Intelligent Sports Watch Watch

Fashion is still in the beginning but the watchword is … Wearables! That’s right, you do not have any, do you? Okay, but it will have, do not do this face, the consumption is in charge of placing an arm in the arm, in the pocket, in the head or in the chest and of course, we bet you will love to know the quality of your sleep !!! Continue reading

Eavesdropping Cell Phone Calls

Security researchers have latched in phone calls emanating from an Android Smartphone, and secretly recorded the conversations here.

The baseband chip line manufactured by Samsung Shannon is vulnerable and attacker can eavesdrop on phone calls with comparatively little effort. The security researcher Daniel Komaromy and Nico have demonstrated

Continue reading

Smart Watches To Your Phone

See who’s calling even though your phone is in your pocket, select song on Spotify and discover if any tag you on Facebook. Now it is finally here–the smart wristwatches and Laika has tested.

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Samsung Extends Olympic Cooperation

Korean Samsung is known to use a great deal of money on marketing, and the trend continues.

Samsung is already a part of the long ranks of companies that in one way or another makes equipment available at the Olympic Games in Exchange for a little advertising space, and it will continue to at least 2020.

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iPhone 6 Get Less Battery Than Its Competitors

The iPhone 6 is by now well documented with a whole series of specifications, now battery size also revealed.

Information about the iPhone 6 flying around in these times, and quite a number of pictures and specifications are leaked. Now there will be pictures of the batteries, battery size and thus are probably also revealed, as they confirm previous rumors.

It has previously been the rumor that the iPhone will come with a 4.7 6 “screen and battery size will be 1810mAh. For comparison have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini with 4.5 “screen 2100mAh and a Nokia Lumia 930, with 5.0” screen, has a battery capacity of 2420 mAh.
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Moto 360 Shows up at Best Buy with Specs

Once again, a dealer come to leak information, before it actually has been presented.

Many look forward to the Moto 360 and its round shape, that will be something new for smartwatches, but Motorola has been relatively good to keep the Agency partially hidden from the public before it is launched.

Now, however, there are not many secrets left, after Best Buy came to lay the sales ad on their home page, so that everyone could look at the goodies. Best Buy has however drawn Moto 360 of their website again, but as you know, it is hard to pull anything back from the curious internet.

Best Buy has listed both some specifications and features, and this is what you could read about Moto 360 at Best Buy. Continue reading

Overview: Hello to Alpha, New Photos of the iPhone 6 and Encouraging Things from Motorola

Here you can get a quick and easy overview of some of the biggest stories from the week that was.

Samsung’s latest installment is called Samsung Galaxy Alpha, and it was presented this week. It is made with customers’ opinions in mind, and though it’s not being said, then reminds it of the upcoming iPhone.

More iPhone-images

Once again, there emerged new photos of the iPhone 6 up, and the question is, how many surprises for us, when the Apple has to be presented. Continue reading

LG with Subtle Teasing

It need not be a large-scale advertising campaign for the major mobile manufacturers can tease each other

The war in the advertisements between Apple and Samsung are now quite well documented, and other companies have since also wanted to be with. One of them is LG, which dots to Samsung on YouTube.

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Smartwatch Samsung Gear 2

The Gear 2 Solo incorporate a slot for the SIM card and to make and receive phone calls

Samsung has decided to go with a firm step in this market wearables devices. At this point, the South Koreans have already introduced 3 products on the market that correspond to this new category and are the Gear 1st generation, 2nd generation Gear and Gear Fit bracelet sport.

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Motorola Invites-Moto 360 in Wait

Another company will present something in the beginning of september, and it is Motorola, which is the next in line.

Samsung has invited the press to the 3. September, and it is expected that Apple will at the 9, then Motorola will try to fill some of the void with their own event on 4. September.

The invitation can be seen at our site, and depicts a flip flaps, with some symbols on. The symbols could easily be interpreted as Moto, Moto, Moto X 360 G and so a kind of headset or other wearable. Continue reading

Samsung Buys Internet of Things-Company

The Koreans have been on procurement, and this time it’s the thing to the smart home, which stands on the purchase slip.

Samsung’s doing, as we know, not just mobile phones and tablets, they’re doing mostly electronics, and therefore, they have just bought the company SmartThings, which develops controllers to things at home.

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Lenovo Is Really a Smartphone Maker

For the first time ever have Chinese Lenovo sold more phones than computers.

Lenovo is here in Denmark, best known as a manufacturer of computers, but especially at home in China, it also goes well on the mobile front. In fact, things are going so well that Lenovo for the first time has sold more phones than computers.

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Galaxy Note 4 for Sale Too Early

It happens once in a while, the new phones will be put up for sale too early, and this time it’s Galaxy Note 4s trip.

If you don’t mind to act from a store in Indonesia, so to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at erafone.com. Good enough says the phone as out of stock right now, but it nevertheless gives rise to look at the specifications.

There is not really any surprises in the specifications which stands abandoned on erafone, even if we do not obtain the size of the battery.
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Endomondo Ready for Gear Fit and Gear 2

The Danish app Endomondo has expanded its range and can now be used on Samsung’s Gear Fit and Gear 2.

Then there is good news for those who would like to have on-the-go and at the same time with Endomondo may call themselves the owners of a Samsung Gear Fit or Gear 2 -they can now talk together.

In the latest version of the Endomondos app will be on Gear Fit and Gear 2 be able to view its data during the run, nor will it be possible to start and stop his workout directly from the wrist. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy A9 Is Finally Official in China

During an event in China, Samsung has finally made official the final piece of its Galaxy, the Galaxy A9. Technical specifications and details are pretty faithful to what transpired earlier; here however the complete profile.

  • Curved display 5 D Super AMOLED FHD from 6 “(1920 x 1080 pixels, density of 367 pixels per inch)
  • SOC Qualcomm Snapdragon 652:
    • 64-bit CPU octa-core (4 x 4 x ARM Cortex-Cortex-A72 + A53)
    • Adreno GPU 510
  • 3 GBof RAM
  • 32 GB of internal storage, expandable via micro SD card (max 128 GB)
  • Main camera from 13 MP with OIS and focal aperture f/1.9
  • Front camera 8 MP

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