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Know 5 Sports Practices to Improve Your Health

More than being celebrated, World Heart Day, September 29, is an opportunity to reflect on our way of life.

Data of the Society of Cardiology  Indicate that approximately 17 million Brazilians are affected annually with cardiovascular diseases, and that most of these problems could be avoided. Continue reading

On Project Trail Running – a New Challenge

It is finally time to overcome the inner pig dog and to start a new project. Actually, I am a sporty person, driving but no sport regularly, so I lack a certain basic endurance. Therefore the running was long time on the plan to start. Because “Running” but is something to ‘Mainstream’ and now everyone is talking about is trail running, the new project is now called “Trail running”. Continue reading

Huawei Fit, The New Smartwatch Dedicated To Sports

Today was great for Huawei. The Chinese brand showed the world its latest news at an event where Pplware was present.

If the big news was the new Mate 9, there were other surprises. A new smartwatch, dedicated to sports and physical exercise, was presented. Huawei Fit is the brand’s new bet in the field of wearables. Continue reading

How to Choose Shoes for Running

n running the most important element is the shoes.The shoes that you choose to run should be comfortable and keep your feet safe from possible injury. Continue reading

Narathon Sportswear in Nike

J-1 before the marathon, that’s it you’re ready for the big day!

This marathon really holds us heart because we run both for associations. Thanks to you all, we managed to raise over € 2,000, thank you all! It’ll give us wings to run <3

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Tips on Sports Safety

There are a lot of athletes freedom?? Choosing the road. The only time of necessity and other times out much free will. It does not mean that the road often do not provide for it. Safety first?? But what should you do?

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Reasons Why You Should Exercise

A healthy mind in a healthy body. This must be the starting point to convince you to do sports. Those who are against the sport, will be able to rely on the argument that fractures or overuse injuries. Even more practice generally more advantages than disadvantages. So it will reduce the risk of heart disease. If you do a lot of sports, you get more energy and charge the batteries. It also makes your mind stronger and the sport has a positive effect on your sex life. Who minimum twice a week sport will quickly notice the positive effects on the body and mind. Obvious sports is aerobic exercise such as walking, running, cycling or swimming.

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Development of Fashion Industry

I get to class and take my seat next to the other girls, and as usual, they are better dressed than I am. A door of stovepipe jeans and a shrunken black T-shirt; the other wearing a short denim mini and razor flat, arc-destroy sandals. A third is an amazing print dress. I sigh and wish I had taken the time to find matching socks. I’m used to be less fashionable, but in the past, well-dressed women I knew were, well, women. Now girls with killer clothes are toddlers in my son’s music class.

But while their diva girls are dressed to the nines, the mothers of these girls are downright old fashioned. yoga pants.Ragged ponytails. Hoodies as far as the eye can see. And it begs the question: why are we dress our girls-who will spend the day running and jumping and splashing in the puddles-for a night on the town, and for ourselves as well, a day at playground?

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Tips on What Shoes to Wear

No matter what skirt length, with the current shoe fashion can be any Oktoberfest outfit skillfully complete. The footwear is in fact just as varied as the dirndl fashion. From pumps over boots, high heels and sandals to ballet flats, everything can be combined with the Dirndl outfit.

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How to Wear Treggings

Treggings recently went on sale, but has managed to conquer many of the fairer sex who want to look more attractive and stylish. These tight pants made of cotton with lycra impurity, and therefore visually reminiscent of leather goods, is a symbiosis of leggings and jeans. First they borrowed their style, and the second-details like belt and pockets.

Those who want to fill your wardrobe tregginsami, note that they are really convenient, practical and attractive enough. Because of the composition of the tissues of these pants have a sculpting effect, which allows you to make the figure more slender. However, they look best on lean women who have sufficiently long and slender legs. But BBW a similar subject ladies toilet still stands abandoned.

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TomTom Runner Watches

It is not easy to find metaphors that work with the new TomTom Runner 2. Or rather, I think only a musical with Pearl Jam. Their music is – more or less – always the same but, with each new album, know change; mature following a very precise their stylistic and recognizable. The same feeling I had when testing the new cardio-GPS from TomTom. The watch looks more or less the same, the interface also but the capabilities grow much and – above all – the motor under the hood has totally changed.

We have been given in test the most complete version, with integrated cardio and music, and the first thing you’ll notice is that this new model is more “slim” and with a less impressive, now also suitable for women’s wrists and – with dimensions – also decreases the weight. But what he added TomTom in this model? I got four: activity tracking, music player, multisport for all versions and – above all – a new heart rate sensor. In fact now the sensor is no longer produced by My but from South Africa LifeQ that actually makes it physically (Osram) but produces the software to read the data. And it is really very accurate.

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The Best Apps for Running

There are more and better programs available for people wanting to go on. These programs did not keep pace with the speed and distance, but also has many more features. Sometimes you have paid. The most popular ap Nike + Runner. Other popular programs include Runkeeper, Endomondo and Runstatic. All of these programs can be downloaded in various app stores. Read all about it in this article. In the Netherlands, more and more people begin to run. It has become quite a craze. They therefore also need a matching outfit. It is, among other things, good clothes and good hiking shoes. It is also important to pay attention to diet. Many also want to know how fast they are driving. Now it is easy to measure because there are plenty of programs that can be of service to the runner. These programs can be installed on the smartphone and is then connected to a satellite. In this way can be traced, such as rate and the time during which a person is running. Often, the statistics can also be viewed online later,

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