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Necklaces Models to Choose a Necklace

People, love necklace… never leave the neck “naked“, I feel like something’s missing. If you’re like me, you’re going to love this post. I’m talking about the most varied models of chokers and I’m sure some will surprise you.

Those who like the more expensive, chokers usually uses the smallest, first by discretion and elegance and second by the price, after all, a small piece of gold may cost very expensive, if the pendant has some precious stone then, forget it. Continue reading

6 Suggestions for Romantic Makeup

The makeup is the great ally of women in time of creating productions for different occasions. That’s because she is able to transform any woman into a real diva, isn’t it? Knowing how to choose the right products, colors and style of makeup, you can look gorgeous and stunning for any situation, day or night.

There are several types of makeup, but one of the styles that does success at any time of the year is the romantic. Romantic makeup is delicate and discreet that, with perfect skin, Illuminator, light and much shadow Eyelash mask to look like a doll! For this style, the clothes, accessories and hair must also match.

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