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Survey on Pregnancy and Flu

One of the things that we know for sure from the flu is that pregnant women are a risk group. I.e., that their own State of pregnancy increases risks of complications, although they do not spread to their babies. For this reason, if you are pregnant we would like to know If you vacunarías or not against influenza A virus. Continue reading

Postpartum Lingerie Tips

Many women spend so much time with worries during and about pregnancy that they forget very relevant details such as lingerie to lead to motherhood which should be comfortable since the woman’s body is not yet in its former physical form but which may have a more sophisticated model or a more intense color. Continue reading

What Should New Mothers Get Ready Before Baby Comes?

Once you receive a confirmation on your lady’s pregnancy, she begins to prepare to welcome the baby to this world. Along with the celebration with members of the family, is also the time to tee it up for your son. Now you can get variety of shopping guides for mothers, as well as the newborn and the link between the two.Take a look at some orientations on the basis that the baby arrival is prepared. Continue reading

My Mummy’s Belly: This Is How A Belly Looks Like After Pregnancy

“Hey, are you pregnant?” A colleague asked me, smiling happily. “Nope, I’m so fat!” I would have sunk in the ground before. So she looked around inside the next hole, into which she can disappear …
Thick baby babies are duly accused and pictured, but what does it actually look like with the belly after pregnancy and birth? Is the real #afterbabybody so perfectly trained and slender as it’s celebrities, instagram posers and magazines?
I’ll show you an untimely selection of bellies – thick, thin, immaculate, imperfect, with kaiserschnittnarbe or without, smooth, striped, pierced, tattooed … Hauptache, there was already a baby in it: Continue reading

Women’s Clothing Sizes Small Medium Large

First of all sizes-for-you.com intended as a help for those who have hard to find your size in the physical stores. But even if you find your size may be able to get a retail tips here. Why do we now have a category for those who simply just want tips about different clothing stores online. Not that your size is missing out in the stores, but because there are so many nice onlineshoppar. Some stores do you feel safe to, others you may not at all heard of. We provide a brief information about each store with details of the sizes that each store offers.

Reservation is given for any changes in the stores ‘ offerings, terms etc.

The list below is sorted alphabetically:

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Beauty Tips for Pregnant Ladies

It’s not because you’re pregnant you need neglecting appearance, isn’t it? Every woman need to take care of the skin, body and hair to feel beautiful, healthy and most confident. Daily beauty care are critical, because they help to raise our self-esteem. However, many pregnant women don’t know how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you can dye your hair during this period, among other questions about beauty.

These and other questions end up doing many pregnant women give up of care the appearance. However, it’s not good for your self-esteem leave aside these pleasures in a woman’s life. Thinking about it, I selected several beauty tips for pregnant women that will help you take care of your appearance during this phase so special in the life of a woman. Check out!

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Can You Wear Underwire Bras During Pregnancy

Would underwire bras not recommended during pregnancy? There is no formal proof, but may be possible. Many British midwives, for example, strongly advise against purchasing rigid bras during those nine months (during breastfeeding).

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