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Where Can I Buy Plus Sized Clothing?

If you’re tired of suffering whenever you go shopping because you never find cool anything in your size, Czech this mini guide in which we show you the best shops with extra prettiest clothes of sizes.List? Continue reading

Oysho Underwear Collection

Oysho continues on its way of becoming one of the references in underwear y lingerie If it is not already for many. The signing of Inditex has presented its collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 and the results are once again to take into account thanks to affordable prices. A brand no-frills style. Continue reading

Bad Girl Look Style

Bad Girl Good Girl or? Clearly: Bad Girl! Bad girls are wild and free. They celebrate the nights and can spin properly. There are days when like to be the woman and her manners for a day set aside long. Then it’s time for the Bad-girl look that works perfectly even at chubby women. Authentic is the look with a tough style and your personal urge for self-realization.

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Women’s Clothing Sizes Small Medium Large

First of all sizes-for-you.com intended as a help for those who have hard to find your size in the physical stores. But even if you find your size may be able to get a retail tips here. Why do we now have a category for those who simply just want tips about different clothing stores online. Not that your size is missing out in the stores, but because there are so many nice onlineshoppar. Some stores do you feel safe to, others you may not at all heard of. We provide a brief information about each store with details of the sizes that each store offers.

Reservation is given for any changes in the stores ‘ offerings, terms etc.

The list below is sorted alphabetically:

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Sweat Leggings

Increasingly demanded in the market, slimming clothes especially appealing due to their ease of use and reputation eliminator volume.

The legging is sweating including a maximum elimination of unnecessary centimeters through intensive sweating. How it works? And is it effective?

Discover the details about the product and the testimonials of users to learn more…

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Plus Size Safari Clothing

This summer the Safari look is one of the hottest trends that should not be missed female. The Plus Size safari look for curvy women is characterized by natural colors and natural materials from. It is a style that you bring a little closer to nature-whether as Jungle Queen when tropical researcher or Amazon.

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Plus Size Fashion Trends Summer 2016

TRENDS LARGE SIZES-On the “International Curvy Fashion Fair”-short on the “Curvy”-which were already Trends large sizes for the summer 2016 presented.

The current Plus Size Looks we have photographed for you and show it to you in the gallery: Simply move your mouse over the image and click on the arrow to continue.

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Head to Toe Outfit Ideas

This rule has somehow burned: tote mix different patterns in one outfit. For a classic look, this rule is certainly recommended, but sometimes I just do not feel like rules . Why not wear dots with stripes or checks? That looks damn good and makes you guaranteed to sassy fashionista. Patterned outfits from head to toe arise daring Plus Size Looks you can easily put together.

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What to Wear with Plus Size Shorts

28 degrees and sun. Time to get rid of long clothes and slip into pleasant short and easy things. Shorts large sizes are a nice alternative to Plus Size dresses and skirts in summer. They are sporty and comfortable. For chubby women there are very many different shorts plus size that are figure-flattering or even optically still forking out a few pounds.

Today I want to give you a few tips that fit which shorts to you. Have you found your right shorts, then you will not want to take off. It’s just nice to have the sun and the air to the skin and enjoy the summer.

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Outfit Ideas for Plus Size

Steffi, our Plus Size blogger, provides for you in our fashion video their selected Trend Part of the Plus Size Fashion collection navabi ago. She chose three different garments: a long blouse Oversized, a dress made of fine cotton and a gaudy jacket in cropped-all parts super fashionable, figure hugging cuts and in large quantities. As Steffi combined their favorite parts, you can see in this video Outfit Inspiration large quantities.

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Ways to Look Younger Naturally

You’re as old as you feel! This proverb already knew my grandmother and she was right. Nobody needs cosmetic fixes or an extreme make-up to a few years to cheat younger. It depends on how you live your life and how your appearance is. The latter you can even deliberately influence. I want to tell you here how you can hide with the right plus size outfit and style you younger your age.

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Football Boots with Socks Built In

Whether by Adidas or Nike socks football boots there today by any manufacturer. But what are the advantages of socks in soccer cleats?

Socks Football Boots From Nike, Adidas and Puma

Soccer shoes with socks, each manufacturer has today in the assortment. From Nike Mercurial Superfly about Adidas Ace to Puma evotouch socks football boots are nothing special anymore. But it is in the new football boots just a trend or has the “socks” really Vortiele?

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Women’s Plus Size Prom Dresses

The general rule that less is more doesn’t fit the plus size world. Here, the more the merrier!

The world of fashion understands that the pattern of real women has nothing to do with the predominant thinness of the walkways, especially when it comes to Brazil.

The beauty on the streets is hot. Women full of curves and charm usually worry about the trends that value the best.

The plus size women of today know to explore their own beauty explores the strengths of her and loves being onsets. There was a time that plus size brands selling clothes look like granny, dark shades and fabrics. Today, the brands that insist on this concept tend to leave the market.

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Types of Plus Size Dresses

Are you big size and believe that the dresses are not for you? You are wrong because you can highlight other parts of your body, that is why today we show you some models and styles that can go with your personality.


Polka dot dresses are perfect for plus size girls, since the effect of this will give less weight to your body and being a fun style, will make you look very tender. It is perfect for a date or a special event.



It is true that solid colors or plain clothes will help you see much thinner, but also have to give up the prints; just avoid those big prints and trade them in for small prints than horizontal stripes.



This type of clothing will attract the view to the top, plus reduce your waist and your hips emphasize, also your back will look bad thin, you can wear a strapless dress and cause the same effect.

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