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How to Coat Chairs, Table and Plastic Benches

One of the ways to gain a home with new decorating spending little is revitalization. Changing furniture with a makeover is cheaper and still has the advantage that you can leave the house the way you always dreamed. How to make? With some tips that we will give of how to cover plastic tables, chairs and benches in a simple and cheap way and maybe give life to an obsolete corner of the house. Continue reading

Westwing Guide for Glass Pendant Lamp

Create amazing visual effects from objects that have traditionally been enjoyed. This premise is enchanting, because it recycles in a functional way, is economical and eliminates unnecessary expenses, and also makes the home more personalized from objects conceived by the residents themselves. Contrary to what many people think, anyone can have manual skills and create truly beautiful and desirable items. How about starting with a beautiful plastic glass lamp Continue reading


Not only trailer, motor home, boat, and bus. In the tent if it makes very comfortable using a portable toilet. Even at home to assist elderly or in recovery. A great feature is to have a chemical toilet. There are a few basic types that are made of plastic and are light and comfortable. Continue reading

Mobile with Weak Signal May be the Fault of Cover

Cell phone with weak signal what to do?  Many people have complained that the wifi signal or the mobile carrier is not weak and can not resolve. In many cases, the solution may be easier and simpler than you might think. Did you know that your cell phone could be responsible for poor reception of the signal due to interference in the waves responsible for communication? Continue reading

Nails:the Importance and Their Care

Why use nails?

Many Brazilians are in difficulty to maintain naturally beautiful nails for these break easily or by habit of biting them. The immediate solution to bring more beauty to your hands may be the simple fact of using nails. Most of the time it’s easier to take care of an artificial nail, than their own natural nails.

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How to Decorate Windows With Curtains Ideas

Dress windows is often the end point of a room decoration. And it’s not always easy to navigate! Spoiler The collection offers a wide choice of ready-to-pose to install in a snap. The different proposed widths and heights allow you to get almost tailor-made. Some of our models are also available in fabric by the meter (the cuts are rounded to the 10th top meter): Think about it for your special dimensions of windows or for making a coordinated decor. All our ready-to-install is finished hem curtains (base and sides).

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Ice Cream Sundae Soda Fountain Plastic Cup

Plastic cups for soft drinks (soft drinks, hot drinks, etc.) Are made of high quality materials. They are suitable for catering events and gatherings.

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