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Product Review: Nokia E71-Part 2

The QWERTZ-Alleskönner?
Keyboard: The full QWERTY keyboard of the Nokia E71, I dedicate a separate chapter, because here Nokia has done all the work and designed a phone that is pleasantly compact and can hardly be described as a second phone. Even my beloved Blackberrys do not come here. The keyboard of the Nokia is small and the keys are very close together, but by a pleasant rounding they can be used more purposefully. After the first few dozen emails, the blind flight via the keyboard is no longer a problem, even with bigger fingers like I have. The pressure point is also very pleasant, fatigue symptoms of the hands I can not determine when typing. Continue reading

Product Review: Nokia 3120-Part 2

Features, camera, etc., and a conclusion
Menu and Features: The Nokia 3120 classic is of course not a smartphone, but Nokia has created a truly sound basis with the software “Series 40” to use non-smart phones. Programs can be installed with Java on the Nokia. Of course, they do not have the functionality of real programs, but they offer quite a lot. For example, Such as Google Maps, which can be accessed and installed in the mobile browser at m.google.com. It is also recommended to surf the Browser Opera Mini, it is preinstalled. Continue reading

Phone Prototype Can Be Charged by Means of Sound Waves

Researchers have generated a 5 volt based on the human voice and the roar of the engines of cars — enough to charge our phones.

The Manager certainly reminiscent of Monsters Inc. which is powered by screaming kids, but to create power to one’s phone out of the sounds we experience in daily life, is nonetheless what a group of researchers from Nokia and the Queen Mary University of London are working on.

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