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Cultivated Nails and a Natural Look

With the nail care is such a thing.Some love them and celebrate them properly; others limit themselves only to what is necessary.But I think we’re all pretty sure that well-groomed nails are an important sign. Continue reading

Nail Polish Dry: 5 Tips for the Wait

The fingernails are freshly varnished and now it is for you: wait a full 15 minutes until the nail polish is dry. Otherwise, nasty imprints threaten the manicured nails. However, if the wait is too boring, there are five things you can do in parallel. Continue reading

10 Looks for a Retro Style

The retro style is on the rise, this is not news to anyone else, from clothes to makes and hairstyles, and is what we show here, because a lot of people do not know is that there are some simple tips on how to get a visual retro without having to resort there is a professional, it is, you yourself can get it from using a simple red lipstick, even betting on a hairstyle past the half-moon nail … well, see below some features and beauty to achieve charming retro style.

Looks Tips for a Retro Style

  1. The Power of Kitten

Who has not woke up finding the most terrible of deadly ??? Well, you know you are not alone in this, but at such times, believe me, a good black eyeliner can save your life, or at least its production! And the cool thing is that he did not fight with no style, it goes well with all kinds of clothes and of course you according to his will, and with the occasion. You can opt for a more discretinho look to a more radical. Tip: try to tilt the head back in the time of application, it will become the eyelid.

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Lasted Giovanna Antonelli Nail Polish

It is in doubt as to which glaze to use on your enameling the weekend? It’s an understandable question since with various glazes options on the market is difficult to choose one, but what about knowing the enamels Giovanna Antonelli and enamelling your nails with a different color?

With the market enamels on the rise, many brands have partnered with actresses and celebrities launching exclusive collections. Giovanna Antonelli is one of the stars that gave its name to several jars in partnership with Specialittà.

The brand Specialittà, founded in 2001 and specialized in enamels, with more than 15 collections and aims daring colors and glazes of toppings launching differentiated products in the market. In 2012 the brand has partnered with actress Giovanna Antonelli launching the line “Gio Antonelli”.

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Fluorescent Nail Polish Glow in the Dark

Fluorescent nail polish or nail polish glow in the dark are not on the agenda as the enameling because they are not new. Arose some years ago and are already part of traditional color palette of manufacturers. In the fashion of the day to day, they are not so famous and widely used on the streets, they are very fashions and good tips to use in evening events. With the black light, they stand on the hands and are a luxury. The darker, more enameling will stand out.

The spread of the fluorescent glaze is they glow in the dark. In the ’90s was pure fashion lipstick with this style, clothes and accessories that when the light gets away, they excel. The more intense the color and darker it gets, the more such item to show. It’s a magical effect and without many tricks, just being coated or manufactured with differentiated products discussed on http://www.carswers.com/2016/05/23/how-to-make-and-apply-stickers-for-nails-decorated/.

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