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Smartphones in 2016 Test Update

Cleaned up, cleaned up, adjusted! CHIP has overhauled its mobile test procedures. The new leaderboard starts with 45 after tested Smartphone and provides a new top trio, which we already tell in the video. Learn must be what new challenges of the test candidates. Continue reading

Custom Mobile with Adhesive: See How to Do It

Is there a drawers, a table, or anything out there that needs a new face? With low investment, you can transform in a short time! In step by step, the idea is to make a custom mobile with adhesive. Check out the tips to create too! Continue reading

Mobile with Weak Signal May be the Fault of Cover

Cell phone with weak signal what to do?  Many people have complained that the wifi signal or the mobile carrier is not weak and can not resolve. In many cases, the solution may be easier and simpler than you might think. Did you know that your cell phone could be responsible for poor reception of the signal due to interference in the waves responsible for communication? Continue reading

Smarton Srt.Phone, The Smartphone From India That Surely Is Better Than Yours

Right now, India is one of the places where are setting companies engaged in the manufacture of mobile. Continue reading

So Easy Answer You a Disruptive Call with Sms on Windows Phone (TIP)

If you can’t answer it disturbing mobile calls, so you can quickly send an sms instead of Windows Phones.

The phone is with us everywhere, and most modern smartphone users are, to a certain extent, also available in 24 hours. But even if your phone is safely buried in the Pocket, then it is not in any way imply that we are ready to take it if the rings.

For sometimes the time just inappropriate. our site. when the dankort is put in the net’s terminal, or when you’ve just met an old school friend in the pedestrian zone. Press reject, so many will perceive it as an error, and again disrupting your life with yet a call shortly after. Continue reading