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Suzana Alves

From a corset, mask and whip, Tiazinha populated the fantasy of the Brazilian teenagers in program in 1998. At age 23, she wants to make a success far from the character, like Suzana Alves. In Casa dos Artistas 2, you will have a great chance to get your career back up. Continue reading

Review: Growth Mascara–Gosh Cosmetics

I have compulsive mascara, I confess! Also forget to pass at the end of the mascara make at least once a week–believe me, I’m a pro at it and out of olhão black, make amazing mascara… several times. In fact, the last time was on last Sunday, when I used the look with the blue shirt. This is why I always wanted more bulky and long lashes in case if I forget pass mascara make still be worthy. Continue reading