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Mascara of Eyelash on Diorshow New Look

I used one of the new Quint you Yes → already shown – in addition is now beginning of February the new mascara’Diorshow New Look”by Dior launches. Natalie Portman as glamorous as ever, unfortunately, but not only with the mascara (too bad, that’s always still not will be marked in Germany, when false lashes or Photoshop are in the game…). But with a beautiful overall look, I to would like to make-up again on occasion. Continue reading

The 7 Best Masters Of 2017

So that you can enjoy the best mascara for your eyelashes, we have prepared a selection of different brands of excellent quality.

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Makeup Tricks for Mature Women

Every woman should take advantage of the makeup, as well as letting us even more beautiful, it also helps hide minor imperfections on the skin. However, the makeup for a young woman, must be different from the makeup for a more mature woman. With that in mind, today I will talk about some tricks of makeup for mature women.

The skin of the women above 40 years calls for a suitable makeup, you can enhance your features and at the same time to disguise the marks of time. For this, it is essential to know a few tricks that help a lot to get these results. Check out the following various tricks of makeup for mature woman that will help you make right.

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6 Suggestions for Romantic Makeup

The makeup is the great ally of women in time of creating productions for different occasions. That’s because she is able to transform any woman into a real diva, isn’t it? Knowing how to choose the right products, colors and style of makeup, you can look gorgeous and stunning for any situation, day or night.

There are several types of makeup, but one of the styles that does success at any time of the year is the romantic. Romantic makeup is delicate and discreet that, with perfect skin, Illuminator, light and much shadow Eyelash mask to look like a doll! For this style, the clothes, accessories and hair must also match.

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7 Tips on How to Look Good Without Makeup

Many women think that makeup is the only way to be beautiful every day. Every day you spend so much time in front of the mirror while doing makeup without you realizing how beautiful you are, without any eye shadow, mascara and other makeup. The following tips will save you lots of time and money and improves your skin to look radiant.


If you want to without makeup look good enough every morning and evening wash your face. It may sound obvious but, believe it or not, but a lot of women face in the morning rinse, which is a huge mistake. Morning and evening wash helps ward off acne and skin looks radiant.

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High Fashion Makeup Trends 2015

A makeup in Earthy Tones With Bronze And Copper Highlights

Marsala, which is the name of a sweet dessert wine from Sicily and also the name of the Pantone Color Trend 2015. It is a warm, earthy red that evokes many associations: wort, Orient, Africa, heat, sun! It fits so well in the summer!
In the fashion Marsala are already set the tone, but how does one it into a summer makeup? Here are the most important tips for a Marsala-Make Up for Summer!

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