A Beautiful Arched White Shirt

The white shirt is a play underestimated, which is even more off the excessive importance that we give to the black shirt. A white shirt, lay it very often: with a jacket, a sweater, a cardigan or even a hoody (pull (zipped or not) with hood). The problem is that a white shirt too average […]


Types of Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bag is an essential component of camping and trekking equipment. His choice is based on the purpose for which it will be used, according to season and location, and must withstand the lowest temperatures anticipated. The sack should have proper amount of insulation material that is breathable, not to retain moisture and have a […]


3 Most Essential Clothing Items

1) The Gross Jeans The jean is man’s best friend. It is the piece that accompanies him everywhere through time and seasons. A nice jeans can dress up an outfit or add a casual touch to a stricter dress. The problem is that most men do not know how to choose a good jean. Just […]


Men’s Clothing Style Tips

The sporty and elegant style are located in our outfit-game over. But together they make a good team-we show you how! Sporty: The Sprint in the Opposition Half A sporty outfit consists of a sleek pair of sneakers, a jeans or a short Chino , a casual shirt and a sweatshirt. So you’re perfectly dressed for all your leisure activities. Should it […]


Men’s International Clothing Sizes Conversions

Transforming Men’s Sizes Here you convert clothing sizes or jackets, suits, coats,  shirts  and pants, between European / English, Swedish and American sizes. To find out which Swedish size you have, see our  size charts for men’s sizes . Suit / Blazer / Rock With this table you convert between Swedish / European, English and American sizes.


Types of Clothing Styles for Guys

Clothes make the man and jackets make real (Pfunds-) guys. And so you have the choice between the casual style, the classic gentleman or the sporty trekking types, we have a correspondingly wide range of sporty denim jackets, vests and functional quality cotton jackets for you. Jean jackets come you know, never out of fashion. Thus, you […]


Vintage Inspiration Style

Everything new is well forgotten old.Particularly with regard to the fashion. At the moment, as we all already know, the industry made a big turn at all what we used to call “classic”. I’m not sure what exactly prompted fashion designers, stylists and dictators Take a look at the magnificent style of classical icons such as Marilyn […]


Slim Fit Shirts for Mens Online

In a previous article we review 5 criteria for whether a shirt is really in your size. We will look a little more here in the section of the curved shirt (for men). Become quite the fashion in recent years, the nearest section of the body and at the waist has the advantage of narrow […]