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Bellaoggi: Italian Brand of Makeup!

Hello my loves! I was very excited about the idea of making this post for you, because today I will throb on a brand of makeup that I am “in love”: the BELLAOGGI! This line came from Italy and makes the most success there, was recently brought to Brazil by the Hinode Cosmetics. The Bellaoggi is produced by Eurostyle, same company that provides the active ingredients for products from MAC and Lancome. A breath, huh? Continue reading

Skin Care Tips for Models

Copy these 13 little secrets, but know that the models that do not declare, to be always beautiful

Even the models are women like all others, have your problems, the same as a woman working in the office, in the store or at the supermarket checkout. Ready to overthrow the maxi bags that each model goes back over the look book? Maybe there are some tip for your life out of the walkway.

The world of modeling is varied: maybe have no style off the set, but who cares! You currently rather have 90 years and much style (which is debatable) to advertise an economy car disguised as a Rolls Royce? Or be a size 40, green eyes, blond and metroeottanta, daiii not joke about!  Continue reading

Great Green Wedding Giveaway: Makeup Set By and Gretel

Long over, therefore coming eco weddings in jute and pale complexion. Green wedding, marry so sustainably, is one of the most important trends. Finally, there is now so great provider, committed to sustainability and good design.Like the beauty honeyand Gretel”from Berlin. Continue reading

Makeup at Night for Those Who Wear Glasses

The glasses no longer an accessory considered ugly, shameful, and went on to be used in a good for people of all ages and both genders. With the great diversity of models of frames, you can choose what most suits your face and your personality. With a suitable makeup, you can make it in the most different occasions, be it day or night. It’s a different makeup, highlighting the eyes, leaving it sophisticated and daring even with corrective lenses in front. Check now some makeup tips at night for those who wear glasses. Continue reading

New: Alverde Lipstick Pencil in Nude

The new lipstick pencils from the test package by alverde NATURKOSMETIK me wonderfully in color and texture. Only require a Pencil Sharpener , is bugging me. There was none, my existing three do not fit. Why he’s not hidden in the CAP at the Eye pencil by p2 or why there are like last time no rotation mechanism such as the chubby sticks by Clinique? Who can see about this shortcoming over – perhaps facilitated by the price of EUR 3.45 compared to just under EUR 20 at Clinique – finds three great colors in this collection:

  • Nude, 20
  • Berry, 10
  • Red, 30

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Waterproof Makeup

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Girls, today I will talk about waterproof makeup, the story is always the same: you go out every wonderful and produced from home in the morning. In the middle of the afternoon, when you look in the mirror the mask ran, the shadow is gone, left your skin glow and there’s no trace of lipstick.

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The Best Kissed Lipsticks

Kissing is fun and happy. And since there is an anniversary day for every occasion in this world, it is hardly surprising that there is also a day of the kiss. This is July 6th. And then it is – Kiss, Kiss, Kiss! But please without nasty smudge marks.Therefore, we present the best kissed and long lasting lipsticks that really keep their promise … Continue reading

Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tutorial

Marilyn Monroe’s makeup was very time consuming, she needed for about two hours.

The look itself after make-up not one-to-one because Marilyn has made getting a giant secret from her makeup “Tricks” and that’s why not everything is known. Continue reading

How to Apply Makeup for Bridesmaid

How to choose a beautiful makeup for godmother, but without competing with the bride?

It is very important to remember that the wedding day will be one of the most important days in the life of the bride, she chooses carefully the details of the wedding, decorating, cake, dress, including the costume of the bridesmaids!

If she gives a warning about the type of makeup you should use, obey … is her right to choose what she want for the day. If it does not give any opinion on this, you are free to be inspired in the beautiful makeup to be a godmother spectacular, without taking the brightness of the bride, of course.

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10 Looks for a Retro Style

The retro style is on the rise, this is not news to anyone else, from clothes to makes and hairstyles, and is what we show here, because a lot of people do not know is that there are some simple tips on how to get a visual retro without having to resort there is a professional, it is, you yourself can get it from using a simple red lipstick, even betting on a hairstyle past the half-moon nail … well, see below some features and beauty to achieve charming retro style.

Looks Tips for a Retro Style

  1. The Power of Kitten

Who has not woke up finding the most terrible of deadly ??? Well, you know you are not alone in this, but at such times, believe me, a good black eyeliner can save your life, or at least its production! And the cool thing is that he did not fight with no style, it goes well with all kinds of clothes and of course you according to his will, and with the occasion. You can opt for a more discretinho look to a more radical. Tip: try to tilt the head back in the time of application, it will become the eyelid.

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How to Make a Good Makeup Tutorial?

Make a good makeup is a challenge for most women, and it becomes more difficult with age progresses, but does not mean that an older person can not or should wear make-up, on the contrary, there are several models and styles of makeup for women.

We know that nowadays with so many treatments and surgeries are more difficult to know the age of the women who are aging time later, and the makeup is a powerful ally in this regard. We will try to spend means for our more mature friends continue to age with elegance and class.

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Makeup Tricks for Mature Women

Every woman should take advantage of the makeup, as well as letting us even more beautiful, it also helps hide minor imperfections on the skin. However, the makeup for a young woman, must be different from the makeup for a more mature woman. With that in mind, today I will talk about some tricks of makeup for mature women.

The skin of the women above 40 years calls for a suitable makeup, you can enhance your features and at the same time to disguise the marks of time. For this, it is essential to know a few tricks that help a lot to get these results. Check out the following various tricks of makeup for mature woman that will help you make right.

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6 Suggestions for Romantic Makeup

The makeup is the great ally of women in time of creating productions for different occasions. That’s because she is able to transform any woman into a real diva, isn’t it? Knowing how to choose the right products, colors and style of makeup, you can look gorgeous and stunning for any situation, day or night.

There are several types of makeup, but one of the styles that does success at any time of the year is the romantic. Romantic makeup is delicate and discreet that, with perfect skin, Illuminator, light and much shadow Eyelash mask to look like a doll! For this style, the clothes, accessories and hair must also match.

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How to Do Gypsy Makeup?

There’s nothing more feminine than the right makeup, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, the female universe is very wide and no one wants to get behind. For you who want to always walk in front and cool with rolling the world, today we teach you to do the makeup Cigana.

But do not think you should only use this makeup costume party or theme, it can be used for various events, preferably at night as ballads, weddings, birthdays, etc.

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High Fashion Makeup Trends 2015

A makeup in Earthy Tones With Bronze And Copper Highlights

Marsala, which is the name of a sweet dessert wine from Sicily and also the name of the Pantone Color Trend 2015. It is a warm, earthy red that evokes many associations: wort, Orient, Africa, heat, sun! It fits so well in the summer!
In the fashion Marsala are already set the tone, but how does one it into a summer makeup? Here are the most important tips for a Marsala-Make Up for Summer!

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