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Now pajamas are called”After Work”

What did you do at the Easter Holiday? Did you stay in the comfort of your home sweet home? Congratulations. I am of the theory that holidays do not combine with travel and always try to put my motto into practice. But as I live in society(and in my family), my preferences do not always prevail. And sometimes we need to move on holidays. And what happens? Give what you give. A trip that takes 5 hours of road, ends up taking 10. Continue reading

Goodbye Pants Brand Low!

Long ago we women are looking for a way to model our silhouette.Formerly, the only option within reach was that of the corset, which at that time even worked, but pressed the waist in a way that the result was nausea, dizziness and even fainting (talking of our great-grandparents). Continue reading

Lingerie Bikini: 40 Models that Favor Silhouette!

That thought that overweight women should not wear bikinis was in the past for a lot of people. But many still feel like hiding on a walk to the beach or deny invitations to jump in the pool with shame of displaying the body. But fashion is there to help with the mission of raising self-esteem! Today there are “a thousand and one” bikini models for chubby ones that harmonize the silhouette, follow our post! Continue reading

110 Years of the Bra: Comfort, Beauty and Seduction

Comfort, beauty and seduction. These are very important items that women observe when looking for lingerie. And the 110-year history of the BRA, it is possible to affirm that this key piece of feminine wardrobe accompanied the achievements of women over time. Continue reading

Lingerie Models: What Men Prefer?

If you think they don’t notice in your underwear, you’re wrong! The men notice what you are using and some lingerie models are appointed as preferred by them. There is no unanimity. Since even the corset panties thong, each model is able to make a special moment. Check out: Continue reading

Oysho Underwear Collection

Oysho continues on its way of becoming one of the references in underwear y lingerie If it is not already for many. The signing of Inditex has presented its collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 and the results are once again to take into account thanks to affordable prices. A brand no-frills style. Continue reading

Can You Wear Underwire Bras During Pregnancy

Would underwire bras not recommended during pregnancy? There is no formal proof, but may be possible. Many British midwives, for example, strongly advise against purchasing rigid bras during those nine months (during breastfeeding).

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Tips for Finding The Right Bra

To finally the bra fits your forte, follow these 10 tips-we could almost call the 10 commandments as they are precious!

Many women suffer back because of an unsuitable support throat. To find the bra fits your forte , this is for you 10 tips:

-I look at the width of the straps: too thin, they eventually saw off the shoulders.

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Bra for Sports

No need to creams, lotions of all kinds and even painful with cold water to the firming qualities to take care of his chest! Sun launches DIAM’S Action FERMETE, the first bra that hardens the skin effortlessly. Your breasts are toned, and especially regalbés firmer. But if your chest is already glad the results be waiting for you? Test and tell us.

Summer is approaching: the warm sand, the sea, coconuts, pareos and swimsuits call you but the test of bare neckline and tight T-shirts make you panic. You have beautiful pass a jet of cold water every morning on your chest, it decided not to assert to the despair of your bikini. Your breasts could fall still lower if Sun had not launched a magic bra!

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