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Levi’s Curve ID Jeans

The Levi’s Curve ID jeans are the most loved by the women of the famous American brand specializing in denim garments. Launched only in recent years, these legendary jeans have conquered the female clientele thanks to a truly great fit: for those not yet tried them, in fact, remember that these are three models of jeans divided according to the shape of the body and not to the size of the pants. In short, thanks to a simple measurement of the hips and thighs, which you can do alone or with the help of orders, you will discover if you must wear the model Slight, Demi or if doing for you is the Bold. And now this all-female jeans line will have a prominent role in the tour of the singer Noemi. Continue reading

Vietnam Leggings

Leggings, for those who do not know, these are footless tights have become trendy in recent years. They come in different models including those with holes, colored nails, patterned or without color. There are also leggings whose design imitates jeans; these are the famous fashionistas whose jeggings speak. Note that leggings can be short (below the knee) or long (hold a candle).According to studies conducted in the field of fashion, Vietnamese women are among the fans of leggings and we’ll find out why.

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How to Wear Legging Faux Leather

You see it everywhere, it makes you eye, but you do not dare to fall in love… The leather leggings or leather look is a stylish yet easy piece to wear with good manual!

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History of Jeggings

The history of jeggings:

The word “jeggings” is a neologism that defines a legging made up 50% elastane and 50% cotton, with a wide elastic at the waist, no pockets and dyed to look a bit like jeans. The ISKO Turkish textile company that produces stretch fabric, owns the brand Jeggings. Appeared in the late 2000s, this garment is especially appréicié teenage girls who like to wear with sneakers to be comfortable, and whose thread-like silhouettes are enhanced in a flattering way by this kind of legging  particular. But jeggings less suitable for women over 30 years buxom, make fittings before!

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How to Combine Jeggings

After the return of the famous sticky Footless I named the leggings, the jegging has just made its appearance on the market…

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What is Jeggings?

Choose What Jeggings?

One-colour black, white, blue, red, beige, or much reasons, like the great models on pink and blue flowers on white background, choose the jegging need you: you will find all the colors and all the trends!

In the summer, it will be wiser to opt for a rather clear model.

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Different Types of Jeggings

The jeggings is THE new trend piece for your wardrobe!For those who have not been following it, remember that this is a mixture between the perennial Denim we pours us each year on catwalks and leggings, latest trend in the small world closed pants. Easy to wear, elastic and very comfortable, it has more and more different looks to accompany more easily any outfit.

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How to Accessorize Jeggings?

Yet once again, the only limit in terms of accessory rest imagination!

Thanks to their effect jean, the jeggings adapt very easily to all kinds of accessory, the choice will depend only on the style of the outfit we have chosen.

About the shoes: style ‘shirt wide and tank top’, flats or sneakers canvas will do the trick.

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How to Combine Jeggings

The Jeggings will last in time?

The positioning of jeggings is quite tricky: between two categories, it could be quickly relegated to the bottom drawer if it does not meet the best of both worlds: the elasticity and softness of a hand, and secondly the appearance Denim that we love so much, with trompe l’oeil seams and other small essential details that the “new modes” continue to highlight for many decades. As the “Stretch” pants we once adored the jeggings is very comfortable to wear and fits all body types. In general, it also takes much hotter than regular leggings, being much thicker and thus offers a nice alternative for the winter season.

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How to Wear Jeggings

Know a match Jeggings:

The jeggings are a kind of very tight jeans, wear it only if we have the chance to have a slim figure and choose the cut so that the curve of the body is properly valued.

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How To Wear Leggings With Heels

Slim, sleek and skintight, leggings are the perfect style staple for a modern woman’s wardrobe. While leggings made of leather appeared on the runways in 2008, leggings made of denim jeans-or jeggings-was featured in fashion magazines in 2009. Whether these tight leg coverings are paired with high heels or chunky high heels, the right shoes transitional leggings from day to evening easy.

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How to Choose Jeggings

What is a Jeggings?

Offering less harsh alternative to traditional jeans, and a look 100% denim with a slight structure like a legging, it makes you feel more comfortable every day, especially in the slims. Ultra trend, it appears everywhere at the moment, in dozens of different colors. But the question before us today is whether this famous new pants are a fad or a new must-have.

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