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Stella Mccartney Paris Fashion Week

Vibe 70’s and adult woman look “real” for Stella McCartney, who at PFW catwalk brings his Fur-Free-fur.

And ‘feminine. It ‘s simple, convenient and with feet firmly planted on the ground. And, of course, completely free from animal derived materials. Fashion Fall / Winter 2015/16 signed Stella McCartney embraces the stylistic features of the British designer, who even managed to bring the catwalk synthetic fur but absolutely realistic. In the audience, also the former Beatle Paul McCartney, father of the designer.

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Visiting Sartoria Corcos in Florence

During our trip to Florence in early January we had the opportunity to visit Liverano & Liverano; one of the world’s most famous tailors with a typical Florentine skyline. Today will try to reproduce our visit in another clearly less but oh-so-skilled tailors in town. We took our camera and took us along the winding cobbled streets to the Sartoria Corcos in the heart of Florence. Continue reading

You Have to Look Out for Oversized Shoes

Our feet are subjected to an enormous strain all day, which can affect the health of the whole body. For the well-being of your feet and joints good shoes are therefore mandatory. We have asked two experts for oversized shoes, what you need to look out for. Continue reading

Black Lace Long Skirt

Today the fashion of the long black lace skirt is falling in the taste of women, and has been very successful Continue reading

Skjortaxel on Blazer

It offers a variety of kavajguider which points out the importance of the jacket fits well into the shoulders. Something that very rarely discussed is the kavajaxelns form, where the actual design and the amount of padding can change the whole jacket’s impression. To design a kavajaxel is a whole science and many tailors have their unique construction. One of many is the so called skjortaxeln. Continue reading

Practical Styling Tips for Fashionable Looks

The party of the year is approaching with great steps – and have you already put together your ensemble for the 31st of December?

If you still lack inspiration: In the following I have put together for you practical styling tips for the perfect New Year outfit. Regardless of whether your clothes should be classic and glamorous or trendy and sleek – these fashion tips will surely bring you a stylish new year! Continue reading

Inspirations from Masculine Looks for João Rock

Hey guys, all right with you guys? Week closing with the golden key here, huh! Do you remember when I posted HERE on the blog some Masculine Looks for Lollapalooza 2017 ? This type of post was so well accepted by you that I decided to bring some Inspirations of Masculine Looks to João Rock 2017 today , so know more? Continue reading

Manolo Gives You the Trends for the New Year

The first day of the new year. New year’s resolutions will be kept and will soon be a new wardrobe is purchased. It has not yet really been winter in our country as the great trend of outdoor fashion-hiking boots, down jackets, earmuffs-has not really been given room to blossom. Many designers highlighted clothes intended for freezing temperatures and snowy, but so far in vain. Continue reading

I Love Rock ‘ N € ™ Wool

Summer is about to hand over the baton to the fall. So it is high time to think of the chorus and begin to prepare for freezing temperatures. Continue reading

United States: S First Parka

1830 John Rich began a wool factory in a small town in Pennsylvania called Woolrich. The basic idea was to create simple clothes for a harder and colder climate. Now, 175 years later, live these values still exist and mark, who had the same name as the small town, has met with new success outside United States borders. Continue reading

Falloutfit Challenge-Men’s Style X Gaastra

Gaastra wrote me a few days ago, if I would not want to participate in their autumn outfit challenge. Together with three other fashion bloggers, I will put together an outfit from the current Gaastra Fall/Winter Collection 2016, which is suitable for autumn and winter and still looks stylish. In the style of the Look of the Week, I present you with my Maenner style x Gaastra outfit for the autumn outfit challenge. Continue reading

Menswear Autumn Winter Trends

Autumn fashion from Whyred, Acne and J Lindeberg

The fresh wind is here and autumn has finally entered our country. When the summer months have not delivered the best weather we might as well get the wrap ourselves in scarves, drag on us desert boots and wear flannel again with a clear conscience.

The collections for men’s fashion autumn 2015 is now available in stores and it’s time to find their treasures for the season. Here are some Favorites from Acne, Whyred and j. lindeberg.

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Dressed for the Hunt

Hunting is often seen as brutal and bloody. For those who still want to fire his gun in the fall with class there are stylish accessories that make the hunt for a tasteful experience. Continue reading

Plus Size Outfit with Chiffon Dress

Manon Baptiste is your date for the “ValenMine’s Day”. (We have smoothly recaptured Valentine’s Day,Because too often we forget the most important person: ourselves.) Manon Baptiste is a model of navabi, which designs chic, fresh fashion for plus size ladies.

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Outdoor Clothing – Materials and Technologies

This is a guest post from Christian, who else is blogging on Hikinggear.de and Routealpin.de .

You hit catalogues today or surfs the net, so you will be heaped upon terms about materials and new technologies. Continue reading

How to Use: Aviator Jacket

Inspire yourself in the look of the famous to adhere to the trend!

Inspire yourself in the look of the famous to adhere to this trend!

Super in high this winter, the aviator jacket is a great companion for the coldest days, and is another one of the pieces that came out of the men’s clothing and went to the feminine. Continue reading

Winter Jackets Fashion Beautiful, Tips How to Use

One of the most useful and versatile parts of a wardrobe is the jacket. In addition to enhance the composition, it is ideal for those days that start cold, get hot and finish freezing. Continue reading

Top 10 Fall Jackets

Autumn is here and we are undoubtedly in linen and bomullskavajer for winter storage. Forward picks we rustic fabrics of coarser structure with thermal properties. We have selected our 10 Favorites from this fall’s offerings.

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How to Choose Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is the basic wardrobe of any self respecting! This is even more true for the rider, who must have a jacket that protects the road against the cold, or if dropped. The leather jacket, only to protect themselves? No ! Hotter and tighter than before, the leather jackets always have a vintage style and timeless classic. Here are our tips for choosing a leather motorcycle jacket.

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San Remo Festival Stars

Last night opened the curtain on the 62 th edition of the Sanremo Festival 2012 and we have heard so many great songs, but brave fashionistas an eye to look of our gold uvula we could not avoid it. Today we see the looks she sported the singers in the race in Sanremo 2012, I must admit that none of those seen in the early evening made me jump from the chair, but there are still four evenings to do better! Continue reading

Women’s Clothing Sizes Small Medium Large

First of all sizes-for-you.com intended as a help for those who have hard to find your size in the physical stores. But even if you find your size may be able to get a retail tips here. Why do we now have a category for those who simply just want tips about different clothing stores online. Not that your size is missing out in the stores, but because there are so many nice onlineshoppar. Some stores do you feel safe to, others you may not at all heard of. We provide a brief information about each store with details of the sizes that each store offers.

Reservation is given for any changes in the stores ‘ offerings, terms etc.

The list below is sorted alphabetically:

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How to Choose a Jacket

A Beautiful Gray Jacket

A beautiful gray jacket is an elegant room, neutral, and very versatile (read “versatile”). Whether with a t-shirt a little work, a hoodie (hooded sweater, preferably wool), it will go with almost everything.

I focus on the fact that it allows very good integration of beautiful shirts with deep hues such as blue or purple night for example. It is a piece that you are going to very often, so it is necessary to pay the price, so expect or balances.

Relooking we piochons regularly at Melinda Gloss, Acne and Filippa K.

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3 Most Essential Clothing Items

1) The Gross Jeans

The jean is man’s best friend. It is the piece that accompanies him everywhere through time and seasons.

A nice jeans can dress up an outfit or add a casual touch to a stricter dress.

The problem is that most men do not know how to choose a good jean. Just take a look in the streets to see too shapeless jeans washout too pronounced.

PAP mainstream shops offer only very rarely well cut jeans with a nice solid canvas.

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Men’s Clothing Style Tips

The sporty and elegant style are located in our outfit-game over. But together they make a good team-we show you how!

Sporty: The Sprint in the Opposition Half

A sporty outfit consists of a sleek pair of sneakers, a jeans or a short Chino , a casual shirt and a sweatshirt. So you’re perfectly dressed for all your leisure activities. Should it but sometimes go a little fancier, it’s easy that style sometimes a little spice. Take instead of sweat jacket just a nice knit sweater with V-neck or take a jacket in dark blue. Already you’re ready for the evening in a nice restaurant or the birthday party of a friend.

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