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Pimp Your Iphone

The cult of the iPhone means: more and more manufacturers and developers offer funny or useful accessories and handy software tools for the Apple phone. We show how you put the finishing touches to your iPhone. Continue reading

MP3 Phones in Major and Minor

No question: MP3 phones can take on in the meantime iPod & co.. We show you the best and the latest music phones-and all that is switched on is not worth. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy X: Must Know about the Foldable Smart Phone

While Apple with the iPhone X supposedly heralds the future, but warms up into basically only from the Android store known technologies and concepts, Samsung is preparing, to bring out the first foldable smart phone with the so called Galaxy X. This was foreseeable given persistent rumors, but nevertheless would represent a small revolution. Continue reading

Functional Luxury from Desperate Needs

Stylish technology storage in Italian quality leather. Desperate Needs is a new Swedish initiatives with the ambition to create stylish and functional leather accessories have been made. Continue reading

Product Tip: iPhone Armor-Griffin Survivor

Hey guys! Well I’m a passionate iPhone user. I think this cell phone is one of the best inventions of mankind(hehehehehehe… Exaggeration).  And since I always take him to the pedals, I’ve already broken mine three times. Continue reading

How to Prevent Your Iphone Screen from Breaking

It’s hard to stay away from an iPhone when you have one, is not it? Unfortunately, due to some oversights the device may suffer the dreadful nightmare of smart phone users: having your screen broken.

And it was on this in mind that we did the post today, so that you learn to prevent damage to your device, especially in relation to your screen. Check out our tips: Continue reading

You Should Let Iphone Black and White to Minimize Distractions?

Don’t feel bad if you’re addicted to your iPhone, Galaxy or any smart phone that has. After all, they were designed to do just that: drain the most of your attention. Continue reading

Honda Invests Smartphone Cover with Airbag Coupled

Imagine that, right in the middle of Sunday lunch, you’re sitting in the living room, throwing Angry Birds absently into your brand new iPhone.  The children of the family run around and the smell of food invades your brain little by little. Life is good and everything is right in the world. Until one of the pests stumbles and leans right on his arm to keep from falling and breaking his milk teeth. You save the child, but see your real baby flying away from your reach. Continue reading

Doubt to Buy New Headset? Understand Accessory Details

The headset is an indispensable accessory for some users, whether to spend time in traffic or even to exercise.However, when buying a device, several questions may arise with the numerous specifications and features that the devices offer. Continue reading

8 Out of the Ordinary Covers for Iphone and Ipad

Yes, it seems that new accessories are coming for Apple products, as we indicate in this news! But the news is not just because Apple is launching new products. Every day, there have been several companies concerned about creating covers that can protect Apple devices.

Continue reading

New Trend Gadget-Smart Watches

Soon all go around with a watch that is as advanced as today’s smartphone. It is certainly what many electronics manufacturers are hoping for.

Continue reading

The First Smart Phone Called Simon [Wallpaper]

The iPhone may have been a catalyst, but it saw the light of day 15 years after the world’s first smartphone.

20 years ago as the first smartphone in the world the light of day. The company behind was International Business Machines Corp., which is probably known better by its acronym IBM, and it was a look out in the future, as has become our present. It meant, however, that it was an unqualified success.

Although IBM Simon Personal Communicator, which is the full name, was the major topic of conversation during a Technology Conference in Las Vegas in 1992, it was foreseen that Simon had to reach out to consumers in May 1994, but it was not until the 16th.August ‘ 94, that it is the first time be able to get your hands on a copy.  Continue reading

iPhone 6 Get Less Battery Than Its Competitors

The iPhone 6 is by now well documented with a whole series of specifications, now battery size also revealed.

Information about the iPhone 6 flying around in these times, and quite a number of pictures and specifications are leaked. Now there will be pictures of the batteries, battery size and thus are probably also revealed, as they confirm previous rumors.

It has previously been the rumor that the iPhone will come with a 4.7 6 “screen and battery size will be 1810mAh. For comparison have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini with 4.5 “screen 2100mAh and a Nokia Lumia 930, with 5.0” screen, has a battery capacity of 2420 mAh.
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Overview: Hello to Alpha, New Photos of the iPhone 6 and Encouraging Things from Motorola

Here you can get a quick and easy overview of some of the biggest stories from the week that was.

Samsung’s latest installment is called Samsung Galaxy Alpha, and it was presented this week. It is made with customers’ opinions in mind, and though it’s not being said, then reminds it of the upcoming iPhone.

More iPhone-images

Once again, there emerged new photos of the iPhone 6 up, and the question is, how many surprises for us, when the Apple has to be presented. Continue reading

Apple Is Considering Still iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 comes in two versions are as good as probably, but Apple says there might not be any iPhone 6.

An official from Thailand has confirmed that the next iPhone will come in 2 versions, but that information is leaked Apple, who now have no hats said that iPhone 6 may not come.

Apple has sent a delegation to the NBTC in Thailand, where the acknowledgement came from, to talk to the man behind it and express his discontent, and as an example of the fact that there was too much information out, has the Apple folks let tell you that iPhone 6 might not be the name.
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So Easy Answer You a Disruptive Call with Sms on Windows Phone (TIP)

If you can’t answer it disturbing mobile calls, so you can quickly send an sms instead of Windows Phones.

The phone is with us everywhere, and most modern smartphone users are, to a certain extent, also available in 24 hours. But even if your phone is safely buried in the Pocket, then it is not in any way imply that we are ready to take it if the rings.

For sometimes the time just inappropriate. our site. when the dankort is put in the net’s terminal, or when you’ve just met an old school friend in the pedestrian zone. Press reject, so many will perceive it as an error, and again disrupting your life with yet a call shortly after. Continue reading

The iPhone was Stolen from Friends and You Have No Insurance?

This is annoying! If your iPhone was stolen from friends and you’ve completed any insurance for theft protection, it doesn’t help if you upset more about, that your iPhone has been stolen and you have no insurance for it, so your iPhone won’t come back Yes! It must be a new phone for you as soon as possible! And since your iPhone was stolen friends, you order maybe best cheap mobile phone insurance to, which includes also the theft protection, what do you mean?

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Your iPhone Gets Stolen? There’s Replacement:

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No Insurance for Mobile Phones? Get One Here!

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