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Extra Bass: Sony Launches Headphone for Fans of Intense Bass

Renewing its line of Extra Bass headphones, Sony launches in the country three models that combine light and powerful sounds, functionalities and beautiful design.The MDR-XB950AP, MDR-XB450AP and MDR-XB950BT are the new bets of the manufacturer in this category that is growing more and more in Brazil. Continue reading

Compact Mobile Controller

The HP iPAQ hw6915 besides all kinds of smart phone qualities comes with a GPS receiver. We will tell you how she cut off mobile navigation combined in our test. Continue reading

Music Can Damage Hearing of 1 Billion Young People Worldwide

A report from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that more than 1 billion “young people” are at serious risk of having their hearing damaged by loud music. Continue reading

Razer Launches New Hammerhead Series Headphones

Always backed by the market, Razer, a symbol among gamers, has just announced the Razer Hammerhead V2 headset and the Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 headset, enhanced versions of the in-ear devices from the popular Hammerhead series.Both will be available in Brazil from May. Continue reading

Tips for Keeping Headphones Always Clean

Walkmans, CD players, MP3 players, MP4 players and so many other portable players have made and are still part of the lives of millions of people around the world.The possibility of locomotion along with the songs pleases the absolute majority of people, there are those who do not enjoy taking trips by bus, walking or on bicycles to listen to their favorite songs. Continue reading

No Net! Curious Sim Lock on the Iphone 6 Plus

So a new iPhone 6 is already great. I thought to myself. Until I sat insane in the train and the SIM card suddenly with a short message on the display is useless. Is the unexpected SIM lock in the iPhone 6 Plus a curious individual case? Continue reading

How to Improve the Sound Quality of Your Headset

Listening to music with the headset can be liberating and a great soothing, but problems like noise can ruin this experience.A few simple tips can help improve sound quality for both larger models, such as headphones, as well as less expensive and more compact in-ear headphones. Continue reading

List with Earphones with Unusual Formats

Listening to music is one of the favorite activities for those who want to spend time or simply take the stress out of everyday life.However, if you are one of those who likes to do it with style, there are several options of headsets with differentiated design and even cuddly.Thinking about it, TechTudo has prepared a list with several options that should please the different styles. Continue reading

Check Out Differences between Headset Models and Choose Your

It is common to come across various models of headphones, whether strolling down the street or searching the Internet to buy a new one.We have the smallest ones, there are those huge ones that stand out everywhere, the expensive ones and the most in mind.But, when choosing a headset, do you really know the difference between them? Continue reading

How to Use the Earphones to Avoid Hearing Problems?

In-ear headphones are one of the most used by music consumers in their modern gadgets.Also called “in ear”, these headphones are very effective in canceling external noises, allowing the user to listen with more quality to their favorite songs.However, its use for long periods of time and at very high volume can cause serious hearing problems, which are often unrecoverable. Continue reading

Technical Information: Headphones

In choosing/buying a product is very common in faced with information that we can’t understand. Come to think of it, the Cenetel decided to clarify for you, in this article, some important concepts about headphones: Continue reading

Review: Bluetooth Headset Plantronics Voyager Legend UC

Developed by Plantronics, the Voyager Legend UC is a Bluetooth headset aimed at those looking for convenience and versatility in the products it uses.Based on the Voyager Legend model, the device differentiates itself by allowing connection to both mobile devices and PC. Continue reading

What Kind of Headset Is Best: Headset or Shell?

Although each company has your own way to name the different types of headphones there are basically two types: in-ear headphones and the concha . Each one has its strengths and drawbacks. So, in choosing between the models available in the market, it is important to evaluate what are your priorities in use. Continue reading

Helmet Headphones Promise Not to Pay Attention to Traffic

Smart accessory identifies ambient sounds and alerts driver when needed

The Slimbuds is a headset created specifically for motorcyclists. It has a special design to fit perfectly to the ears, avoiding at the same time, annoying generic accessories and the discomfort of having to adapt helmets to listen to music. Continue reading

Stuff the Tip! 3 Headphones That Fit Well in the Track

The market is full of headphones. Here we list three news for us who train.

Happy Plugs sport headphones
Swedish Happy Plugs have made headphones in all sorts of colors and shapes in 2011, and in July announced the launch of the brand for the first time specific sports. These are water-and sweat-proof and equipped with tangle-free cord, microphone, volume and music control (via a three-button remote control) that works for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod. Choose from pink, cobalt blue, turquoise and black. Retail price 499 dollars, you can find them from July 2015 of including Media Markt, Claes Ohlsson and Kjell & Company. Continue reading

Creative Aurvana ANC: Headphones In The Practice Test

The creative company is known for its audio products many users for years. These include the legendary “Sound Blaster”-sound cards, but also MP3 player (ZEN), webcams, or speaker. Under the label “Aurvana” creative offers higher quality headphones. This includes the creative Aurvana ANC, its MSRP is EUR 129,99. Continue reading