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Women’s Backpacks Le Postiche: Models and Where to Buy

Women’s backpacks Le Postiche: models and where to buy

The Backpacks are increasingly needed items on a daily basis. Very practical, they allow you to bring school materials, excursions and even objects to work with comfort and versatility, why are the darlings of young people and adults. Continue reading

Tips on How to Use the Leather Purse

In summer or in any season, what every woman wants is to load the style, beauty and practicality in tow. To fulfill this mission, has no item is more efficient than the national, since they are accessories that combine all these features. Big or small, classic or deprived, the bags already conquered an area that no one else can fill. The leather, then! These are timeless and remain synonymous with elegance, year after year. Continue reading

Fashion Classics-“the 501 Is the Mother of all Jeans”

Rock stars, nurse and President wearing the five-Oh-one. Has Levi’s Chief Designer Jonathan Cheung slightly

Hamburg – a jumpsuit for tough guys that toiling away in mines and did not ruin their clothes: in 1873, Levi Strauss from the German Buttenheim and the US tailor Jacob Davis tinkered on a rugged, comfortable, durable piece of clothing. They invented: the Blue Jeans.

On May 20, the two reported their patent for man pants with copper rivets. The first model called simply XX. 17 years later his pants got the name under which she should be legendary: 501. The “time” magazine named them the “fashion item of the 20th century” – before the mini skirt or the little black.

The cut of Levi’s five-Oh-one has been adapted easily over the decades: times came a back pocket, even the pant legs were wide, the Hip section narrow. Now is the most recent version on the market: the 501 CT. The two letters are available for customized and tapered: sits in the hip slightly looser jeans, from the knee down the pant legs are narrow cut, the foot opening has been narrowed; the first change to the 501 for five years. Continue reading

With the Right Bag for the Perfect Poncho Style

This autumn and winter can’t live without poncho. The warming it pieces celebrate her big comeback in different looks. Poncho-style belongs to the perfect of course an appropriately selected pocket. Ethnic patterns, chunky knit or trench coat variant, get inspired by our combined ideas and learn what is also combining Cape and bag to make sure. Continue reading

College Scholarships Tips: Photos, Tips, Images

The  College  different from school is an environment where you have total freedom to wear and use whatever you think is appropriate, has no rules about that. With this freedom you can perfect in visual, show your personality through the looks. But it is also a study environment, after all you’re being able to exercise your future profession, consequently you carry a lot of books and handouts, Yes, but where are we going with this? Well, in this post we will talk about what are the best  bags for use in College, that can help you with your study material, and which can also be used as a complement to your stay relaxed and super modern look. Continue reading

Women’s Handbags and Cases for Notebook and Tablet

Fashion and Beauty-Not1

Women’s Handbags and Cases for Notebook and Tablet, Tips and Models Continue reading

Functional Luxury from Desperate Needs

Stylish technology storage in Italian quality leather. Desperate Needs is a new Swedish initiatives with the ambition to create stylish and functional leather accessories have been made. Continue reading

Louis Vuitton Handbags: a Handbook for You to Buy

The Louis Vuitton brand is well known for its clothes and, especially, for its accessories.The brand handbags are one of the most desired fashion items among women around the world.Many of her models have become classics and are part of the wardrobe of many fashionistas and fashionistas.

The history of the Louis Vuitton brand is linked to the production of purses and bags.Its founder, Louis Vuitton, was one of the most famous makers of the piece as early as the mid-nineteenth century. Continue reading

How to Match Bags with Clothes

One of the favorite accessories of women are the bags. With so many choices of handbags and clothing available today, there is a big question on womanhood. How to combine bags with clothes.

Continue reading

Printed Bags Beats to the Smooth

Printed bags have replaced the classic smooth bag and have become the top sales this season. If you are going to buy fashion handbags, aim well the trends for this autumn/winter 2013/14. Continue reading

Birkin Bag Problem

There are people living with the desire to be able to put aside sufficient savings to be able to buy one day a bag of Hermès. Then, even if he could reach the amount required should still be bound by the time of the long waiting list that is granted for one of the iconic bags of the fashion house. Then there are the celebrities, who systematically jump queues, queues, and certainly the stage where you count the savings (you remember the episode of Sex and the City when Samantha exploiting the name of Lucy Liu tries to climb over the waiting list?) and from one day to show off their gleaming Birkin or Kelly princely the envy of fashionistas around the world.

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How to Choose the Right Handbag

Handbag is currently an indispensable fashion accessory almost every woman. It’s a place where there are hidden all valuables and things without which a woman simply neobjede.

Today the market we can find a variety of different handbags. But which one to choose? With the help this article, in which are some tips on how to choose the right handbag.

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How to Choose Shoes for Work

In many companies, it is now common for employees to specify fixed rules concerning how the outfits. The implementation of the dress code succeeds mostly without problems. With one exception: the selection of suitable shoes.

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How to Choose the Right Handbag?

That’s handbag essential part of every woman’s life, perhaps goes without saying. Trouble can arise if you need to replace your current purse for a new one. According to what criteria actually in this case choose?

When choosing a handbag should be taken into account on several factors. On the one hand, it is important that you handbag last as long as possible, but if it do not feel right surest way, and you will have a contrary feeling that you too “does not fit”, long-life with nothing special advantage definitely happen. Fortunately, there are many types, allowing you to choose the best option may be easier. Make yourself – here’s offer handbags e-shop our site.

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Elegant Handbags

Elegant leather handbags and bags are essential addition to any lady and mistress. Fashion handbags are made of leather, cotton, hemp and other interesting materials. You can choose handbags and bags in hand or a shoulder strap. Produced in many modern colors, it is not hard to reconcile with the hue of clothes and shoes. The most common is black and brown color. Popular are however also red, blue or gray shades. Stylish handbags and bags often contain a variety of interesting metal accessories, there are also original decorating – metal, rhinestones and sequins. Interestingly it looks and double strap.

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Class Roberto Cavalli Handbags

The collections Just Cavalli become more beautiful every year, Roberto Cavalli put much effort into his main line but moves with passion and dedication even to the young line. For spring summer 2012 Roberto Cavalli has proposed a Just Cavalli collection really very pretty, the advertising campaign has not enthused us that much, but the bags and accessories are absolutely fabulous, trendy, sparkling and feminine, perfect for all women with clava backpack handbags ! Continue reading

The Bag, the Bag… Every Woman Needs a Nice Bag!!!

I am not, this breakthrough textline is not mine… it is by Christina Volmari and since her participation in the Shopping Queen, her song about the bag is also well-known. Continue reading