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Tip: Here Is the Photographers’ Top 20 of Photo Apps for Your Phone

If you are a diligent photographer on the go, you can probably benefit from these photo apps recommended by professionals.

The camera in the cool smartphones can undoubtedly make most amateur photographers happy when profile picture on Facebook to be updated. However, there may still be a little editing work before selfie’en is ready for upload.

Here will most probably quick app-get lost in the jungle, which offers an unmanageable number of photo apps, each with their pros and cons. Which one should you choose? Continue reading

View Google’s Four New Android Wear Advertising Videos

Google focuses on Android Wear with these four new promotional videos such as have LG G Watch along as the star.

The forthcoming smartwatch Moto 360 is the clock which most goes and waiting, and waiting time is soon here since the Motorola has invited to the launch event on 4 September.

Prior to that, Google has created four small videos that should put focus on Android Wear, these advertisements have LG G Watch in the lead role. The four videos showing how to get the most out of the watch using voice commands and how to have access to information about traffic and weather direct from the wrist. Continue reading

OpenStreetMap Fills 10 Years

Open source alternative to Google Maps, among other things, filling up the years and has been developing rapidly over the last 7 years.

Ten years ago started OpenStreetMap as a free, open-source alternative to other mapping tools on the Internet. Today, ten years after, it looks as if it has been possible to make a community driven map-tool that can be used for something useful to the general public.

Openstreetmaps is often called “the wikipedia of maps” and are essentially created by users and can be used under open license.  Continue reading

Apple Goes over to the Chinese Data Center

In the wake of the controversy about the relationship between Apple and the Chinese authorities move Apple now data center.

Reuters writes that Apple has started using China Telecom’s data centers for storage of data for some of its Chinese customers, and this is the first time Apple uses servers physically located in the vast Asian country.

According to a statement from Apple in order to increase the speed and reliability about iCloud, the Americans will take China Telecom’s servers to store data from China.  Continue reading

Apple also on Trend with the Cold Rinse

Marketing Officer challenged the Apple boss Tim Cook, who is now on video have been poured a bucket of water down isskold over them.

Yesterday we told on the mobile site, the Microsoft boss gets a bucket of cold water in order to support the ALS Association in the United States, which helps in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The challenge, which has already been passed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, are also sent to both Jeff Bezos, who is in charge of the Amazon, and Google’s Larry Page. Continue reading

Google Secures Itself Against Sharks

In order to optimise relations around the globe, Google has the cable on the seabed, but they are in danger of sharks.

It is not just the first thing you think of, if one were to ask Google to mention things that pose a threat, but nevertheless will be Google attacked by sharks. In any case, the wires, Google has lying on the ocean floor.

Continue reading

Smartphone Sales Reaches New Milestone

In the second quarter of this year were sold over 300 million smartphones in the world, and it is the first time.

For the first time has been sold more than 300 million smartphones in the world in a quarter when figures from the second quarter of 2014 from the IDC have been published. IDC has calculated that, in total, were purchased 301.5 million smartphones in the world during the period.

The figures, however, can be difficult to count on completely, because another analysis Institute recently had a slightly different result.

The vast majority of the smartphones sold, have Android under the hood, and thus continues its dominance in the operating system by Google. Continue reading

Tip Commune with Your Phone [Tip]

Missing snerydningen? or penetrates the cycle path for overlapping? Then you can give the municipality message with this app.

If the asphalt is missing on the bike path, trees topples over pavement or snerydningen is missing, it is now easier to predict the municipality. With a few clicks in the app ‘give a hint’ gives you the municipality direct message.

It is not more difficult than sending than picture message. In ‘give a hint’ takes a photo of the problem, after which category and comment will be mapped. GPS coordinates downloaded automatically and the municipality now know exactly what and where to paste. Continue reading