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Women’s Sunglasses Imported

Imported products have always been successful here in Brazil. Are products from different countries, such as United States, France, Paraguay, among others. The Paraguay is reputed to counterfeit goods, but many quality products that are sold in stores imported into Brazil comes from the Latin country. A product that is gaining prominence when imported, is the glasses, or even what Sun draws the most attention is the sunglasses, a piece that is now most often used as part of the look of a real protection against UV rays. Continue reading

SECOND TIP|5 Reasons to Hear Mayer Hawthorne

Hey, hey, hey!

After a week super hard, come back with a vengeance! Hooray!

The SECOND TIP today (if you want to see other posts about this project, click here), has a hint of music to start the week. So, I give you MAYER HAWTHORNE! Continue reading

Choose Your Sunglasses

Not that we stop using sunglasses in any time of year, but with summer approaching it seems that desire to increase our collection gets even bigger. haha

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Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses

Glasses round, style lady with glasses effect mirror, retro aires or transparent frames… There are thousands of models in the market and choosing can become an Odyssey (even more if you want to get a hold of all), so here are more cool sunglasses for summer. With what will you be? Continue reading

How to Buy Swim Goggles

Essential accessory in the life of a swimmer, swimming goggles do not choose at random.How to choose the model that suits your face and your expectations? How to properly wear his goggles and how to avoid losing them in a competition?

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