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Fishing Until The Last Moment

We had organized with my cousin: Santiago Vazquez, a fishing trip for Sunday, April 2, but see the Outlook decided to change it to on Saturday since the rain was going to be much more weak…

Once we enter at the entrance to Paranacito we did approximately 13 kilometres and there bend in a dirt road. We got to stay where we left the car (previous days gave us permission to enter) and then walk over 3 km until you reach the stream that we choose. Continue reading

Fishing Alejandra – Santa Fe

A little over 200 km. north of the city of Santa Fe on Provincial Route 1, is the town of Alexandra, the destination of choice for our fishing adventure.
To be more precise, 10 km. south of the town was waiting Juan Carlos Firpo, our guide and owner of “The Picazos”, a complex located on the banks of the river, our resting place.


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Fishing Contest

On Friday July 29, at the “Bar The Guardian” took forward the launch of the 12th Contest of Fishing Varied Embarked Romang.

The party will start on Saturday at noon and curiously not be in Reconquista; where a group of rowers depart from the Hunting and Fishing Club Reconquista to arrive at noon on Sunday in the town of Romang.
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