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Fishing Until The Last Moment

We had organized with my cousin: Santiago Vazquez, a fishing trip for Sunday, April 2, but see the Outlook decided to change it to on Saturday since the rain was going to be much more weak…

Once we enter at the entrance to Paranacito we did approximately 13 kilometres and there bend in a dirt road. We got to stay where we left the car (previous days gave us permission to enter) and then walk over 3 km until you reach the stream that we choose. Continue reading

The Needle Fishing – Complete Manual and Fishing Equipment

Today at PescaCosmar we teach you the fishing of Needle, a very particular species that represents great moments of fun for the novice fishermen, and a perfect specimen to use as bait of great predators to troll. Here you will find basic tips and small tricks to ensure the successful capture of elusive needles, as well as information on the species and the best fishing equipment to catch them. Continue reading

All about Sepia Fishing from Shore and Watercraft

Welcome one more day to PescaCosmar, today we are very excited to present our report today, as we will talk about the fun fishing of Sepias, we will teach them to capture them from a boat or directly on the coast. Continue reading

Homemade Stick Emotion Guaranteed

When I go to buy fishing rods I see the difficulty of finding ultralight rods (4 to 8 lbs) so I’ll show here how to make one: Continue reading

External Factors to a Fishing Day

External Factors To Consider In A Fishing Trip: Part II

The Solunar Influence

All fishermen take into consideration the tide before going on a fishing trip, as fishing at high tide is not the same as at low tide, the currents and the movement of the sea conditions the fish to behave differently and the same happens with the Sun, which affects the daily routine of fish, and this rotation in both stars create something called tidal cycle that will be explained below: Continue reading

The Allure of Fishing – Thinks Always Different Than You

At the end of the year, we come to rest, let the year pass, look around in photo folders, revel in memories, and share us with friends. Many thoughts in my head, turning about, what actually makes the fishing in our day and age came to me these days. Here the result: Continue reading

The Easy Way to Keep Fish “Under Pressure”

Carp habits change as soon as we start to try to catch him. The higher the voltage of fishing, the more intense it is, the faster the fish learns to recognize your bait and installation, and the harder it will be to succeed with basic tactics. Carp learn to identify certain objects, but, fortunately, we are able to predict his behavior, which should give us a step ahead.

Ideally, the fish will come to your spot will suck all of it, including your bait and seconds later off panicked.

As I said, this is the perfect scenario, but after carp was hooked up several times, most of them will find a way to avoid this after you study the eating spot.

Let’s look closer than the standard situation. I think most of you will recognize this installation as a standard method in most cases, when fishing-hook normal, 15 to 25 cm occasion and a 120-gram weight. Carp sucks the hook and bait you, and when the occasion stretch, fish detected by the weight of lead. Assume that this is happening for the first time this fish. Then she will panic, which will increase the tension on your line through the main line and put your reel, then the fish will be hooked perfectly. As fishermen in this situation, we have nothing more to do than to raise hook to pull out the fish.

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How does Noodling for Catfish Work

Noodling is an adventurous form of fishing sport in which fish are caught with bare hands without the use of conventional rod and bait. This fishing practice common in the southern United States, is now legal in 11 states. The term “catfish noodling” refers to the sport of flat catch catfish using hands as bait. Sport is best enjoyed in the spring or breeding season when females lay their eggs in holes males keep as fry leave the nest. The adventure sport comes with its share of risks and responsible stupid should be familiar with many possible dangers that are part of a package of thrills called catfish noodling.

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How to Choose Fishing Lines

Rods can have the following types of shares:

-Parabolic (start to shrink from the handle);



-Ultra fast (shrinking only in the first one-third).

The exact characteristics of bait we can take into account if we look two characteristics together. Rods for large distances have ultra-fast or fast action and high value TS Now ask yourself: “Well, it’s important to throw away, but if I had a close and I can throw! What’s the problem then? “. You’re right, no problem throwing and close distance! But cons of such hook is that it is quite hard and slightly depreciated hit the fish. Any sweeps of such a small distance brings great opportunity mouth of the fish being torn off the hook. When fishing with this rod should be very careful when the fish come near the shore. The hard tip assumes hit the fish, and monofilaments can no longer amortized hit her with its extensibility. But tired of bigger fish such hook is much easier than with a fishing rod with parabolic action and less TS.

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Tarariras Fishing

When nobody expected it, they began to get very good news from Santiago del Estero. Despite all the pessimistic comments of recent weeks, the pique of different species, especially gold, are considerably reactivated by increasing the flow of the Rio Dulce.

Yellow is biting and pretty. Those who had the good fortune to capture one say they can not resist eels. However, do not rule out other bait like shad, catfish girls bogas and alive. Yes, it is worth remembering that the gilding is closed in the neighboring province so catch and release is mandatory. Wildlife is very demanding and performs various controls on fishing santiagueños.

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Fishing All Year

The area of the Ancients in Santa Cruz offers interesting environment for the practice of sport fishing throughout the year. These places are noted for having large populations of brown trout; Rainbow trout, “Trout Criolla” Atlantic Salmon, Dog Salmon and Patagonian silverside.

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The Fishing Site

Fishermen cry when they discover the state of the Cadillal. And not only by the low level of water having the lake, but for the neglect showing the tourist center of the province than anywhere else in the country would be exploited to exhaustion as a destination for excellent fishing and rest.

This fishing site is going through a great moment pejerreyes sizes that can be caught drifting testing equipment or very light water media. Bream fillets or the same colored silver arrows (red or orange) are the best bait to capture those copies of more than 30 centimeters. However, it is becoming more difficult to access these treasures.

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River Fishing

Report Norberto Oldani. The current situation is quite complicated surubí. A while now they are turning on alarms from different places on the big drop in the population of the species. From Señueleros we came to understand what is happening, contribute our grain of sand interviewing Norberto Oldani (Doctor of Biology, CONICET researcher, specialist in aquatic ecology), so tell us a little life cycle surubí and why its population is so severely affected by overfishing and dams.

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Fishing Tour

A tour company is dedicated to organizing fishing tour and adventure in the Falkland Islands (Malvinas / Falkland, according to advertising, from Rio Gallegos, provided that the applicant meets some basic requirements and have a wallet that allows you to afford fish for trout in territory occupied by the English, as in our Patagonian rivers.

The information leaked due to an advertisement that promoted a fishing tour with the title / Hitch: “Would you like to fish in the islands?”.

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Fishing Alejandra – Santa Fe

A little over 200 km. north of the city of Santa Fe on Provincial Route 1, is the town of Alexandra, the destination of choice for our fishing adventure.
To be more precise, 10 km. south of the town was waiting Juan Carlos Firpo, our guide and owner of “The Picazos”, a complex located on the banks of the river, our resting place.


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Freshwater Fishing Tips

The reservoir El Carrizal in the province of Mendoza, provides a constant and very funny pique. Besides living a day aboard rafts typical mirror.

El Carrizal reservoir and dam are emplaced in the middle reaches of the river Tunuyán, in the center of the province of Mendoza, upstream of the city of Rivadavia.The mirror has an approximate length of 14 km and a width of between 4 and 5 km.The road leading to the east side of the lake crosses the wall from where its blue waters and the landfill are observed. On that margin they are several fishing clubs and nautical, allowing the visit of tourists who enjoy these places paying a very convenient entry.

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Meeting Fisherwomen

The Correntina Federation of Fisheries (Fe.Co.Pe.) held next September 20 the first fishing tournament varied coast with exclusive fisherwomen return to the occasion to welcome spring. The event will take place at the Club Fishing “Mbiguá Mboy” and Chase.
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Hundreds of Dead Fish

They were warned by neighbors who usually attend the place to fish. They speculate that the low water in the lagoon and the lack of oxygen would have caused this plague. analysis ordered


General Levalle. Hundreds of dead fish appeared in recent days on the shores of the water surface of the dam Tigre Muerto.

The situation was warned by neighbors who usually flock to the place to fish and found a lot of carp, shad, and catfish moncholos, dead on the coasts.

After being warned local authorities of General Levalle and La Cautiva, they toured the place, and both fish samples as water is taken to determine the cause of this mass death.

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Fishing in Reservoirs

Tarariras fishing in lakes San Roque and Embalse Río Tercero worth for its size, technical difficulty to capture and beautiful landscapes. To indulge on vacation.

Perhaps that Andalusian root present in its historical roots to the place name, the people of Cordoba have a lot of humor with the use of exaggeration. The “post 50” will remember this in the journal Hortensia. So I drew attention when, in the Cordovan fishing group River Rat’s, I spoke of the tortones that drew in lakes San Roque and Embalse Río Tercero. I had never heard this
epithet for tararira. In this journey through Mediterranean waters, not just what I heard repeatedly, but I could also see how well since it is for copies exceeded 3.5 kilos.

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Patagonia Fishing

There are sites such as Lake Strobel, in Santa Cruz, where it is possible to capture specimens of rainbow trout up to 12 kilos.

Lakes, ponds, rivers and streams of Patagonia are about to receive thousands of fans home and abroad looking to enjoy some of the most privileged sites in the world for the practice of sport fishing. With the arrival of the first warm days, on November 1, starts the season in southern Argentina, marking the beginning of a selected activity, but increasingly convener. The catch and release is the form practiced in most part of the region and the followers of this sport often make fly fishing, spinning and trolling, in that order by popularity (see separate article ).

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Ice Fishing Tips

Fishing in the province through a period of “natural closed” because an impasse live: no fish winter is retained and the spring not decided to appear informed AIM representative of the Paraná River, Raul Rocco, adding that in late September, could be argued temperature and improve the appearance of species.
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Salmon River Fishing

My name is Federico I wanted to fish for salmon locked fly themselves that answered him and organized a fishing wading in the Traful River. To enter went to lodge Green Brook this magical river with turquoise and dark green pools it is unique in the world where I show friend Mell was amazed.

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Freshwater Fishing Training

Before the advent of the summer season and to prevent possible poisoning Red tide in the population by eating contaminated shellfish, the Executive Committee of the Provincial Plan for Prevention and Control of Red Tide invites the entire community and especially fisher folk to talk-training workshop entitled “the impact of Red Tide on the health of the population and fishery resources” be issued today from 12 to 14 hours in the Aula Magna of the National Technological University.
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Fishing in Piedra del Aguila

Just 19 km. the village, the winding Limay River, is considered by specialists as the cradle of the best sport fishing. Magical rivers, lakes and lagoon, peppered trout, waiting to welcome fishermen on November 9, assuring an excellent season.
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