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Sunglasses Addicted: 7 Brands of Sunglasses

I’m an addict confesses in sunglasses! I love collecting and think they are never too much outside that can change the style of look in no time. I’ve had the time of Aviator, wayfarer, and now everyone just wants to know the mirrored! hehe

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Vintage Sunglasses That Are Absolute Success

Oliver Peoples’ eye-catching sunglasses have been gaining ground in the world of fashion, with the unmistakable style of retro-styled design that has earned fans among celebrities. Inside and off the screen, the world’s most famous artists have chosen Oliver Peoples to create visuals full of elegance, true to Hollywood stars when it comes to sunglasses.

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Bracelets Count Calories

Today I want to tell you about my latest discovery, referred to as far as fitness fashion world , and to which I confess, I’m totally hooked, bracelets has calories.

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How to Make Amazing Combinations of Earrings

Who has a second hole in the ear, as well as the charm of each production, has the challenge of finding the ideal accessories to use. And even the part being minor, must have the same prominence that the earrings bigger. Come to think of it, separated some amazing combinations and options of small earrings for you to use in the second […]

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The Most Famous Engagement Rings in History

As with everything in the fashion world, great female icons exert a lot of influence even on engagement rings. We selected 5 iconic women who owned, or own, the most famous and desired engagement rings of all time!

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How to Choose the Right Pajamas to Sleep

The wait for the loveliest time of the year is finally coming to an end. The summer begins on day 21 of December and time to get the wardrobe all its fresh and light parts, to assemble looks amazing and kick butt this season.

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Feminine Retro-Fashion By Viennese Creation

Delicate fabrics and girlish and vintage chic, you could describe the style of Antonia of the retro label Vienna design. Most the concise back neckline with button and the Bubi collar stand almost as a landmark for them and make them unmistakable. If you know your fashion, do you expect behind almost an essential being and is then pleasantly surprised when you meet the pretty but down-to-Earth woman with the large white Shepherd. We made you our infamous five questions and provide you with, values reader, visit their online stores or even better the very stylish shop in beautiful Vienna warmly to the heart. Also on Facebook you can follow her. Continue reading

Sales In Fashion Necklaces

The second sales in fashion have come to the jewellery shop online The Moon completo Choice. This type of fashion accessories are the most flattering. And it is that both in summer and in winter they adorn our neck so they get, depending on the material with which it is made, bring light to our face and make us feel more radiant and beautiful. Continue reading

How To Choose Shoes For A Dress

In many occasions, we are in doubt as to what footwear to wear for a particular dress or occasion. The truth is that there are no written rules that must be fulfilled and work for all cases, although there are some considerations that we must take into account to achieve a great look. In this article of a How we offer you some tips on how to choose shoes for a dress. Continue reading

Where Can I Buy Plus Sized Clothing?

If you’re tired of suffering whenever you go shopping because you never find cool anything in your size, Czech this mini guide in which we show you the best shops with extra prettiest clothes of sizes.List? Continue reading

Vintage Black And White Clothes

What is vintage fashion? It is fashion that accommodates you, is the trend of using styles that were fashionable or that have endured through the years. Continue reading

Clothing During Pregnancy: “Less Is More” By Sara Pellicer

Not be to you, but my dress in two pregnancies was an Odyssey. In my case, also with difficulty added by height, but above all to know what real needs I would have. How many garments would need and what type of clothing could be really redeemed and used on a regular basis during the 9 months and the first months of post-partum. Continue reading

Kanye in Search and Capture of 100 Million to Finance

The release of their last album, the constant changes of the same name and the premiere of this during the parade of her latest collection been Kanye West to be on everyone’s lips these past few weeks. But not only that, the rapper has begun the search for funding among the largest business groups in the world of fashion, such as LVMH, for the sole purpose of, in the textual words of the singer, “to get a position of world dominance of fashion”

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