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Meet All Types of False Eyelashes and Choose Your Preferred

The devotees swear eternal love and who haven’t tried usually has at least curiosity. The false eyelashes are stars of travel case and have the ability to supercharge any look bringing a powerful air in the Act. The entire model, which takes the inside corner of the eye to the end, is still the most used and may appear in various styles-the more stretched the discreet. There are also false eyelashes that take up only half of the eyelid and other placed just on the tip. Learn how to identify each one of them and choose the your preferred. Continue reading

Review: Growth Mascara–Gosh Cosmetics

I have compulsive mascara, I confess! Also forget to pass at the end of the mascara make at least once a week–believe me, I’m a pro at it and out of olhão black, make amazing mascara… several times. In fact, the last time was on last Sunday, when I used the look with the blue shirt. This is why I always wanted more bulky and long lashes in case if I forget pass mascara make still be worthy. Continue reading

Easy Tips For Brides

You work, perhaps to study a master’s degree at the same time, you have thousands of commitments and at the same time, plan the details of your wedding. But you can with everything: thus are the women of today. Continue reading

What do I Have to Look Out for in Volume Mimps?

Happy Tuesday dearest… I had it already announced for Sunday… I think. But then came the catalog in between and I just did not want to push on the long bench… Continue reading