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Match the Eyelid with an Eyelid

An eyeliner gives your eye make-up the finishing touch. How you draw it best depends also on the shape of your eyes.

With the help of an eyelid, you can put your eyes into the scene. For this to happen, you should know which eyeliner suits which eye shape. For otherwise, you can set the focus wrong and the eye makeup emphasizes small blemishes rather than conceal them. Continue reading

Waterproof Makeup

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Girls, today I will talk about waterproof makeup, the story is always the same: you go out every wonderful and produced from home in the morning. In the middle of the afternoon, when you look in the mirror the mask ran, the shadow is gone, left your skin glow and there’s no trace of lipstick.

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5 Makeup Ideas to Get out of the Obvious

The makeup goes far beyond disguising imperfections( says who?) And framing women to outdated patterns of beauty. It can serve as a finish. As another detail that shows of his personality and makes the result more special. Continue reading

Makeup Tricks for Mature Women

Every woman should take advantage of the makeup, as well as letting us even more beautiful, it also helps hide minor imperfections on the skin. However, the makeup for a young woman, must be different from the makeup for a more mature woman. With that in mind, today I will talk about some tricks of makeup for mature women.

The skin of the women above 40 years calls for a suitable makeup, you can enhance your features and at the same time to disguise the marks of time. For this, it is essential to know a few tricks that help a lot to get these results. Check out the following various tricks of makeup for mature woman that will help you make right.

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