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23 Jewels Inspired by Harry Potter You Want

You’re a fan of Harry Potter and you’re tired of the jewels and trinkets sold around common? How about be inspired and get their own pieces inspired by the most exciting ever released to date? Continue reading

Accessories for Brides Wear on Their Wedding Day


Tips For Brides

On the wedding day, all what the bride wants most is to be very pretty and garnished, but this desire often can end up in a “disastrous”, that is, the combination of items that do not go well together and excess. Accessories are indispensable to make the look on this day, but you have to know how to combine them what is being currently used. Check out some tips: Continue reading

The Hoop Earrings Are Back in Fashion

Hoop earring is already used for many, many years, being a darling of many women, which do not live without her. But for some time the fashion gave way to other styles of earrings and rings were most forgotten. However, now they are back in fashion and it’s worth betting on penalty play. Continue reading

The Brilliance of Jewels in Side by Side

The last chapter of the novel “side by side” airs today, but some scenes are already announced. Continue reading

Jewelry for Beach Vacation

After two relaxing and sunny weeks on the Mediterranean, I am now a bit smarter, as far as this year’s Must-haves in jewelry and watches on the beach is concerned. So far, I assumed that you might have a couple of earrings on the beach, but that was it. But what I was able to experience on the beaches of Es Trenc, Sa Rapita and Camp de mar, taught me a better one. Continue reading

Fashion Blouses

Spring is in the door, are you ready? Eternal winter’s end is coming, and along with it our deep concern about the what to wear or what to buy for this warm and expected time.

Take it easy! I will tell you how to take the best fashion trends, will not have to suffer for purchasing new things and have fun mixing volumes and textures at all your looks.
They blouses are the top item for this season, will be virtually the protagonists of your look to the next month. Continue reading

Craft Acrylic Elven Earrings

I find these earrings very glamorous. The acrylic flower is very light and easy to handle. If you move your head, the Pendants move happy with.

-2 Calla acrylic beads in Lilac
-6 silver plated pins
-2 silver plated eye pins
-4 Matt anthracite Pearl
-4 beads 6 mm violet
-1 pair silver ear hooks
-Bead- Bali style silver plated 2
-2 eyelets 5 mm Continue reading

Crystal Crafts Earrings

The our site company producing high-quality cut crystal glass since 1895. It is a high-quality lead crystal, manufactured since the beginning of the last century after secret recipe.
The quality of the material is characterized by a high durability. It scratched and not discolored and remains particularly long beautiful. Thus, the Crystal over the years keeps always its clear, clean luster. Continue reading

What Earrings Match Which Chain?

Earrings and necklace are a true classic among the jewelry combinations. Together, they form a triangle which emphasizes both face and decollete. The pieces of jewelry so form an optical force. Therefore, they should fit well together. But what earrings match the best to which chain? The Jeweller is the answer and shows how you properly combine necklace and earrings. Continue reading

Dolce and Gabbana Style Earrings

The Spring Summer 2012 Dolce & Gabbana is beautiful, lively and original, the two Italian designers have decided to pay homage to the beautiful country decorating the clothing and accessories with the typical products of our beautiful Italy, such as fruits, vegetables, pasta, pizza: the kitchen that the whole world envies us! Dolce & Gabbana present us with the fabulous jewelry decorated with pasta and vegetables but also baroque models with precious stones and very retro. Continue reading