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Bandage Dress: Trends and Fashion

The spring summer fashion is full of trends that appeals to many women. One of the pieces that will be very successful this year without doubt is the bandage dress.

This model of dress is ideal for women who enjoy a more sensual, as it emphasizes and valorizes the curves.

This model got its name because of its horizontal stripes that mark the whole length. Most of the time these tracks are made from spandex, lycra or rayon, which are fabrics that shape the body, leaving the most fair. This feature lets the dress special.

If you are thinking of creating a look with this trend, the following shows how to use various models of bandage dresses.

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4 Latest Trends in Party Dresses

Every year we have different types of parties, so they’re always launching new trends in dresses to suit all styles of women.

Not to run the risk of making mistakes in visual, most women prefer to know what is on the rise each year.

One of the best ways to keep up with fashion is keep an eye on fashion weeks and walkways that anticipate the collections each year and season.

Many models of party dresses for wedding, for example, have already been released in advance and show what’s going on trend.

Several renowned designers launched trends for the season, so many bridesmaids, graduates, and wedding guests are already wondering what models will dominate next season.

So, if you like to follow the fashion of the moment, the following are the main trends in party dresses.

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Women’s Plus Size Prom Dresses

The general rule that less is more doesn’t fit the plus size world. Here, the more the merrier!

The world of fashion understands that the pattern of real women has nothing to do with the predominant thinness of the walkways, especially when it comes to Brazil.

The beauty on the streets is hot. Women full of curves and charm usually worry about the trends that value the best.

The plus size women of today know to explore their own beauty explores the strengths of her and loves being onsets. There was a time that plus size brands selling clothes look like granny, dark shades and fabrics. Today, the brands that insist on this concept tend to leave the market.

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Romantic Look Dresses in Soft Color

If the delicacy and romanticism is part of your life, you probably also like to bring this tastes on your dress. There is no rule. But it is natural that our way of being is also our way of dressing.

A delicate look is lighter, soft colors, also known as pastels which by its delicacy, let the woman even more. The prints more muted are also part of a delicate look.

A delicate look can be used on all occasions, formal, casual, elegant parties, more relaxed, just know how to wear them, making a difference in details such as transparency, embroidery, glitter, tissue fluids, among others. In addition, it passes a picture of relaxation, comfort and playfulness.

See the photo below. A super delicate look to be used perfectly by day, a trip to the mall, on an informal occasion, but which also combines perfectly with a party at night, with thinner sandals.

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Evangelical Dress Style for Party

Skirts and dresses are the main parts featuring women of evangelical religion in terms of dress. Nothing is as feminine as a skirt or dress and trends launched by its milliners never fail to include these pieces in their shows. Moreover, today there is a market fully facing the evangelical fashion, carrying options are very well dressed abound. So let’s seek inspiration in the famous order to assemble an elegant evangelical look!

Models of dresses for a Look Evangelical

Short dresses for evangelical

Short or long, the dresses should not be too tight in the body. The fabric should also not too mark the body parts as well not spend a good impression in a religion that is based – to dress – a description, so the evangelical look should be discrete. The dress height should also be just a little above the knee.

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Discover Proper Party Guest Dresses

When we are invited to go to a party or special event, the first thing you think is: “with what clothes I go?” This question is very common among us women, because we always want to be beautiful at any time, especially at parties. If the occasion is a graduation party, for example, it is time to think about the dress we have in our wardrobe, is not it? And this time we ask ourselves whether it is suitable or not for the occasion.

To help you choose your look for prom and take the doubt whether or not you can go with that outfit you have, I selected some models of dresses that are perfect for guests. But before passing the tips, remember that nothing is the rule, as there are several types of graduation party, and some are more sophisticated and simpler. So in addition to keeping an eye on tips, the best alternative is to use good judgment to know if the clothing is appropriate or not.

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How to Match a Lace Dress

A lace dress is synonymous of elegance and sensuality.

In addition, this type of dress is always in fashion.

Women of the most varied styles tend to adhere to the trends and, on several occasions, opt for a lace dress.

At the same time that is classic, also for renovations and updates as the fashion evolves.

Knowing combine a dress of income, however, is not always an easy task. It runs the risk of making exaggerations – be it with accessories or even dress become the center of attention in a negative way, and that’s something no woman wants.

With that in mind, today we put together some tips on how to match a dress of lace and use it in the best possible way, highlighting its beauty.

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Elegant Long Dresses for Prom

Graduation day is very important, so you would like to make it a visual elaborate and elegant.

That day you need to be beautiful, because this moment will be saved forever in his memory and also in pictures.

Everything has to be perfect at that date, since there were many years of study and dedication to accomplish this achievement so important.

For being a very striking moment the clothing should be chosen with care, which in the case of women is the long gown.

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Fancy Dress Party Ideas

Long, sparkles and embroidery, we are living in the time of minimalismo. Everything is well over, really worked, and even a black dress is no longer the “little black dress” and becomes a jewel, to die of love forever. Every woman is going to get creazy and have no ideas of wearing what when you have to go to a wedding, prom or any fancy party. Isn’t this right? After all, people are always seeking a powerful and glamorous look to shine on the night and win the hearts of others.

Friends, do you remember the post we made before that show some of the parades that the Maison Bais did during the 2 years of party Luxury Guess? Look here! The best part of the sweet has got to the end, today we are bringing you the rest of the outfits that have passed through the runway of the Plaenge Gourmet Space where our little party held. You can imagine the picture that when 40 women are gathering, gossiping and enjoying the party, the fascinating dresses of Maison Bais suddenly began to appear in front of them? Almost terrified our guests! Hahahahahahaha The girls went crazy! Do you think it is too much? So prepare your hearts and protect your eyes because today our shot will shine everywhere!

Choose the Perfect Dress for Prom

Super special occasion party is usually prestigious, then that is a reason more than special to be beautiful and powerful! It’s time to perfect the make-up, hair and, of course, clothes, shoes and accessories, and that’s where we begin the insecurities: what color goes with me? The dress can be glow? Should I go with the hair down or trapped? And so on …
Actually what you want is sure not to make mistakes, to go there and kick ass, but not to miss? Not everyone can afford a personal stylist, isn’t it? But, it’s not necessary to have a personal stylist to look like a Hollywood star, just met well our body and knows some simple rules that can help us a lot and, of course, get inspirations.
You need to identify the colors with which you feel most beautiful, whether the model you’re looking for is a more bold or discreet, know their weak spots to hide as well as those who want to enhance and believe, may be the most beautiful dress in the world, cost millions, but if he doesn’t drop it right or leave you comfortable …

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Check the Gorgeous Marchesa Party Dresses

What woman doesn’t go crazy when the novelty is party dresses?! Today’s post I could sum up in one word: luxury. I’m going to show you the wonderful pieces. The inspiration was shown clearly in dresses, embroidered tulle skirts, skirts with layers or the impressive low-cut black dress from shoulder to shoulder embroidered in gold, in the Byzantine style, and Georgina Chapman to complete one of the designers stated: “we wanted it to be Rico and luxurious” , and really was jaw-dropping.

The mix of textures used in the glamour collection to meet the most demanding clientele, people who seek elegance dresses with princess feel with much romanticism and power, with voluminous skirts models are highlighted. Already the cocktail dresses the Marchesa presented super models with precious stones and sequins with highlights in the colors silver and gold. Suggested by income transparency and ending with the V neckline brought the sensuality in the right measure, leaving in evidence the strategic details valuing feminine silhouette.

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How to Wear Dresses with Long Sleeves

The dresses with long sleeves are currently trendy, especially in the version with transparent sleeve and bell mouth sleeve. To set the look, however, one must know how to balance this hybrid piece, ensuring a harmonious and comfortable visual. So check what to do – and what not – to wear dresses with long sleeves in the right way.


To use the dresses with long sleeves there is no big secret about the piece, since depending on the model it is quite classic and timeless. Still, keeping in mind a few tips can help you combine this piece in the right way. To wear dresses with long sleeves prefer homosociety.com:

Focusing on pantyhose

On colder days, betting on pantyhose is a great choice not to get uncomfortable and ensure the use of this piece that mixes the toasty warm sleeves with legs out.

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