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Geometric Printed Party Dress Jennifer Connelly

See The Geometric Printed Party Dress Of The Actress Jennifer Connelly Used At The Berlin Festival.

Jennifer Connelly is a very famous actress for your character in the movie “a beautiful mind” Oscar winner that year. But it also rocks out of big screen.

At the Berlin Film Festival, Jennifer Connelly opted to use a geometric printed party dress in the colors black and white, super different and full of personality.

This party dress stamped geometric has many interesting elements and which deserve to be highlighted here. First, the geometric print is the bodice, which also has a nipslip modern. To create harmony in the look, the skirt has lighter fabrics in the colors of the bodice, black and white. Continue reading

Lindos Dresses Fashion Jeans

If you want to be beautiful and comfortably dressed for summer 2018, you need to complement your wardrobe with pieces like jeans dresses that arrive in the most varied cuts and formats, catering to all tastes and styles. Continue reading

Underwear: How to Stretch It?

In this article we will see how to iron the underwear, so it won’t spoil and that retains itsoriginal beauty. Proceeding is not difficult, don’t worry! You will only need to learn the right techniques. Continue reading

Lace Cami Dress Renata Discrete Vasconcellos

Check Out Lace CAMI Dress Options Renata Vasconcellos Discrete And Get Inspired For Your Next Party!

Renata Vasconcellos is a brazilian journalist, known for presenting journalistic programmes, among them the traditional “fantastic” and, from November 2014, the “National Journal”. In addition to competence in career, Renata Vasconcellos is known for your elegance, always betting in classic looks.

In one of the editions of the “fantastic”, Renata Vasconcellos used a lace CAMI dress with MIDI length, which although small tube is discreet. This party dress is the inspiration for today’s post, titled discreet lace CAMI dress of Renata Vasconcellos. Check out and get inspired for your next party!

The discreet lace CAMI dress of Renata Vasconcellos is due to your MIDI length and for not leaving a lot of skin showing. So, despite the modeling outline the curves, the breasts and the thighs are covered. The use of Black Lace in nude is a strong current trend, showing the designs of lace. The nude shoe is a good option to use with this more formal occasions CAMI dress. Continue reading

Dress by Claudia Abreu – Vintage Dresses

Check Out ClÁUdia Abreu’s Dress Options And Get Inspired For Your Next Party! Continue reading

Reese Witherspoon Embroidered Floral Dress – Women’s Dresses

Check Out Reese Witherspoon’s Embroidered Floral Dress Options And Get Inspired In These Gorgeous Women’s Dresses! Continue reading

Short Dresses for Party of Fifteen Years

The girls who cherish for comfort, are increasingly betting on short dresses for party of fifteen, because especially for the hour of the dance the comfort and comfort says it all. Continue reading

Fair Party Dresses Models with Lace, Will Make It Fall

Hello girls, all right with you? Today we are going to talk about the fair party dresses because who does not love to wear and feel good, and the main thing is to receive praise and looks. Continue reading

Evening Dresses – Sheath/Column Strapless Floor-Length Evening Dress

If you want a full celebration and well the height of all this explosion of feelings that permeate your mind, bet on models of graduation dresses with corset is an excellent option. Continue reading

Graduation Shoes: Which One Is Right for You!

How to choose shoes for graduation?These doubts always arise when choosing the look for this type of party, why, it is not always that we form or marks presence at that happy moment for someone dear, is not it? Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Size of the Clothes

Be a pretty dress is way beyond choose pretty clothes and present in any new shop around, if you make a mistake in your clothing size ugly probably will lose many points of elegance and style. Here are some tips on how to buy clothes that fit perfectly on you:

Continue reading

What to Wear in a Fashion Week?

Fashion season is not over yet. The excitement began in early February, in New York. From there, he moved to London, Milan, Paris and Lisbon, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Continue reading

Best Way to Tie a Tie Knot

The ability to tie a tie – the absolute basis of the business etiquette of modern man and a gentleman. Continue reading

How To Choose Shoes For A Dress

In many occasions, we are in doubt as to what footwear to wear for a particular dress or occasion. The truth is that there are no written rules that must be fulfilled and work for all cases, although there are some considerations that we must take into account to achieve a great look. In this article of a How we offer you some tips on how to choose shoes for a dress. Continue reading

Cheap Dresses For Weddings: The Best Brands To Shine This Spring 2017

If you have a wedding this spring, it is likely that you are already doing accounts: that if gift, if displacement, that if the bachelorette party…for the dress, not to mention of course, because it is difficult to resist the temptation of brand new a new look party when marries someone close. Continue reading

Tips to Wear a Black Dress to Perfection

So you can look gorgeous and glamorous you must have a picture-perfect for elegant look for any occasion, so now I’m going to talk about tips to show a perfect black dress which is a garment par excellence to hone your silhouette with enough currency. Therefore this model can be allied to that you may save on any occasion when you don’t have time to buy something new and also I’ll offer some tips below so you can wear a dress of black tone for a beautiful female image and look like a goddess. Continue reading

A Dress for Summer and Spring

Here is some tips How to dress in the season of spring – summer, these recommendations are for you who are chubby and who often do not feel comfortable like lights, by not knowing how to choose the clothes you better seating. Continue reading

Clothing for Mature Women

50 years does not mean that you may not have a great style. There are many options of clothing and fashion for women mature or over 50 years from now so that they shine their style, personality and vitality. Continue reading

Ootd That Black Dress

I have promised you last time, I would bring you the black dress again. Since there are now comfortable but slightly summer temperatures I got caught again Björn and photographed me in the dress can be. I ordered this dress at Style369, it is available also in other colours, was a bit more expensive, but my opinion worth the money. Bought I had it for the Sheego event last week, it arrived with normal shipping within half a week, although it comes from England, the size is true and I think it also totally okay to pay scarce €7 for the dispatch from the United Kingdom. Continue reading

Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2015

Fashion trends spring summer 2015, apparel suede accessories: these are the essential pieces in the wardrobe of a real fashion addicted! By trench from Gucci shoes of Chloë, what are the most beautiful and interesting seasonal proposals that reinterpret this ever popular fabric in the’ 70?

It is one of the coolest trends and popular spring summer 2015: the suede is a hallmark of many collections and has that aspect Sueded that you can wear without large reserves even in hot weather. Even in the height of summer we always wore suede shoes, but this year on international catwalks we sighted real total look suede effect in classic neutral color, but also the most beautiful season in pastel shades. Continue reading

Megan Fox Armani Privé Dress

It ‘so beautiful that it is almost banal to say it every time, but in addition to its incredible beauty Megan Fox has an explosive sensuality, capable of making every dress she wears-regardless of the signature that is behind- a real weapon of seduction. A few days ago the beautiful actress, in these days on the pages of the chronicles because of yet another flat fee of Chapter Transformers caused by misunderstandings with director (and I would not even be in the shoes of the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley supermodel of Victoria’s team Secret – you’ve recently seen, she is in fact the interpreter of prefall collection of Matthew Williamson – who seems will replace it), he attended the premiere of “Jonah Hex” in Los Angeles wearing an exclusive creation by Armani Privé.

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Summer Guide to Nätrean

After a small break during midsummer weekend we now started with tips for this summer’s big nätrea. Many shops, both physical and online, initiate their sale over the next few weeks.Manolo has provided some of the best tips.

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How to Wear a Dress

Streamline lower body

In order not to mark too down your silhouette, it is best to opt for cuts of skirts or trapeze style dresses. The trapeze is a slim fit cut to size and then liquefies. It therefore conceal its fluidity in the hips and tummy possible. Choose the length and knee pleated or silky materials like silk. Choose a solid color.

The baby doll dress is perfect for you! It is worked on the bust with thin straps and neckline heart and widens skater style from the waist. As the skirts trapeze shape, it will hide your hips, buttocks and thighs in expanding the cut.

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Special Occasion Dresses with Pants

Special occasion dresses with pants, the most beautiful models between 2015 collections you can wear to a wedding or any formal occasion. The must-haves for the occasion are two, the classic pantsuit and jacket and jumpsuit.

Spring ceremonies are always a drama: too early to show off bare leg, but perhaps too hot for the sock, although in theory the sock should be worn in any formal occasion. And so we solve with a set of proposals from ceremony with pants, elegant and charismatic enough to beat even the formality of a suit.

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