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Tips to Start Pedaling!

Palpiteirooos Oiii! How are? Let’s enjoy the Monday to start new habits healthy? Today I will give you tips to start pedaling. A super nice and that exercise can be fun, and still has many health benefits. With the pace you will be able to combat depression and anxiety, lose weight, improve your sleep, enhance immunity, reduce stress and many other benefits. An exercise that makes up for being one of the most complete. It’s worth it! Continue reading

Schuberth E1 Helmet Test: Comfortable Adventure

After almost a year of use, in various bikes and situations, we take stock of this helmet intended to face adventures, but always with great comfort.

It’s been about a year since I made the Schuberth E1 helmet. Over the course of this time, I have been rolling with him on various bikes and in practically every imaginable situation, from very hot days off road, to days of heavy rain and cold on asphalt.  Continue reading

Know 5 Sports Practices to Improve Your Health

More than being celebrated, World Heart Day, September 29, is an opportunity to reflect on our way of life.

Data of the Society of Cardiology  Indicate that approximately 17 million Brazilians are affected annually with cardiovascular diseases, and that most of these problems could be avoided. Continue reading

Brazilian Team Tests Its Limits in Track Cycling

The World Cup of Track Cycling 2015-2016, as its name says, brings together the best selections of the actuality in the modality. For the second consecutive time Brazil will be part of the select group that has met the strict criteria of the UCI to participate in the competition and from this Friday (30) the green and yellow team begins its walk in the event, whose first stage will be in Cali, In Colombia. Cyclists Gideoni Monteiro, Flávio Cipriano, Hugo Osteti and Kacio Fonseca are part of the Brazilian team. The goal is to make good results, gain experience and test the limits, mainly targeting the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Continue reading

The Invisible Helmet for Electric Bikes

The helmet is a kind of protective shell that is placed on the skull, but if you wear your neck? Of course it would not harm our hairstyles! So Hovding is born, an invisible ” helmet ” that will protect us from falling and keeps our hair intact. Continue reading

Tips for Pedaling at Night

Pedaling at night… For some, it is already an addiction. For others, it is a necessity!Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of cycling at night, whether in a city or on a trail, knows how this moment can be unforgettable, especially with the right equipment. Continue reading

Winter Gloves from Garibaldi Iver Primaloft

Perfect fit and maximum protection combined with being comfortable and warm with a high resistance to friction makes gloves Garibaldi Iver Primaloft the perfect choice for winter. Its avant-garde design with Primaloft lining allows us to keep your hands dry and warm when we travel in winter with the bike. Continue reading

Huawei Fit, The New Smartwatch Dedicated To Sports

Today was great for Huawei. The Chinese brand showed the world its latest news at an event where Pplware was present.

If the big news was the new Mate 9, there were other surprises. A new smartwatch, dedicated to sports and physical exercise, was presented. Huawei Fit is the brand’s new bet in the field of wearables. Continue reading

Camping Het Wieskamp: Discover The National Landscape

Winterswijk in the Achterhoek region is well worth a visit! Not just for a day trip to Obelink leisure market, but also for the cosy town centre and the beautiful countryside. The unbebautete area was elected to the national landscape, beautiful cycling and hiking. The town centre is a pleasant tourist and the Saturday market is one of the best in the Netherlands. Mark van Dam talks proudly about his campsite Camping het Wieskamp.

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Eco-Camping: How Can You Contribute To The Environment?

It is hard to imagine that you are a nature lover as a camping holiday-makers. Because camping holiday takes place in the middle of the city, but in the middle of nature, in the forest or near the forest, a beautiful area in the nature, in the mountains or on the water. Has it once contracted with the camping virus, it never lets one go and want you camp, as long as it is to physically able, more often. You can help yourself, to allow this (as many camping sites are already doing it) even future generations.
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Mountain Bike World Champion Represents the Opening Selection

The MTB Marathon World Champion, Tiago Ferreira, is one of the five runners who will represent the national team/Liberty Seguros on proof of opening – region of Aveiro, the race of season road, which will take place next Sunday, between Southampton and Ovar. Continue reading

Tips on Sports Safety

There are a lot of athletes freedom?? Choosing the road. The only time of necessity and other times out much free will. It does not mean that the road often do not provide for it. Safety first?? But what should you do?

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Reasons Why You Should Exercise

A healthy mind in a healthy body. This must be the starting point to convince you to do sports. Those who are against the sport, will be able to rely on the argument that fractures or overuse injuries. Even more practice generally more advantages than disadvantages. So it will reduce the risk of heart disease. If you do a lot of sports, you get more energy and charge the batteries. It also makes your mind stronger and the sport has a positive effect on your sex life. Who minimum twice a week sport will quickly notice the positive effects on the body and mind. Obvious sports is aerobic exercise such as walking, running, cycling or swimming.

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How to Choose a Reusable Water Bottle

Water is essential to our good health because it is the main constituent of the body.It is essential for the body to function properly and it is important to think to hydrate regularly in the day, before you feel thirsty. The water requirements are different for each person; to consider the size, climate, age and lifestyle in a temperate climate, the average person loses more than one liter per day of water; This loss must be compensated by adequate hydration, at least one and a half liters of water every day, and more in sports for example, which are very vulnerable to dehydration and should drink well throughout their business.

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UCI Track Cycling World Championships

Six years after the last Italian organization was time for?? the Eternal City?? to host the World Cup. While Mussolini’s regime had sat. This regime had amassed a sporting reputation and that reputation was clearly confirmed.

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Sean Kelly Bike

Bike culture: After his countless victories and his uncompromising dedication to the sport, Sean Kelly’s popularity on the Green Island be measured only with God. And as the man quickly and crass observes: it is Kelly who is wearing the leader’s Jersey in the duel.

Sean Kelly was one of the largest of the 1980s profiles within the sport of cycling. 193 WINS in professional races, is an impressive figure, that only Eddie Merckx can surpass.

One of the explanations for his greatness was the versatility, something that developed during the course of his career. He first became known as a sprinter by rank, but it soon proved that he had a wider range. He could orchestrate offshoots and clear mountain stages as well as any other cyclist. Continue reading

TomTom Runner Watches

It is not easy to find metaphors that work with the new TomTom Runner 2. Or rather, I think only a musical with Pearl Jam. Their music is – more or less – always the same but, with each new album, know change; mature following a very precise their stylistic and recognizable. The same feeling I had when testing the new cardio-GPS from TomTom. The watch looks more or less the same, the interface also but the capabilities grow much and – above all – the motor under the hood has totally changed.

We have been given in test the most complete version, with integrated cardio and music, and the first thing you’ll notice is that this new model is more “slim” and with a less impressive, now also suitable for women’s wrists and – with dimensions – also decreases the weight. But what he added TomTom in this model? I got four: activity tracking, music player, multisport for all versions and – above all – a new heart rate sensor. In fact now the sensor is no longer produced by My but from South Africa LifeQ that actually makes it physically (Osram) but produces the software to read the data. And it is really very accurate.

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Garmin GPS Watch Fenix

One for all: The Navi-training watch for the wrist Fenix made by Garmin as replacing some classic bike computer.

Traditional GPS lumps do not come close to my bike, even if colleagues rave about it. A watch on your wrist is a much less conspicuous even if the 70×70 pixels and can display very bulky fails with the robust aluminum housing. Using the supplied power cord and the USB charging clip can upload to PC and outlet the Fenix. You have to unfortunately do constantly. In recording mode, the juice was in the test after at 22 hours away, although Garmin advertises utopian 50 hours.

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Lights on Road Bike

Holland is a dream country for every biker – a country known for its love of cycling, perfect cycling infrastructure at all – one of the most peaceful places in the world for cycling. Country of tulips does not lie on their laurels and constantly organizes campaigns that increase road safety.

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Cycling Clothing

Hi, today I dedicate myself to the theme “Cycling Clothing”. For bicycle clothing is very important. Whether in winter, summer or fall. Below I give you useful tips.

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