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Le Corset Minceur in All Its Forms

1 / Corset?Corset Slimming?What’s this?

We will deal here with a subject that has been a little controversial in recent months is the famous ” slimming corset ” or more commonly called the “waist training” or waist size. Continue reading

Corset or Corset

Responding to the request of some followers today I will publish a corset or corset. This model is a classic that accompanies a few centuries ago. Continue reading

Wear a Brace When You Are a Teenager

Our back sometimes play us tricks. Sometimes it might need help to stand straight or to grow without twisting, and the spine may need to be sustained for some time, as a plant may need a guardian. It is then called an orthopedic corset. But at the time where there is desire to please, to be good in sneakers, having more freedom… what it to provoke to wear this armor of plastic and foam ? Continue reading

Suzana Alves

From a corset, mask and whip, Tiazinha populated the fantasy of the Brazilian teenagers in program in 1998. At age 23, she wants to make a success far from the character, like Suzana Alves. In Casa dos Artistas 2, you will have a great chance to get your career back up. Continue reading

Goodbye Pants Brand Low!

Long ago we women are looking for a way to model our silhouette.Formerly, the only option within reach was that of the corset, which at that time even worked, but pressed the waist in a way that the result was nausea, dizziness and even fainting (talking of our great-grandparents). Continue reading

110 Years of the Bra: Comfort, Beauty and Seduction

Comfort, beauty and seduction. These are very important items that women observe when looking for lingerie. And the 110-year history of the BRA, it is possible to affirm that this key piece of feminine wardrobe accompanied the achievements of women over time. Continue reading

Lingerie Models: What Men Prefer?

If you think they don’t notice in your underwear, you’re wrong! The men notice what you are using and some lingerie models are appointed as preferred by them. There is no unanimity. Since even the corset panties thong, each model is able to make a special moment. Check out: Continue reading

How to Choose a Corset

Buying a first corset is tedious ( in my opinion) because it is confronted with many, many, MANY choices and we do not know where to turn. This can quickly become complicated to decide.

Continue reading

How to Wear a Corset Properly

Corset – this is the most that has, feminine piece of clothing, which often izbegaetsya of the beautiful half of ignorance, how to properly wear it, to combine and match.

And it is very surprising, thereby depriving women great opportunities to look stylish and fashionable, seductive and exciting. After all, it is no wonder he has such a rich history, take almost time of antiquity.

Corset – it’s such a garment that is able to transform even the most neidealynuyu female figure to perfection.

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