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10 Super Beautiful Autumn Coats

When it is cooler outside again, we need a cozy and stylish companion.we have picked out ten great models for the nachshoppen for you.
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Models in Skirts Jeans

Contrary to popular belief, the denim skirts can have a much better GPA than if it has today. Many women restrict your use the hot days and during the holidays on the beach, but as we shall see, there are many other possibilities. Continue reading

September, Autumn and the Trenchcoat

September has arrived (there are 3 days, ok), and with it, the change of seasons. For you here in Brazil, spring coming. For me, here at Caliph (and for many readers in readers in Portugal yeeey!), autumn.In both cases, the station is usually half that crazy stuff. Do butterflies, it’s hot, sometimes it rains, sometimes it’s sunny. Continue reading

Trench Coat: Photos, Tips, Templates, How to Use

  1. How To Use Trench Coat

Probably you have used or seen a trench coat, but called him and know him like a coat or overcoat. In fact, the trench coat is a lot like a coat and who is not in the business of fashion, call him is much easier. You know that “coat” of cold with buttons and that somewhat resembles military clothing? Yes, this is a trench coat. The 2014 Winter has passed, but the best time to buy the trench coat is now, because demand is lower and the price is lower. Continue reading

Winter Fashion Women’s Coats and Jackets

If you have your eye on the trends of fashion winter 2016, then you’ve probably noticed the news of coats and jackets. In this cold season, women can be comfortable to use heavier parts, modern and even sophisticated. Continue reading

Top 10 Coats for Winter

Summer is over and he takes with him the good weather and high temperatures. We enter into the fall and soon will follow the winter, synonym of cold. We began to think about how to warm up.

It is as well as the search for a winter coat imposes itself. Time to be lenient or not encouraging, the choice in the matter will be broad. For the end of 2010 and early 2011, you will be able to direct you to a good number of cuts, colors and different materials.

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Men’s International Clothing Sizes Conversions

Transforming Men’s Sizes

Here you convert clothing sizes or jackets, suits, coats,  shirts  and pants, between European / English, Swedish and American sizes. To find out which Swedish size you have, see our  size charts for men’s sizes .

Suit / Blazer / Rock

With this table you convert between Swedish / European, English and American sizes.

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