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A Bra That Detects Breast Cancer? Scientists Are Already Working on It

According to the AECC (Spanish Association against cancer) each year are detected in our country 26,000 cases of breast cancer, almost 30% of all tumors of the female sex. But the AECC is also positive, as the latest data indicate that this tumor survival increases by 1.4 percent annually, partly to each year the information on the importance of early diagnosis multiplies. A research of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UN) team is working to develop a bra that is able to detect breast cancer and help in that early prevention. Continue reading

Satin Blouses for Parties – Photos and Models

Party Satin Blouses

The satin blouses are always in fashion especially when we need to be ready for any special occasion, satin should be used at night for being a shiny tissue makes up the look of the woman with great elegance. But we must be very careful in the combination of accessories to avoid exaggeration. Continue reading

Underwear: How to Stretch It?

In this article we will see how to iron the underwear, so it won’t spoil and that retains itsoriginal beauty. Proceeding is not difficult, don’t worry! You will only need to learn the right techniques. Continue reading

Intimate Female Fashion – Wedding Night

Intimate Female Fashion-Wedding Night

The wedding night is awaited as the wedding itself. Dreams, fears, fantasies and desires invade women head are eagerly awaiting for this moment. The questions, of course, also appear. And how to choose the ideal lingerie is definitely among the most frequent. Continue reading

5 Luxurious Bras for Special Occasions

Important occasions ask for special clothing. Of course, the private parts are not left out. Whether for a honeymoon, wedding anniversary or even to amaze who you love, luxurious lingeries are more than welcome. Continue reading

What’s New?

Marriage is one of the most important stages in the life of a couple, especially the woman. For two people who love each other, marriage means the joining of two separate lives into one, means love at all times, including the most difficult, means sharing everything. For women, in addition to the affective meaning, marriage is still part of a dream and for many it is a true achievement. Continue reading

Lingerie for Resale Is a Good Deal?

When seeking a business opportunity is recommended to lift all the characteristics of the market, details about the product and even about the routine of the entrepreneur that segment. Everything should be properly suited to your personal profile and your expectations. But how do you know if your choice is effectively the right one? Continue reading

Eight Details You Should Consider When Buying a Bra

When buying a bra is very important to know what factors you should consider before purchasing it, since it is a piece of clothing that we use almost every day and the comfort and safety are required. Next we will show 8 details you should consider. Attention! Continue reading

110 Years of the Bra: Comfort, Beauty and Seduction

Comfort, beauty and seduction. These are very important items that women observe when looking for lingerie. And the 110-year history of the BRA, it is possible to affirm that this key piece of feminine wardrobe accompanied the achievements of women over time. Continue reading

Yes Post

Lately I have taken many pictures of panties, BRA, maillot.

And even post.

Why did I post? Continue reading

Postpartum Lingerie Tips

Many women spend so much time with worries during and about pregnancy that they forget very relevant details such as lingerie to lead to motherhood which should be comfortable since the woman’s body is not yet in its former physical form but which may have a more sophisticated model or a more intense color. Continue reading

Plus Size Outfit with Chiffon Dress

Manon Baptiste is your date for the “ValenMine’s Day”. (We have smoothly recaptured Valentine’s Day,Because too often we forget the most important person: ourselves.) Manon Baptiste is a model of navabi, which designs chic, fresh fashion for plus size ladies.

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Lingerie Models: What Men Prefer?

If you think they don’t notice in your underwear, you’re wrong! The men notice what you are using and some lingerie models are appointed as preferred by them. There is no unanimity. Since even the corset panties thong, each model is able to make a special moment. Check out: Continue reading

Top Rated: Bra Deco!

Today’s top line is the deep neckline (the longest neckline on the market) with that push up effect. A model created in a unique mold, bringing our girls a unique and unique comfort. Continue reading

Tips For Choosing The Right Sports Bra

Sure many of you have thought about buying a sports bra but do not know why bet, because there are many types and styles.Today I am going to help clarify your questions, and I hope to serve you help Councils to ascertain with the sports bra. Continue reading

Victoria’s Secret Bras

As every year, the signing of lingerie (above all) of Victoria’s Secret It has a big announcement made on the occasion of its parade of November which has become quite a spectacle at all levels. That ad to which I refer is, without a doubt, who has chosen to wear the sujetador-joya, the call “Royal Fantasy Bra”. Well, this year, the choice is her, Candice Swanepoel. Continue reading

Oysho Underwear Collection

Oysho continues on its way of becoming one of the references in underwear y lingerie If it is not already for many. The signing of Inditex has presented its collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 and the results are once again to take into account thanks to affordable prices. A brand no-frills style. Continue reading

Best Support Sports Bra for Running

I present often bras adapted sport and more specifically running.
That’s why it seemed interesting to present this scientific study that is really interesting and 4 tips to protect your breasts at best.

The results of the scientific study on discomfort and breast pain in a foot race, conducted by researchers from an American university – including the New York Times echoes made recently in his column – revealed that most the runner experiences pain as well as in training for a race (marathon), even if they wear bras adapted to running. This study was carried out on marathon runners. Continue reading

All about Push up Bras

  • Why believed (wrongly) that the push-up Bra is a padded push-up? Here is the TRUE definition of this famous bra…

A push-up Bra is a bra that shaping the chest. To give this nice effect rounded to our cleavage, these are our Bra frames that play an essential role: also called frames specific to this bra frames “push-up”. These will keep your chest but also enhance and bring the breasts naturally between them. The push-up is not a matter of padding but rebar! Continue reading

Intimissimi Spring Summer Collection

Intimissimi presents the new collection for spring summer 2014 , a line of underwear and homewear worn this year in the shots of the advertising campaign from supermodel Alyssa Miller. The Intimissimi proposal for the hot season is dedicated to bold women, feminine and fashionable, which love to play with different styles and everyday wear garments that can exploit them without too many excesses. Many innovations in the field of bras and matching embroidered, we give them a closer look. Continue reading

Tezenis Spring Summer

Tezenis adds interesting innovations this year at its spring summer collection 2013, a line of lingerie and clothing that gives a nod to a bit ‘all the must haves and the most glamorous trends of the period. In the first place back the color block, one of the trends that now for a couple of years dominates the scene when it comes to summer, but there are shades less showy and more romantic touches and good taste, starting with polka-dot or striped patterns . Let’s see what’s new Spring Summer 2013 collection Tezenis. Continue reading

Can You Wear Underwire Bras During Pregnancy

Would underwire bras not recommended during pregnancy? There is no formal proof, but may be possible. Many British midwives, for example, strongly advise against purchasing rigid bras during those nine months (during breastfeeding).

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Oysho Spring Summer

Oysho brings the news of his collection for Spring / Summer 2015, a rich selection of fashion items inspired by the most chic trends of the season. The brand renews its line of underwear adding leaders and coordinated female and character, but do not forget interesting creations in the field dell’homewear and sportswear collection Gymwear: discover together the news of the proposed Spring / Summer 2015 signed Oysho. Continue reading

Tips for Finding The Right Bra

To finally the bra fits your forte, follow these 10 tips-we could almost call the 10 commandments as they are precious!

Many women suffer back because of an unsuitable support throat. To find the bra fits your forte , this is for you 10 tips:

-I look at the width of the straps: too thin, they eventually saw off the shoulders.

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