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Top Green Lingerie, White Skirt and Beige Boots

Hi! How are you? I hope it’s phenomenal! I am still amazed because I see from afar without glasses or contact lenses! Amazing! Continue reading

Lifestyle Sunday #106

He’s already there, the last Sunday in June. So it is now almost official, the first half of 2016 is rum. Was not so bad, right? Maybe in the second half you will also see something of the summer. Today, there are definitely stylish accessories and clothing, chic sneakers and a lot more. As always presented in a post, the Lifestyle Sunday! Continue reading

The Boots Are Stylish and Warm Feet

The winter of this year is more rainy than usual and, with so much water, there are shoes to protect the feet of molhadeira. But there is a tragically hip and fun way to stay dry: use galoshes. They no longer serve only to clean the yard, colors, prints and accessories to become fashion. Continue reading

Sandals with Ankle Straps: Models, Tips

Very feminine and sexy, the  sandals with ankle straps  promise to be a hit this season. This sandal has support at the heel and a strip-it can be more than one-that surrounds the ankle, in addition to having another one just above the fingers. In international fashion weeks, this model of sandals has already appeared in fashion shows of important footwear brands and here, it is already possible to find parts in several stores to buy. Here are tips for using this model: Continue reading

Practical Styling Tips for Fashionable Looks

The party of the year is approaching with great steps – and have you already put together your ensemble for the 31st of December?

If you still lack inspiration: In the following I have put together for you practical styling tips for the perfect New Year outfit. Regardless of whether your clothes should be classic and glamorous or trendy and sleek – these fashion tips will surely bring you a stylish new year! Continue reading

45 Ideas To Organize And Store Your Shoes

Yesterday I decided that I would solve this problem that plagues 9 in 10 housewives: Where to save the damn shoes that seems to multiply overnight? So, I’ve selected 45 ideas to inspire you. You have the idea to buy, to order and even to do it yourself. If that does not solve your problems, I’m sorry, but just a bigger house! LOL!

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Over Knees – Boots with Semi-Rigid Call

Cool instead of frivolous. Links: MiuMiu Over knees. Middle: Stella McCartney Over knees made of synthetic leather. Right: MiuMiu Over knees from suede. Continue reading

Ankle Boots with Leopard Print

The Leopard print It is the main protagonist of this winter. And it is a pattern that you love or you hate it, does not support medium term. Frightens many that Anita Obregon we look with the Leopard print. Continue reading

How to Wear a Long Dress with Boots

If you want to be a trendsetter this season then wear a long dress with boots.
Just look at fashion icons like Olivia Palermo and Kendall Jenner , that in terms of trends do not make mistakes, rather they are true certainties. The long dress, it’s totally black floral maxi or colored side vent, is a must of the moment and the next season, to be worn with boots, tall or short you are, high-heeled or low shot, or the unmissable Texans for a bohemiem look or folk flavor inspired by the ’70s.

Here are 5 different looks simple and easy to replicate and to be worn on various occasions:

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Marni Winter Edition

Get ready, because this will be the winter fur. Whether you like it or not, you will support the cause of animal rights or not, you’ll have to resign yourself to see synthetic fur or alas true everywhere. After Chanel’s exploits during the catwalks dedicated to autumn-winter 2010/2011 could not be otherwise, and designers and stylists have concentrated on the fur all their creative energy in order to provide as many possible variants. Marni, the Italian brand much loved for its originality offers an alternative, the ram. Continue reading

Metallic Shoes Spring Summer 2014

Wherever you look this season: It shines and sparkles! Metallic luster is currently the focal point in fashion-especially foot!

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How to Choose Shoes for Work

In many companies, it is now common for employees to specify fixed rules concerning how the outfits. The implementation of the dress code succeeds mostly without problems. With one exception: the selection of suitable shoes.

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Leggings Wearing Tips

On days when the net leggings are an integral ladies of easy virtue are in the distant past.Today, this modern and very elegant accessory in the wardrobe of many women. Moreover, leggings in a network from one year to top the list of the most pressing of clothing and are considered trend. However, not all of the fairer sex have no idea how and what to wear to not look vulgar and provocative in their daily lives.

Let’s start with the fact that nowadays many of the taboo on these socks are removed so they can be worn in the office, even if it is, of course, does not contradict the dress code. However, with business clothing at -good matching leggings in fine net neutral colors – gray and flesh. Black leggings eye as best reserved for special occasions as they can be a great addition to an evening dress or club dress.

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What to Wear With Leggings

Origin Leggings 

What are leggings? These pants made of elastic fabric that wraps around the legs have zippers, buttons and other fasteners unnecessary. “the only difference of tights-they don’t cover the legs.
occurrence of leggings on «show» Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. Very popular at the moment Madonna and Sandra approved those custom pants, and accordingly, fans buy and singers to afford such clothing. Ladie’s half of Russia called this type of leggings pants.
Thirty years ago, it was cloth leggings and synthetic dyes caller. After ten years there were pockets on the pants, they become warmer and carefully and calmly. But the popularity of leggings faded after the evaluation of the German fashion experts have expressed their indignation point to these pants as the wedge does not conceal the flaws of the female figure, but on the contrary-stressed their full, not very smooth legs.

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Football Boots with Socks Built In

Whether by Adidas or Nike socks football boots there today by any manufacturer. But what are the advantages of socks in soccer cleats?

Socks Football Boots From Nike, Adidas and Puma

Soccer shoes with socks, each manufacturer has today in the assortment. From Nike Mercurial Superfly about Adidas Ace to Puma evotouch socks football boots are nothing special anymore. But it is in the new football boots just a trend or has the “socks” really Vortiele?

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Different Types of Jeggings

The jeggings is THE new trend piece for your wardrobe!For those who have not been following it, remember that this is a mixture between the perennial Denim we pours us each year on catwalks and leggings, latest trend in the small world closed pants. Easy to wear, elastic and very comfortable, it has more and more different looks to accompany more easily any outfit.

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How to Combine Leggings

What can you recommend a manufacturer, so this mark the left and right legged. Not that they were not distinguishable. They mirror, not anybody else. Another u-turn when all you have to do is stand in the morning, and you, not wanting anyone to wake, pot′mah odevaeš′sâ in the corner of the tent, using a headlamp. Here marking was not superfluous.

The second element of the test I have had with shoe boots.

Shoe covers for our kind of tourism-heavy artillery. Where possible, we try not to walk in them all day and put on the parking lots. Why so?Chaps have as a class outfit, has its drawbacks. They impair the grip with the surface of the boot, because kalosza closes the protector. They are heavy, their feel on your feet. Some boots are sliding with nogoi … In a Word, if not sleet:), we would, of course, did not wear shoe covers. But this lack of shoe covers as equipment class as a whole. Now let’s look at a concrete version of the shoe covers from Equipment that we had on the test. Cm. the photo on the right.

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How to Wear Tight Tights

Stockings are so firmly established in the life of modern women, most of them do not even think about how and what they wear. Of course, when it comes to semi-transparent nylon stockings, then these problems do not arise. But if the fairer sex in the cold season, you want to feel really comfortable and get tight tights with the addition of wool or cotton to pick clothes for them should be special attention.

The fact is that these nails immediately catch the eye because of its texture. Therefore, it must be remembered that only black in this case is able to make perfect legs thin. All other colors, even if it is light blue or orange tights, visually will perform hip and thigh. So ladies and who is not different natural instability through experiments similar color best abandoned.

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How To Wear Leggings With Heels

Slim, sleek and skintight, leggings are the perfect style staple for a modern woman’s wardrobe. While leggings made of leather appeared on the runways in 2008, leggings made of denim jeans-or jeggings-was featured in fashion magazines in 2009. Whether these tight leg coverings are paired with high heels or chunky high heels, the right shoes transitional leggings from day to evening easy.

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Everyday Life-Reloaded

Ohhhh verflixt… now I have just finished my post and then my laptop has left goodbye… and so my whole text… this may not be true.Normally my writing is stored between times… Well-usually…

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Skinny Vs. Flared Leg

My “Zipfelpulli” you’ve already met… together with the “top bottom” I wear this combination really like… and the hard boots I would not want to take off at the moment. Continue reading